2 Ways You Can Help People Affected By Floods In Bihar Right Now

The news of the aftermath of Assam Floods hasn’t even faded away, and another devastating flood situation has come to light. Bihar has been struck by floods that have been going on since around the same time as the Assam Floods. As per government reports, at least 24 out of 38 districts have been affected by the floods in Bihar. About 135 lives have been lost in the calamity that has left people immersed in waters that are chest-deep. For a story that has been going on for the past 41 years now, locals claim that this year has been as bad as the floods of 1975. In all, the Bihar floods have affected around 31.33 lakh people across 4,303 villages. The lack of availability of food in the area has forced many of the affected people to buy dead rats for meals, for a price of Rs. 40-50 per kilogram.

Credits: Twitter

Credits: Twitter

People in the affected regions have been living in such conditions for more than a month now, & it is high time that everyone intervenes in whichever way they can.

Here are two ways in which anyone can help:

Share This Information

A great starting point would be sharing the emergency contacts numbers mentioned below with people who can make use of them. You can also share these on your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts, so that more and more people can benefit from this useful information.

Name of Help Centre Contact Number
Jigasha Call Centre 0612-2233333
NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) +91-9711077372
Bihar Disaster Management Authority 0612-2522032    info@bsdma.org
Disaster Management Control Room 0612-2217305
Sri. Vyasji, Principal Secretary, Disaster Management Department 0612-2215600
Donate A Relief Kit

So far only half of the affected people have been able to receive support at various relief camps set by the government. Authorities are expending a lot of resources and individuals to help the situation. The state disaster response authority is also adding daily updates on their website to share the response action that is being undertaken. Many NGOs have also come forward in support.

Some exemplary work is being done by Rapid Response, an NGO that is actively engaged in providing relief support to the affected families by providing them with food and sleeping kits. If you think supporting them is something you could and would want to do, you can contribute to their cause here.

Credits: Twitter

Credits: Twitter

Got more useful information? Please share it in comments below. If you feel like you could take lead on an issue, start your own fundraiser.

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