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The Good of Doing Good (Health Benefits of Giving)

Health benefits of giving

Giving is good for you. It’s not just Ketto saying it. Scientists say it too. And this knowledgeable bunch comes armed with scientific proof. After loads of research and consistently proven studies, scientists confirm that leading an altruistic life is good for your health.

Giving brings happiness 

This is a simple truth we are all aware of. An act of kindness or generosity brings happiness to everyone involved – the giver and the receiver of the act. The receiver, for obvious reasons, is happy to be helped. But the giver stands to gain as well. That warm glow you feel when you do something charitable for someone isn’t just a vague, unquantifiable emotion. Your selfless act triggers a chemical reaction within your body. What happens on your voluntarily doing something good is that the pleasure centre of your brain gets triggered, releasing hormones called endorphins which make you feel happily ‘high’. Therefore, being charitable is so potent, it gives you a biological high. And here’s another fun fact – this ‘helper’s high’ is addictive. So it’s pretty much a given that if you start a fundraiser on Ketto, the feel-good factor of helping those in need will have you hooked. It’s not us saying it – it’s science!

Giving reduces stress

Being charitable helps keep the stress hormone cortisol in check. How so? The act of selfishness and any guilt or shame that comes along with the act, begins to create a state of stress. This in turn causes over-secretion of the hormone cortisol which is harmful to our bodies in high levels. Moral of the story – if you feel a twinge of guilt on thinking of not giving to a campaign, immediately click ‘Contribute’ and save yourself some unnecessary stress. And enjoy the high!

Giving increases your life-span

You read correctly. An act of charity can help you live longer. The scientific reasoning is straightforward. Stress is bad for your health. And being charitable staves off stress. In our fast-paced world, anything that helps reduces stress levels is a boon, especially since it equates to a longer, healthier life. Therefore, giving is a blessing for the giver and the receiver. From the research of scientists, folks! Charity is so good for you, it gives you a longer life!

Giving nurtures mental health

Giving not only results in physical health but mental health as well. Donating to charity, volunteering for a social cause, even little things like helping someone cross the street, make you feel good which increases your self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem is a good thing. Another aspect of this is the social connections you might make during your act of kindness. That is, the people with whom you foster relationships with – the campaigner you supported, the old-age home you volunteered at, etc. Fostering relationships through your life nurture your mental health. Therefore, once again, giving and volunteering has you gaining quite a lot!

Giving begets giving

When you do something good for someone, it sparks a chain reaction of goodness. Your act of generosity is the good kind of contagious. Your one act affects the greater good of our society and our world. So there you go, you truly can make a positive impact on the world.

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Pinktober Fest (Breast Cancer Awareness)

Pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month of October

Most of us are culturally conditioned to view the colour pink as a feminine one. For now, let’s leave aside the feminist concern of the harm this kind of thinking causes. Let’s delve into another calling card of the colour – its association with breast cancer.

Significance of the Colour Pink

History buffs will be interested in this little nugget: The colour pink became internationally associated with breast cancer in the early 1990s thanks to a joint marketing ploy by American magazine ‘Self’ and the cosmetics brand Estee Lauder. Initial forays had also been made into the colour’s association with breast cancer awareness by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, but it was Self magazine editor’s brainwave to market pink ribbons for her breast cancer awareness issue, and Estee Lauder’s backing it full-force that made pink what it is today.

Today, pink ribbons universally symbolise breast cancer awareness. But the ribbon is not the only pink strip of cloth that promotes awareness for breast cancer. We also have Pink Hijab Day, which combines breast cancer awareness with that of awareness of Islam.  This was begun by a clever teenager in Missouri, USA who wanted to break the stereotypes surrounding Muslim women. She and her friends decided to wear pink head scarves (hijabs) one day to encourage others to ask about the colour of their scarves and the scarves themselves, thus opening up free dialogue about both breast cancer and Islam.

The Colour of October is Pink!

With more and more Muslim women joining this movement, it was only natural that the next step be to make the pink hijab movement official. The Susan G. Komen Foundation was contacted, and in 2004, Pink Hijab Day was born, and is now observed every last Wednesday of October.

Since the foray of Self magazine and Estee Lauder into promoting breast cancer awareness, October has been designated the month for events and fundraisers dedicated to its research and awareness. October is internationally recognized as the month for breast cancer awareness.

Today, there are several avenues through which breast cancer awareness is supported. the month of October sees restaurants, bars, clubs, clothing stores, TV shows, celebrities – everyone coming together to raise awareness and funds in various ways.

Hard Rock Café, Andheri (Mumbai), for instance, has a huge ‘Pinktober’ signboard on its building’s exterior. The NGO United Sisters Foundation organizes Pinkathon, a marathon for women, to help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and for underprivileged women afflicted with breast cancer. This is done via the Women’s Cancer Initiative – Tata Memorial Hospital. Ketto has had several Pinkathoners start fundraising pages on our website to further this cause.

The American talk show ‘Ellen’, hosted by comedian Ellen DeGeneres, has several gimmicky ways in which funds are raised for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (now renamed Susan G. Komen for the Cure). The list of people who support breast cancer awareness could very well go on for pages and pages, actually!

Myth ‘Bust’ing

So, as part of this collective effort to raise awareness, Team Ketto is now going to ‘bust’ a few myths on breast cancer here (pardon the pun!). Let’s jump right to it:

–          Use of antiperspirants and deodorants do not cause breast cancer. So please feel free to have aromatic underarms. In India’s tropical weather, it’s a necessity!

–          Mammograms do not cause cancer to spread. Having an annual mammogram if you are 40 or above is totally cool.

–          Having gene mutation BRCA1 or BRCA2 in your DNA does not mean breast cancer is a given. It may increase the likelihood of breast cancer but that’s about it.

–          Finding a lump on your breast does not necessary mean it is cancerous. There are more chances of it being a benign/harmless growth. Go to a doctor to ensure your peace of mind.

–          If a family member has had breast cancer, it does not automatically mean you will get it too. There are a LOT of other factors that need to be taken into consideration. So rest easy.

–          And in case it needs to be confirmed, breast cancer is most certainly NOT contagious!

Alright then. Here’s to a Happy Pinktober Fest, ladies (and gents)!

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Happy Talk (LGBT rights)

LGBT Rights

The term ‘gay’ used to be interchangeable with the word ‘happy’ at one point. Today, the word is more commonly used to mean ‘homosexual’. Although the English language has evolved to allow for this transference of meaning, society’s acceptance of homosexuality is still at a disjoint.

It’s not like homosexuality did not exist a hundred years ago. It’s not a brand new concept.  Even ancient Greek mythology features transgendered gods. But sexuality is a contentious topic today. Surprisingly and sadly, in this age of technocentric living, there is still ignorance of the nature of homosexuality.

It is sad to know that there are still large factions of society that believe homosexuality is unnatural and wrong, that it is a disease that can and should be ‘cured’. It is heartening to know that there are activists out there who are raising awareness about what homosexuality actually means.

Be it Indian society or our western counterparts, the climb towards universal acceptance is steep. It is good to know that we have people like Aamir Khan raising awareness of the issue and educating Indians on what homosexuality is, debunking ridiculous myths like homosexuality is contagious, is sinful, and is something that can be cured with yoga.

Over this long weekend, take some time out and watch the episode of Satyameva Jayate that deals with raising awareness about LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) rights and living.

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Giving is Rewarding (Nargis Fakhri’s birthday campaign, Sidharth’s birthday campaign, rewards)

Giving is rewarding

Ah, birthdays. They are a happy time. Your birthday is your special day, to celebrate however you want. And what could be more special than sharing your joy with others? Your happiness would double, triple, quadruple…. In short, it would just keep multiplying with each person you share your joy with! One way to do this is – you got it – starting a fundraising campaign for a good cause with your birthday as the theme!

Bollywood actor Nargis Fakhri did just that. She chose to start a campaign in readiness of her birthday (Which was on October 20th – Happy birthday, Nargis!! Ketto wishes you goodness and joy always!), and raised Rs. 2,35,855 for the Jammu and Kashmir relief efforts. The funds will go a long way in helping the people of J&K rebuild their lives. And Nargis and her fans/campaign supporters will have earned a crazy amount of good karma. Hoorays all round!

Ketto intern Sidharth VD chose to celebrate his birthday with a fundraising campaign too. He chose his favourite cause of children’s rights. He hoped to help eradicate child labour and encourage education amongst underprivileged children. Being a student, Sidharth knew he would mainly be reaching out to his friend network which consisted of fellow-students. So he decided on the reachable funding goal of Rs. 10,000 and added rewards to his campaign to make things more fun for all who chose to support him.

What are rewards, you ask? They are sort of like party favours or the back-presents of a campaign. Like a thank you for supporting your campaign. These thank yous need not be tangible gifts. They could also be experiences, which are far more explusive than anything you would get from a shop. The cool thing about rewards is that they can be as creative as you want.

For instance, Sidharth decided to have four levels of rewards – for those who gave 100, 500, 1000 and 5000. For Rs. 100, Sidharth gave a thank you shout-out on Facebook. For Rs. 500 he gave a shout-out and a hug. For Rs 1000, he offered a unique experience – a meal of Maggi cooked personally by him. And for Rs 5000, he promised his supporters a dance performance at their wedding. Doesn’t it all sound fun?!

Rewards are not just meant for campaigns with a birthday theme. Rewards can be offered with any campaign. It all depends on how you want to create and promote your campaign. As you can see from Sidharth’s campaign, the cause he fundraised for is serious, his campaign content is heartfelt and his rewards are light and fun. This is one of the tricks to a successful campaign – a dash of fun. That explains why Sidharth surpassed his goal and raised Rs. 13, 661 in support of CRY’s efforts to end child labour.

Infusing a grave cause with a lighter tone helps balance out a campaign. It makes things fun and interesting, and makes people want to be a part of it. Why wouldn’t you want to support a good cause and have fun while you’re at it?!

So whether you’re planning a fundraising campaign for your birthday, wedding, anniversary, for Diwali, Christmas, Children’s Day or just because a good cause needs to be supported, think about adding some rewards to it! You don’t need to have a celebrity-sized fan-following to gather support for your campaign. (Though it doesn’t hurt to have a fan base! Birthday lady Nargis Fakhri’s campaign is point in case! Kudos to the actor for using her fame for good.)

Celebrity or not though, you do need to share your campaign with your network – friends, family, colleagues…the whole shebang! And of course, rewards wouldn’t hurt!

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A Salute to Activists (Satyameva Jayate episode on road accidents, incident of errant cop suing young biker)

Satyameva Jayate

In remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi in his birth month, this blog post highlights the social awareness and activism that continues through to today. The seeds of change that were planted years ago continue to grow and bear fruit. And, we hope, always will!

Just as the father of the nation strove for a better future for our country, we have several individuals today who strive to bring about positive change in the world.

There are television shows like Satyameva Jayate (hosted by the amazing actor-activist Aamir Khan) that aims to spread awareness, wake the social conscience and spur people into positive action. Each eye-opening episode of Satyameva Jayate is followed by a call-to-action, allowing citizens to give to a social cause and be proactively involved in change.

A recent episode, for instance, dealt with road accidents – why they occur with such alarming frequency in India, what our government is accountable for with regard to road safety, and what citizens can do to help ensure their own safety.

Episodes of the show are archived on the Satyameva Jayate website and can be accessed at any time. There are some informative videos in addition to these, including one that demonstrates the procedure for CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), something that can come in handy should you ever witness a road accident and be in a position to help. Check it out! 

There were some handy tips shared, so in support of road safety for all, we are reproducing them here. Let’s all follow these simple, fundamental rules of road safety:

–          Don’t speed

–          Follow traffic signals

–          Don’t take extra passengers onto your bike

–          Wear your helmet – as the rider or passenger

–          Don’t drink and drive

–          Wear your seatbelt – as driver or passenger

–          Don’t use your mobile phone while driving

–          If you see someone injured, help them

Aamir Khan is using his fame to do good, to bring awareness and positive change. Kudos to his noble efforts! Another individual we salute is good Samaritan Arjun Ghai, an NRI who decided to do something when he came across a camera-phone video of a traffic policeman misusing his authority while confronting a young bike-rider. The incident occurred on September 15th, 2014 in Mumbai’s Vasai area. To sum it up, a young biker was flagged down by the errant cop for allegedly breaking traffic rules. On the young man’s refusal to pay the cop, the dialogue began to get heated, with the cop beginning to lose his temper with the young man. At this point, a bystander, Ramsagar Mishra, begins to record the incident on his camera phone. More information can be had at, including a radio interview detailing the entire incident.

Arjun Ghai was so disturbed by what he saw, heard and read, that being a passive bystander was out of the question for him. He contacted Ketto with the aim of starting a campaign to raise funds for legal fees for the young biker as well as Ramsagar Mishra, both of whom are facing legal action.

Since Ketto can only help raise funds for NGOs, running a campaign to raise funds for an individual was not a possibility. However, Ketto is about helping individuals be the change. So we are happy to shed light on the incident in question via this blog post.

If you would like to help raise funds for this quest for justice and help the young biker and Ramsagar, who was brave enough to involve himself in the ruckus, Arjun requests you to call Ramsagar directly on +91982029552. You can also contact Arjun Ghai at

There you have it. Though there are faults and fissures in our country and corruption festering in our legal system, there are enough socially-responsible citizens like Aamir Khan, Ramsagar Mishra and Arjun Ghai who are willing to fight it. We are, after all, a nation that was borne from a struggle for independence; a heartening fact in the month of Gandhi Jayanti.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Campaigners Just Wanna Have Fun (Campaign theme)

Fundraising ideas

Crowdfunding is the latest buzzword. What is it? It’s the cool new-age phenomenon where a bunch of cool people (known as the ‘crowd’) pitch in to help raise funds for a cool project. Yes, all very cool. In the case of Ketto, it’s all about a social cause.

The cool people know that to make a change, you have to be the change. That is why Ketto has empowered each individual to do, to act. You can give your support to a cause by contributing to a campaign – and make a difference. Or you can do more by starting your own campaign and asking people to support you. Ketto empowers you to be the uber-cool leader of social change.

So, to break it down, ‘crowdfunding’ is quite literally about a ‘crowd’ of people ‘funding’ a social cause – either by giving or by doing. At Ketto, the cool crowd unites in spectacular fashion.

It’s easy to begin a global social revolution on Ketto.  It takes heart and a desire to effect positive change. Starting your Ketto fundraiser is easy enough. Click here for the simple guidelines to getting your campaign content sorted.

Fundraisers Are Fun

Fundraisers aren’t what they used to be. It’s not about being sombre and serious, even though the nature of the social cause is. It’s about raising funds for a good cause and having fun while you’re at it. That’s the secret weapon of a super-cool campaign – fun!

So first decide the kind of campaign you want to have. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with starting a plain and simple campaign for a good cause. Your passion for the cause will see your campaign through.  And trying to generate all this positive energy is bound to add to your good karma, not to mention your coolness factor!

Pick A Theme

Another way to go, though, is to pick a theme for your campaign. A theme is sort of like the reason you dreamed up the idea to do something to support your favourite social cause. Like what, you ask?

Here are some options:

Birthday/Wedding – What nobler way to bring in your birthday celebrations than by running a campaign in support of a good cause? If your birthday’s around the corner, jump at this option! When you approach friends and family about your birthday campaign, they’re just going to melt. Ditto for your wedding. It’s a sweet thought, and your network will want to give to your selfless act. And what a cool thing to do, to campaign a good cause for your wedding. Expect others to follow your very cool lead in the future!

Walk/Run – If you’re participating in a marathon-type event, this one’s perfect for you! You can run for your health and you can raise funds for a good cause too! Talk about double advantage, eh?! When you spread the word about your crowdfunding campaign, you can talk about how you’re training for your marathon and how the social cause you’re supporting gives you inspiration to push your limits.

Creative – This one is for the creative people out there. If you don’t just want to do a plain-Jane campaign, you can think up a fun concept to make things more interesting. It all depends on how much of a nutter you are. Here are some crazy ideas to work around:

–          If you help me reach my fundraising goal, I will tattoo ‘Crowdfunded’ on my ankle

–          Support my campaign and I will do something I never do – dance the bhangra on the street

–          Help me reach my goal amount if you want to see me colour my hair pink

These are just fun ideas to make fundraising fun for both the campaigner and the supporters.

Celebrity – We have several celebrities that support social causes on Ketto. You could start a campaign in support of your favourite celebrity’s support of a social cause… get it?!

Event – If there is a festive occasion coming up, you could definitely use it to propel your campaign. Diwali, Christmas, Gandhi Jayanti…any day you want to observe can work as a theme for your campaign.

Themes are Smart

Using a theme for your campaign is not mandatory, but it can help you run a fun campaign. Think of the ice bucket challenge. It was the fun factor of the challenge that led to its spreading across the globe in just a few days. The fun factor can help generate interest and participation for your campaign as well.

Well, there you have it! Ideas for campaign themes, should you want them!

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The Theme of Goodness (Advantages of having campaign themes)

Reaching your fundraising goal

Want to know what the latest trend is in online fundraising? Theme campaigns! That is, starting a campaign around a particular theme like a birthday, a marathon, a festival etc. For instance, Ketto has several marathoners who are fundraising their marathon/ biathlon/ triathlon etc. for a cause of their choice. At present, we have campaigners from the Hyderabad Marathon, Bengaluru Marathon, Pinkathon, Footsteps4Good, Zendurance, Hero MTB Himalaya, Dwarka Half Marathon, Goa Marathon and more, all campaigning for various causes and NGOs with their walks/ runs!

There are some who have chosen to start a campaign around a festival (Diwali, for example) or a personal event (like a birthday) as well.

Although you certainly don’t require a theme to start a campaign, it doesn’t hurt to have one. Having a theme operates like a motivational factor both for the campaigner and the supporters. It gives your campaign momentum and a more defined time-structure. It gives you a specific date and goal to work with. Not that it’s necessary, but if you are one of those who needs a regulated framework to work within, having a theme helps!

Motivation for the Campaigner

Exactly how does this happen? Okay, let’s suppose you are a marathoner. Participating in a marathon requires you to train for it. Your goal is to compete in the marathon and complete it in good time. This is your motivation. This in itself is great motivation. But then work or familial responsibilities might lead you astray. When that happens, you might just need an extra push to get you back on track. This is where having a social cause to work towards helps. You think of how much your fundraising effort would help those in need, whether it is children who are in desperate need of healthcare or education, or women who are in need of protection. You think of how integral you are to their lives, how YOU are the one who can make a difference to their lives and give them the kind of life every human being deserves. And ta-da, you’re right back on track again, training towards your larger goal.

So yes, having a larger goal for yourself (read: theme for your campaign) can come in handy.

Motivation for the Supporter

Having a theme is also advantageous for a campaign. It works like a timer, giving potential supporters a definite time limit within which to make an impact, to egg you on and drive the campaign towards its goal. In the case of a marathon, birthday or festival, the end date of the campaign works as a common goal to drive towards. Supporters want to see you through, not just to the larger goal of a good cause but to the smaller goal as well – of your successful training for and participation in the marathon, or of giving you a memorable birthday, or of doing something noble to enhance your festive celebration. Or whatever it may be!

So, although you don’t need to have a themed campaign, it can help to have one. Of course, you don’t need to wait for a marathon or a birthday to start campaigning a good cause. If you have the heart and will to effect social change, you will have all you need to run a successful campaign.

Want to get your campaign started?

The Joy of Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti (Daan Utsav, CORP campaign ‘Food Box For Granny’, Swachh Bharat movement)

Swachh Bharat movement with Narendra Modi

How do you celebrate the birth anniversary of a leader who helped get India its independence? By paying it forward, of course! This is exactly what the people of our country did this October 2nd in honour of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary.

For starters, Gandhi Jayanti marked the beginning of the annual festival Daan Utsav, a week-long celebration of the spirit of giving. Previously known as the Joy of Giving Week, the festival is all about the happy-cheery feeling of giving, gratitude and feeling oh-so-good all around. There’s nothing that feels better than coming together to help do good and spread happiness! The success of Daan Utsav has shown without a shadow of doubt that there are thousands out there who want to help make our world a better place.

Team Ketto saw some awesome campaigns kicking off on Gandhi Jayanti in celebration of Daan Utsav. One of these is CORP (Community Outreach Programme)’s Food Box for Granny campaign. It runs till the end of October and is aiming to provide a whole lot of Tender Loving Care to 120 elderly women, along with yummy, hot meals.

Another feel-good event that kicked-off on October 2nd and is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy is the Swachh Bharat programme. This is a nationwide initiative to clean up the streets of India, spearheaded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The PM inaugurated the cleanliness drive at Rajghat, New Delhi, by sweeping up a street himself. He then ‘challenged’ a bunch of personalities like Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Ambani to join the movement and take it forward.

Similar to the ice-bucket challenge in some ways, this challenge involves one major difference – the ice-bucket challenge became more of an exhibitionist indulgence where the actual cause of raising awareness for a disease was often diluted. The Swachh Bharat challenge, on the other hand, is doing just what it should and is spreading awareness and cleaning up our streets!

For instance, Sachin Tendulkar replaced his cricket bat with a broom and marched to the street opposite the Bandra Reclamation Bus Depot in Mumbai with a team of his friends, to begin sweeping up the trash strewn about. He took a video of his effort and posted it on his Facebook account. Here is an excerpt of what he wrote about it:

“The footpath on the road opposite the Bandra Reclamation Bus Depot was not being used by pedestrians as it was dumped with litter and garbage and covered with wild growth. In fact, the footpath was being misused as a place to answer nature’s call!!”

“With a team of friends who volunteered with me, we started early in the morning to ensure minimal disruption to public and motorists.”

The PM also challenged several others to spread the ‘Swachh Bharat Hi Sach Bharat Hai’ word. Actor-activist Aamir Khan hopes to be part of this movement too.  With such socially-conscious do-gooders lending a hand, the Swachh Bharat movement is sure to gather speed and clear up our littered streets!

It’s heartwarming that Gandhi Jayanti has become a reason to usher in new initiatives to change our world for the better. Happy birthday to our nation’s forefather. And a Ketto salute too!

You don’t need an occasion to start doing something good.

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Doing Good Is In Vogue! (Vogue India magazine’s #VogueEmpower movement)

Vogue India empower movement

Fashion magazine Vogue India is empowering women as part of their seventh anniversary celebration.

Fame is a powerful medium. Team Ketto knows this for a fact, thanks to co-founder Kunal Kapoor who uses his Bollywood celebrity to promote social good. (We believe he has an infinite resource of good karma because of this. Kudos to him!)

Fame isn’t the only powerful entity out there, though. Fashion is a powerhouse too. Think about it – fashion has been known to influence not just our choice of attire, but thought, opinion and lifestyle too. Keeping in mind that with great power comes great responsibility, Team Ketto is happy to share that fashion magazine Vogue India has chosen to use their superpowers for good. For social good. How very good!

Vogue India kicks in their seventh anniversary celebrations this October with a massive movement focusing on women’s empowerment. The aim of #VogueEmpower is to foster a spirit of agency and change. The fashion monthly’s multipronged approach towards effecting positive change is both haute and cool!

Vogue India editor Priya Tanna says, “The idea is to engage with Vogue’s circle of influencers and thought leaders to become our pledge-makers, our agents of change.” The magazine talks the talk in their latest issue, featuring incredible real-life stories and soul-stirring manifestos of inspirational women like journalist Barkha Dutt and social activist Kiran Bedi.

The magazine also walks the walk. They’ve enlisted 100 pledges from people like actor-activist Aamir Khan who has pledged to spread the word about #VogueEmpower via social media. The actor has also joined hands with Ketto via his socially conscious show Satyameva Jayate that raises social awareness and urges people to give to various social causes.  Aamir Khan was also part of the Tigi Foundation charity football fundraiser that raised funds for an animal shelter. In short, Ketto salutes Aamir Khan!

Another ambassador for #VogueEmpower is Anupama Sharma, who has pledged one lakh rupees each year towards the Ketto fundraiser for Khabar Lahariya, a rural women-run newspaper circulated in UP and Bihar. This all-women run newspaper is breaking journalistic ground with their fearless coverage of local rural news. The newspaper recently celebrated their twelfth anniversary by asking their supporters to fundraise for them. The campaigns have collectively raised nearly thirteen lakhs for the newspaper. Three cheers for the amazing spirit of goodness and change!

#VogueEmpower hasn’t stopped there. The fashion magazine has collaborated with brands to fuel the movement further. Gucci has devoted space on their website for #VogueEmpower supporters to donate and give back for a good cause. And the magazine has enlisted Louis Vuitton as an agent for change – the brand has joined hands with NGO DakshinaChitra that works to educate women.

Looks like it’s getting more and more fashionable to be a change-maker!

Want to be part of the change? Give back to a good cause!

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Competition is Good for Everyone! (DCB Bank’s competition to fundraise for J&K disaster relief)

Campaign image for DCB Bank about Jammu Kashmir flood relief

Competition can not only be healthy, but can do good too. The kind of good that helps raise nearly 2 lakhs for the Jammu and Kashmir flood relief efforts. It all began when DCB Bank decided to incorporate some social goodness into their interview rounds for prospective employees. As part of The Top Recruit #TTR programme that is in its second season, DCB Bank joined hands with Ketto and asked their 37 student recruits to start online fundraising pages to raise funds towards J&K’s rehabilitation efforts. The task was to see who could successfully raise Rs 25,000 within the period of a week.

The results were incredible. Ketto was flooded with well-meaning campaigns, and good karma and healthy competition abounded. Within 72 hours, The Top Recruit campaigners raised a combined total of Rs 1,73,436 that Ketto has already disbursed to Care India. The NGO is on-site in Jammu & Kashmir, getting our fellow Indians the help they need, providing them the basics – shelter, clothing, food, water and sanitary products to begin with, offering extended services in psychological counselling and guidance in achieving normalcy once again, with assistance in rebuilding homes and livelihoods.

Making fundraising a competitive task has resulted in a win-win, with funds being raised for social good through some agile marketing acumen. Campaigners put in their best efforts, creating collages, videos and personalized content for their individual pages, enhancing their appeal and striking a chord with their social networks. Friends and acquaintances pitched in with contributions to help a good cause and to help their friend complete the task.

All in all, everyone involved gained in many ways through this exercise, especially in good karma!

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