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Nepal earthquake 2015: Ketto to the rescue

Magic of crowdfunding

In a situation of a natural calamity, when there’s barely anything left to conserve, we as humans have the power of unity. That’s the power which came into practice when the crowd (from all across the globe) came together in support of Nepal earthquake-hit victims and started fundraising campaigns on Ketto. With the help of more than 7500 backers in less than a month, ‘Save Nepal’ raised over a crore – making Ketto the highest single entity to raise funds for CARE INDIA, one of the NGOs to provide on ground help in Nepal.

Forces behind the success of Save Nepal disaster relief drive

As the massive earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on Richter scale ravaged the Himalayan country – Nepal on April 25, 2015, Bollywood actor and co-founder of Ketto – Kunal Kapoor flagged off the first campaign in collaboration with CARE INDIA to provide survival kits to the quake-hit victims. With the death toll rising every hour, panic increasing in Nepal, Kunal got others from the film industry too to start campaigns in order to raise financial support for the victims. The network grew and the campaign went viral. In three days, Ketto raised Rs.40 lakh.

It was a collective effort that made Suport Nepal drive a major success. Where Bollywood celebrities like Varun Dhawan, Dia Mirza, Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Gaurav Kapoor, Vir Das, Sraddha Kapoor were nailing it, corporates, NGOs and individuals used the fundraising platform and raised a whopping amount of over 80 lac by 10 May.

On ground help

Within a week of the tragedy, the relief drive had picked up, payments were cleared immediately so that CARE INDIA could reach the affected areas ASAP. It was the result of team effort that made CARE INDIA one of the first one to reach Gorkha for help. The funds raised were utilised toward providing the victims with medicine, shelter and rehabilitation, as well as kits, including -tarpaulin, mats, hygiene kit(soap ,toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary napkins & disinfectants soaps) and blankets.

It was a situation when any help was great help. Being our neighbour nation, Nepal received immense support from India. We remember constant communication with campaigners who wanted to raise funds and reach Nepal to provide help immediately. Such names include – Bouncy Mehtha, Rohan Shrestha, the famous photographers.

With such kind of support, the situation in Nepal seems to improve. In fact, we plan to gauge the impact first hand and ensure things have moved smoothly in Nepal.

Our pledge

Ketto has been thriving to make crowdfunding an easy and effective way of supporting each other financially. It’s situations like Nepal earthquake, Uttarakhand floods, Jammu and Kashmir floods, when we realise how important it is to stand in unanimity. We are a nation, we are united, Ketto is just a medium to bring you all together.

We pledge to amass maximum support for your cause – be it disaster, social, technical, educational, personal. We are just a mail away. (

If nature has the power to destroy, we have the power to conserve. Together, let’s conserve humanity and kindness.

Strengthen thyself this International Day of Yoga


When stormed to power, PM Narendra Modi promised ‘achche din’ (good days). Who expected him to come up with a good day to celebrate the existence of Yoga – an ancient Indian science of exercise and healing? After PM Modi proposed the idea to the UN Assembly in September’ 14, June 21 was declared as the International Day of Yoga on December 11, 2014, with consent of 177 other counties. Our PM had already won over hearts, this declaration definitely got him many more.

Since it’s the first time the day is celebrated, the world is gearing up in full swing. Why do we stay behind? No, we don’t intend to organise an event and invite you for practice (we are low on budget. Sshh!), but we make an attempt to steer your attention toward India’s ancient practice of maintaining health and mind.

Buff bod, improved memory, peaceful spirit, increased energy – these are just a few of the benefits of Yoga. Let’s dig deeper to learn few crazy facts about Yoga. Let me tell you, I am pretty convinced by these facts and so would you be! It’s time I choose a healthy lifestyle – for my body as well as my sanity. After reading the list, you’re sure to give it a shot too. Learn why:

yoga-point11. Life can be measured in the number of breaths we take, not years
Yoga is a breathing exercise. The aim is to make it smooth, long and peaceful. Each breath is treated like the fine and rare treasure it is.

yoga-point22. Yoga as anti-aging agents
The sagging of the skin reflected on the mirror is exactly the version that is also happening inside, meaning to our internal organs. Inversions, especially when done well (best to learn with a teacher) with smooth and long breathing, and for a long time, help all internal organs return to their original place because they have gravity working for it.Isn’t that something?

yoga-lung3. Lungs are the most important organ
And we thought, it’s the heart. It is an important organ too but think about its workings, which is pretty much beyond our control (unless we are very advance at Yoga) but the workings of our lungs (expand capacity, slow their rhythm) is in the realm of our control through the way in which we breathe.

yoga-point44. You don’t choose Yoga, it chooses you
Yoga is a 24/7 practice. It becomes important for you to use your energy in the right space. It helps you discover the radiant person that you already are when you delete the crappy people out of your life. Mental peace is the key: Just IGNORE negative energies, don’t say much.

5. You can rest while performing Yoga
Every 30 minutes of asana (poses) practice we must allow 5 minutes of rest (savasana or corpse pose) so that the nervous system has time to come back to normal, quiet, centre, and so we are not over-excited throughout our days.

The list doesn’t end here. We have got a few more interesting facts to feel proud about belonging to the culture that has been ruling the world with the power of yoga. Here we go:

1.Yoga has been called one of the first and most successful products of globalization.

2. Hindu leader Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) is said to have initiated Yoga’s evolution in the West. 

3.The Beatles, especially George Harrison, also helped introduce Yoga into the West.

4. A 90 year old man who has been a Yoga instructor all his life is contesting the Guiness Book of world records for the oldest man practising Yoga.

Now that you’ve got reasons to adopt a healthy lifestyle through Yoga, just go for it! Make this International Day of Yoga a success!

Crowdfunding for technological projects


Human evolution and technology are the two sides of the same coin. Over a period of time we have designed our life in a convenient way with the help of technological advancements. Technology gives us a seamless lifestyle and brings innovation to life and we at Ketto, wholeheartedly like this idea and help you realize your dream technology project through Crowd funding.

A fresh piece of technology deserves to see the day light. Study shows that Crowd funding is lending complete support and instigating technological projects around the world to bring immense impact in our life. All you tech geniuses need to do is give a proper flow of your vision and the platform of Ketto will help you reach out to the well-wishers for financial help.

As the world is getting more tech savvy our fascination with technology seems to have no bounds, Crowd funding welcomes the right project with the right approach. While you are designing your project just keep a few things in mind:

  • Your product should be a problem solver – People will invest in a sensible product that relates directly with their life. The product should identify a problem and give solution to it. For example, Capture Camera Clip designed by Peter Dering solves the problem of your DSLR hanging from your neck and swinging away while you are stuck in some demanding situations. Peter himself had faced the situation and hence the solution.
  • Refine your idea – The idea or project must have refined and clear specifications before the campaign starts. If the prototypes are not ready, you can always use the diagrams and sketches of the project to reach out to your customer base. For example, WellBe is a sleek and light bracelet designed to support your emotional well being that converts your stress into calmness. By providing these kinds of information, diagrams and the steps as how your project operates, you actually connect with your target group.
  • Smart goal & effective pitch – Crowd funding has an initial goal and the amount which has been raised through campaigns. You need to keep the initial goal realistic. For example, smartwatch manufacturer, Pebble has raised $2.3 million on 27th March, 2015 whereas their campaign target was $500,000 making it the highest backed projects on Kickstarter. When it comes to pitch for your technology project, make an effective presentation and tell how it stands out.
  • Your project should be exciting & innovative – 2013 has technology advanced projects like Buccaneer, a cloud managed 3D printer that raised $1.4 million. It also witnessed 3Doodler, similar to 3D printer that turns your drawings 3D and raised $2.4 million. Tile is another interesting project which is designed like a small square with object tracking ability up to 150 feet away.

If you have followed the steps correctly and have stayed connected with your target group, you aren’t far from getting a serious group of admirers and potential backers. And Ketto’s concern has always been to constantly stay connected with people through various social networking modes and help you to reach the mass.
Ketto – This is where revolutions are born.