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Influence is everything! The importance of social media influencers in a crowdfunding campaign.


Social media influencers are trusted voices within their fields, be it tech, music or film. They drive conversation and action on social media and generally have a huge following of people. They can definitely be of huge help to your fundraiser as, through them, your cause will reach a lot more people within similar fields and will come across as credible and promising.

How do I know which influencers I should reach out to?
There are many ways of determining which influencer you might want to reach out to. However, creative folks should first ensure that their project is aligned with their style and genres of creative work. Here are some ways one can reach out to influencers in their industries:

Through individual social networks: Going on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn will allow you to see the number of followers someone has, as well as their level of engagement on social media.
Check their Klout score: Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media to rank its users. Some metrics to consider for your influencers are number of followers, Klout score and search engine ranking.
Search Engines: For example, if you are looking for social media influencers in the travel industry, you would go to Google, type in ‘travel blogs’ and take the top-ranking blogs that show up on the first page. Then, you would comb through the blogs and crosscheck the users on Klout and their social media profiles and pages. These factors would help you determine whether you would want to engages with these influencers or not.

How can I reach out to them?
Simple, tweet to them, tag them in you post or cause, send them an email (you might procure their email addresses on their blog). The ways of reaching out are vast, and if your project looks promising, they will respond.

How will they help?
They will boost the buzz around your project, hopefully donate generously to your cause, and give you a lot more exposure amongst people doing, and consequently supporting, similar things.

Slum Soccer: Scoring big!

When was the last time you chatted with your chaiwala, while sipping a cuppa? Have you ever spoken to a child who lives in a slum, about his or her life? Do you know the kind of work-hours an average cab driver puts in a day, or the personal problems of your kaamwali bai? Uncomfortable questions? Yes. Irrelevant questions? Absolutely not.

These are the very questions that also happened to trouble Mel Young and Harald Schmied and they decided to do something about it. These two acquaintances came up with a brilliant idea of a ‘Football World Cup for the Homeless’ in 2001. They reasoned that what poor or homeless kids need is not charity. They need respect, an identity, and a life-changing experience. And what better way to do that than through sports?

The strength of the idea and the organizational skills of these two founders have made the Homeless World Cup a high-profile event today. The 2015 version, held at Amsterdam, between September 12 and 19 saw 63 countries participate. India was one of them.

For over a century, Indian NGOs have been working for various sections of the underprivileged. Slum Soccer, a Nagpur based organization is one of them. It involves children from slums or low-income families in sporting activities. The promoters of Homeless World Cup have been working closely with them and other organizations, to identify and coordinate participants from India for this annual event.


The 2015 Indian squad consisted of 10 boys and 10 girls from underprivileged families. While the event organizers pay for food, accommodation and local travel, participating teams must pay for their visas and air tickets. While previously, Slum Soccer and other organizations raised these funds through donations, in 2015, they decided to try a more effective approach.

Ketto, being the largest crowdfunding website in India, was the default choice. An exclusive page was created for the Indian squad, on Ketto’s website. An appeal was included for people, to contribute liberally towards the required amount of 8 lakh. The organizers were pleasantly surprised as the required amount was raised in less than a month. The Indian squad could participate in the event without any hassle, thereby scripting one more success story for Ketto.


What makes Ketto popular is the ease with which anybody can raise funds, irrespective of their background. Which means that if you have a meaningful cause, you can start an online campaign on Ketto overnight to raise funds. Rest assured, Ketto will help you manage the entire process for better results.

Humans of Bombay: Bombay’s very own Super Hero!

Human’s of Bombay needs no introduction; they feature the lives of a huge array of people living in India’s most enigmatic, paradoxical and distinct city. Very few can make the hammering difference that Humans of Bombay’s Karishma Mehta has made to the lives of Mumbai’s citizens, giving voices and a platform for expression to everyone. However, this revolutionary goes a step further and starts campaigns for some of Bombay’s most poignant and distressing personal and social cases.

Humans of Bombay's Karishma Mehta

Every campaign Humans of Bombay has started on Ketto has met with overriding success in a matter of hours. Yes, HOURS! Imagine having the power to provide a little girl with means to fund her chemotherapy in a few hours, or saving an entire institution from shutting down in a day, or providing young girls with a home a quick instant. This is exactly what Human’s of Bombay has been doing in the past months; no, it’s not a miracle, its simple crowdfunding added to one of the most powerful catalogs of Bombay’s voices.

One of Humans of Bombay’s early campaigns raised money for Kranti’s daughters of sex workers who were kicked out of their apartment once the landlord learnt about their background. Humans of Bombay managed to hit the goal amount of 5 lakh in a matter of hours (15 to be precise). What’s more, they exceeded their goal amount by approximately 28%, raising a total of 6.39 lakh for the young Kranti girls.


Humans of Bombay also managed to help young Upahar, diagnosed with blood cancer at the tender age of 14, procure treatment for bone-marrow transplant. Within a day, the goal of 10 lakh was met – and exceeded.


Humans of Bombay’s latest project is to help Happy Feet Home, India’s first Children’s Hospice that provides free of cost emotional, psycho-social and spiritual support to children with life threatening or life limiting illnesses. After recent changes in the organization, the finances are in a mess, with only Rs. 35000/- in the Happy Feet bank account. The hospice requires 2.15 lakh a month to run, and Humans of Bombay managed to raise over 10 lakhs, again in 15 hours, to help them sustain their home for a few months. Unsurprisingly, the campaign has raised more than Rs. 70,000 over the goal amount.

I guess we can’t all have the same dramatic impact that Humans of Bombay has, but we all CAN have an impact nonetheless. As Mahatma Gandhi has been quoted to say, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” So, what are you waiting for? If you or someone you know are in need of funds, take Humans of Bombay’s road and make big differences in someone’s life.

My Daddy’s Strongest!


These amazing fathers would do anything (and we mean anything) to save their little ones. Read on about their amazing journey.

This man who walked 4 km everyday for his daughter’s treatment:

In a tragic incident in Jharkhand, a daily wage laborer’s nine-year-old daughter was brutally raped by a local driver. She managed to escape the incident with her life, but by no means unharmed. The incident left her intestines badly ruptured, mandating her to get a colectomy, removing all parts of her colon. Now, this little girl must carry a colostomy bag for life.

Due to no transportation facilities in their village, this girl’s father would walk 4 km everyday to the nearest hospital to dress his daughter’s wounds and provide her with proper treatment, keeping his job, and consequently his income, on hold. We managed to raise over 2 lakh on Ketto for this father daughter duo, providing the child adequate treatment and the father enough support. Check out the campaign here.

This man who was prepared to sell a kidney to cure his kid:

A hardware store employee, Srinivasulu, raised multiple loans to treat his only child, three-year-old Shrivardhan, who was struck by a severe case of dengue shock and his life was in danger as he had been hospitalized at a very late stage. Despite having raised loans to pay for his treatment, Srinivasulu was still short of funds, and was seriously considering selling a kidney.

Lucky for him, he didn’t have to, and support came in the form of Dr. Suchitra Ranjit and Sonali Ranjit, who managed to raise over 4.4 lakh on Ketto for little Srivardhan. Check out this campaign here.

Apart from the fact that they were both funded on Ketto, what do these stories have in common? Both these men were at a complete loss of funds, and hope. Our country is riddled with such cases, where many are unaware of the array of options they have. If you happen to come across someone who needs support, be it for medical expenses, shelter or any other cause, do introduce them to Ketto or start a campaign for them! Together we can make big differences by doing a little bit.