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6 Concepts School Didn’t Teach You


There comes a time in our lives when we sit back and question everything we learned in school. Mostly when our CA talks about zillion tax-saving options or when you remember the terrifying problem scribbled on the board that asked you to find the value of “x”.

Did school teach us enough to handle different unexpected problems life throws at us?
Let’s look at some concepts we think our syllabus should have totally included.

How to be emotionally intelligent:

Ask someone the capital of important states, they’ll name them all. But ask someone their thoughts on how to handle stress, anxiety, inferiority complex, they’ll probably just respond with a thoughtful “hmmm” or “I don’t know, Google?”
In today’s competitive generation, we’re exposed to a plethora of problems that we don’t know how to deal with.
Imagine a lecture that talks about real problems, how to deal with heart break, how to not let failure discourage us, how to keep ourselves motivated and positive, how communication is the foundation of all healthy relationships.
We think it would have been super helpful.

How to be a social change maker:

Along with sound career advice, we feel schools could stress on the importance of investing a decent amount of time and energy on giving back to the society as well and how it makes the world a much better place.
If there’s a cause that’s close to your heart, there are ways you can help. But who’s got the time or money, you say?
What if we tell you there’s a way you can do it without going to the field or shelling out money? You could crowd fund! Here are 3 magic steps: Pick a cause, choose an NGO that supports the cause and raise funds using Ketto.

Here’s Nisha’s story who raised more than a lakh for Vatsalya Foundation towards provision of clothes and shoes to kids. Give it a read.

How to be financially smart: 

Banks are filled with confused, direction less souls just trying to figure out which queue to stand in. When you hit your early 20s and decide to do something instead of just splurging your hard earned money, bam! You’re hit with jargons like Systematic Investment Planning, Mutual Funds, and Life Insurance that can be overwhelming.
Don’t you think life would have been a tad bit easier had our school talked us through the basics of banking, finances and filing taxes so we were better prepared for the financial horror approaching us on March 31.

How to manage an emergency:

Every mall, corporate office and even some rickshaws have a fire extinguisher installed, but how many of us know how to use it? How many of us know how to give basic CPR in case someone collapses because of an unexpected heart attack? Or what number to dial if some pervert starts stalking you? Panic can wreck a situation and make it worse.
Having presence of mind and thinking on your feet in case of an emergency is something no one taught us in school. How we wish we were better equipped for such mishaps, both mentally and emotionally.

How to become an entrepreneur:

We’re rightly called the startup generation. We get inspired by stories of entrepreneurs, starting from the almighty Steve Jobs to the homegrown Ritesh Agarwal of OYO rooms. We obsess over shows like TVF Pitchers, that focuses on the struggle and passion of 4 budding entrepreneurs. This one’s our personal favourite because Ketto is a startup and we even help startups grow! Find out more here.
We were trained to get a good job so we can “settle”.
If we were encouraged to become entrepreneurs in school, we would have probably had the largest number of entrepreneurs. Don’t you think?

How to nurture creativity in ourselves:

Keeping your creative side healthy and active can practically affect every area of your life. Little things you do can get you the creative high you’d love thus giving the world more thoughtful and innovative ideas and leaders. To name a few ways – maintaining a small book with crazy ideas you casually mentioned to your friends, making sure you’re learning something new – language, instrument, dance form, anything; exercising your imagination with wacky thoughts, going on treks and connecting with nature and reading everyday like it’s your last! As someone rightly said, “The creative adult is a child who survived.”


Would we still have cooked up excuses to bunk school, had things been different? Oh c’mon, we’ve all done it!

We don’t know about the rest, but if you wish to understand crowdfunding better, we’re happy to help!
Read through some of our campaign stories right now.

5 Times Social Media Saved The Day


We live in an age in which social media has gone way beyond sharing #ThrowbackThursday pictures and updating relationship status to “It’s complicated”.

Now it’s more about, “You got a problem? Share it!

Our first reaction to any kind of problem is to get onto our phones, edit the post/tweet/picture and hit “send”. And once you hit send, you know it’s out there for everyone to take it forward.

Here are warm stories that show social media’s true prowess and potential.

  • During Chennai Floods

Last November, when Chennai rains made an ugly transformation into Chennai floods, the disastrous magnitude broke several homes. But it also united people on social media and wrote one of the warmest chapters on kindness and humanity.

Emergency numbers, rescue camp details, accommodation details were being circulated on Google excel sheets, hashtags #Chennaifloods #ChennaiVolunteer and #ChennaiRescue were used to help in real time coordination with victims and rescue teams and to circulate information about food, clothes and other essential supplies.

It also gave birth to an independent weather blogging community on Twitter that gave out credible updates to the anxious world.

We’d call it the best use of 140 characters ever!

Source: PTI

  • Every time someone tweeted to Mr. Suresh Prabhu

Indian Railways is now on Twitter. And they are super prompt and efficient!

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has been in the news for all the right reasons. Be it sending immediate help for the girl who tweeted about a pervert harassing her in the train or fixing a potholed road in just 3 days after someone complained about it or even sending food to students stuck in the train because of a 7 hour delay. If your problem is relevant, you shall receive immediate help.

This man is setting the bar pretty high for other ministers.

Read more about him here.

Source: Indian Express

  • When a minor was being tortured

Recently, a video of a 55-year old woman beating up her daughter in Manipur went viral on social media.
The cyber crime unit of Imphal investigated and tracked the woman down and handed over the girl to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) for a better future.

Know more about it here.


Source: NeLive

  • When a poor old man lost his typewriter

The internet lost its mind when a sub-inspector in Uttar Pradesh broke a 65-year old man’s typewriter which was also his source of living since 35 years. But there’s no hiding from the digital rage, is it? When Akhilesh Yadav came across the footage caught on camera that went viral, thanks to social media, he decided to suspend the sub-inspector and gift two brand new typewriters to the old man with of course, a quick tweet update.

Here is more if you’re interested.

  • When the internet witnessed Tara Balgopal’s plight 

While many of us were busy blaming the government and feeling bad for the 82-year old dancer Tara Balgopal’s plight of being honoured by a postal stamp to living off of charity, Nikhil Sarup decided to take that extra step beyond likes and shares.

He decided to start a crowd funding campaign with Ketto. Not only did he get the issue the attention it required but he also managed to raise a whopping amount of INR 8,10,103 from the crowd in just a month.
Now she has a proper, well-furnished house to live in, with electricity, a tiffin service and a way better life. If you ask us, this is hands down the best use of social media.

Find out how he did it here.

Next time while browsing through social media, if you come across a cause you think you can help, just get on Ketto and save the day!