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6 Ways to Help After A Terrorist Attack

The world is shocked and saddened by the twin blasts at Zaventem airport Brussels and on the city’s metro. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.
The most universal feelings the human race experiences are extreme grief and the urge to help out after a disaster strikes and claims several lives. After such instances, humanity roars and breaks all geographical, earthly barriers we’ve created with help pouring in globally.

We understand how restless such disasters can make you feel. Here are 5 ways you can help in case of a terrorist attack in India.

1.Head out to help: If you’ve got a strong stomach and an even stronger mind, go straight to the affected area. Head over there and lend out a helping hand to the NGO that is supporting the cause. You can engage in absolutely anything that can be helpful. This involves making a list of people who are missing, who lost their lives, who are injured and need help or ensuring help reaches people who need it, resource management, making rounds to hospitals, emergency camps etc. Volunteer after you’ve followed the necessary protocol. In case of a disaster in India, we think iVolunteer and TechnoServe are the ones you could contact the next time you wish to volunteer.


2.Donate blood: Blood requirements soar during attacks or disasters of any kind. Hospitals need blood to tend to injured patients. If you’re a local, get in the queue to donate blood.
At such times, there’s always a list of required blood types and hospitals making rounds on the internet. Share them so more and more people come forward and donate.


3.Share: You just cannot ignore the power of sharing on social media. Important information about rescue camps, accommodation details and emergency numbers can be shared on Google excel sheets. Using your social media clout to reach maximum number of people and influence a bigger network of people is the easiest thing to do.


4.Connect people: Small things you do can also help incredibly. Like, if you live around the affected place, this would be a great time to make your WiFi connection available and keep it password free. This will help people mark themselves safe on Facebook which would mean a lot of mental relief to their own loved ones.

Or you could offer to do a quick recharge and provide talk time and data packs to people for free. And those portable chargers you carry around, this would be a good time to donate them.


5.Donate MoneyAccording to Charity Navigator, a charity evaluation platform, people tend to send a lot of food and clothes post a disaster.
Unless you’ve got a credible NGO on field, someone like Goonj or Rapid Response who do super work, this isn’t the most recommended way. Instead, it’s always good to donate money to an authentic charity who has taken up the cause so it’s put to better use instead of having unused cartons of clothes and food lying around. 


6.Raise funds: Disasters always show how strong and kind the crowd can be. Did you know crowdfunding is one of the most effective platforms to provide monetary help during an attack or a calamity?  For instance, Ketto raised over a crore for recent Chennai Floods and Nepal earthquake.Funds were raised by around 95 campaigners just like you who wanted to do their bit to help. Many celebrities pitched in too!

Now that’s a HUGE amount for just a few days. It’s a shame that many people aren’t aware of how useful and effective this method is. Well, we’re sure the numbers speak louder than our words.

If you wish to raise funds in case of disasters caused by terrorist attacks or natural calamities, get on Ketto and get all hands on deck.

7 Epic Women Empowerment Quotes To Pump You Up With Inspiration This Week

Since Mr. Modi came into power, he’s got the Indian beti into spotlight. With Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao he’s got the much needed attention to the importance of gender equality, girl child education and women empowerment.
If you’re one of those who think women are still an untapped pool of talent, this article is going to give a positive direction to that thought. Make this week count!

There are so many women waiting for their copy of books to change the world, women who have made unconventional choices but have no support to take that leap of faith, women who have the voice but lack funds. That’s where we come into the picture, we’re a crowdfunding platform!

We’ll help you give women the financial backing they need.
Donate – to get her to a school, to get her a dignified life after an acid attack, to build a safer world for her. Anything. Go, change someone’s life!

7 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

“People suck!”
“Seriously, why is no one kind anymore?!”
“Whatever happened to good people!”

If you’re having a sucky day and tweeting deep thoughts questioning the existence of humans, take a look at these heartwarming incidents. They may restore your faith in humanity and detox your mind.

He rescued a penguin once and it comes back to thank him EVERY YEAR!
We just can’t get over this one! Read all about it here.


This guy decided to spend his first salary on getting a real “happy meal” for street kids. What a noble thought!


He feeds on the happy smiles of homeless people. We can’t get help but adore that genuine heartfelt smile. Find out more about this selfless hero here.


He decided to not leave anyone behind, not even this voiceless furry pooch.
Someone raised funds for animals during Chennai floods on Ketto. Find out more here.


This professor doesn’t let walls or benches confine education. Respect! Read more about him here.


This man raised funds to restore the pride of this veteran Indian dancer when the whole world had forgotten about her. Find out how he did it here.

Kind people unshackled Lakshmi the elephant from a life filled with misery, scars and starvation. Read more about it here.


If these pictures made you smile and cheered you up, share and make someone’s day maybe?

Also, if you feel inspired and want to make a difference, get started with a campaign to raise funds. Go ahead!

7 Stories That Define Women Empowerment


We’re high on inspiration.
How wonderful is it to read stories of women who found their calling and acted on it? Today’s the perfect day to infect you with a dose of this very inspiration we speak of. Presenting to you women who got out there and achieved what they were meant to.
Women who make us super proud. Women you need to know about.

1. Kavita Gonsalves and Charlene Vaz

Take a few bakers, mix a few noble causes, add chocolate, red velvet and whipped cream to it. What do you get? Except from the revelation that we have terrible cannibalistic baking skills, you get the super awesome Bake Collective.

Image Courtesy:

Since their inception in 2012, they’ve been making a delicious difference to a huge range of causes by raising over 7 lakhs as of 2015, May. It’s like, buy red velvet cupcakes and help buy teaching material, buy strawberry cheesecakes and fund small town women entrepreneurs, buy monster cookies and get disabled children toys to play with. They’re literally making the world a sweet place to live in, aren’t they?
Isn’t this the best form of charity ever?

2. Anita Ahuja:

Anita wanted to do something about the waste crisis of Delhi; she came up with an ingenious idea that ended up creating employment opportunities and source of income for around 300 unskilled workers.

Image Courtesy:

With her NGO Conserve, she creates bags, diaries, raincoats, umbrellas out of plastic waste through a process that she invented herself. She also patented this innovative process that “up-cycles” waste plastic to Handmade Recycled Plastic, known as HRP.

Anita sure knows how to club the principles of enterprise and social service.

3. Karishma Mehta

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say ‘a well captured picture with warm stories of dreams, failures, and hopes on Facebook? Yes, you’re right! We’re talking about the wonderful Humans of Bombay page founded by Karishma Mehta.

Image Courtesy:

Along with establishing a powerful connection with the reader, she has also gone out of the way to help people. Not many people are aware of this but Karishma has started several campaigns on Ketto to support causes and has raised an overwhelming amount of funds for the causes she supports. Check out one here. With tremendous reach and a lot of support, it’s super amazing to see her use it for a greater purpose.
We think it’s brilliant to see a community go beyond sharing stories and create amazing ones.

4. Shaheen Mistri

We take a lot of pride in being associated with Shaheen Mistri, founder of Teach for India. She has raised funds on Ketto several times. This woman is ensuring the future generations don’t stop at the fifth grade.

Image Courtesy:

She’s responsible for the nationwide movement of eradicating educational inequality by bringing the brightest college graduates and professionals back to classrooms! Not just that, she started her NGO Aakanksha at the age of 18, to make an attempt to maximize the potential of children belonging to low-income families. She realizes how every child has the power to achieve great things if given the right opportunities.
By raising the quality of education, she’s creating responsible citizens for India.

5. Mahita Fernandez

One night Mahita woke up because of her grumbling belly and this precise incident is how she came up with the brilliant “Feed Your Neighbour”. She realized how there are many out there who don’t have the privilege of just walking into their kitchens and opening the fridge when they experience a hunger pang.

Image Courtesy:

Sometimes even the smallest of the insights can lead to a movement.
With “Feed Your Neighbour” on Facebook, during the festive period of Dusshera, Mahita invites people in Benguluru to cook 5 extra meals which are later picked and distributed by a fleet of enthusiastic volunteers. This simple concept has pulled off a logistical miracle by managing to feed 1,22,937 meals to the hungry.

6. Amla Ruia

She’s rightly called the “Water Mother” of the formerly known dry state of Rajasthan. While the government was helping them with water tanks, Amla started researching and planning on how she could build a sustainable solution to help people. And because of her idea of building check dams, Rajasthan is a different place altogether today.

Image Courtesy:

The farmer incomes have increased and become steady because they are now able to grow 3 crops in a year as opposed to 1, larger incomes have led to purchase of transport amenities like 1 to 2 motorbikes per family and 4-5 tractors per village, migration to cities has reduced and believe it or not, it has also affected the marriage pattern, people are willing to marry their daughters there.
With her Aakar Charitable Trust, she wishes to take this to other states as well.

7. Ria Sharma

During her final semester in Leeds College of Arts, she watched a movie called Saving Face and that moved her so much she decided to do something about the heinous crime of acid attacks by helping the survivors.

Image Courtesy:

On receiving immense support from her professors, she travelled to Bangalore to meet some of the victims as a part of her project that required creating a documentary. Soon this project evolved into a massive revolution called Make Love Not Scars.
Under her leadership, the NGO has now spread awareness, raised funds for the treatment of victims, and even made attempts at implementation and amendments of laws with respect to acid attacks.

It’s great to see how many lives these women impacted with their ability to identify a problem, think of a solution, believe in it and most importantly ACT on it!

All you wonderful women out here, bring your beautiful ideas to life.
Identify your cause and get started with a fundraiser on Ketto. Maybe you’ll be the next woman we’ll be talking about.