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All That Happened in 2016


It’s that time of the year when everyone has their own hopeful or hopeless version of “What a year 2016 has been!” For us, it’s been a year packed with inspiring stories of humanity, change and innovation. Yet again, we’ve witnessed the power of the crowd coming together to make a difference to a cause.

This year, over 10,000 campaigners received donations from more than 67,000 supporters like you and me, collectively managing to raise over Rs. 24 crores. That means when you face a financial crunch – all you have to do is ask for help because there are many people out there who are listening! How beautiful is that! 

We’ve seem some wonderful initiatives this year – here are some that we’d like to share with you.

Health – 10 cyclists rode 1500 km to help children who live below poverty line fight cancer and raised over Rs. 175 lakh. This also happened to be India’s most funded crowdfunding project.

Farmer Welfare – To save farmers from ending their lives because of a bad year, over Rs. 30 lakh were raised.

Innovation – An entrepreneur made edible spoons and made everybody take part in the revolution against plastic by raising over Rs. 25 lakh.

Sports – India pulled off the first world cup in climbing, a sport shortlisted to feature as a new sport in the Olympics in 2020 by raising over Rs. 18 lakh.

Children – A man walked a million steps to raise Rs. 10 lakh so he can keep neglected children off the streets.

Rural India – Solar grids were provided to artisans of Gotiguda to transform their lives by raising over Rs. 7 lakh.

Animal Welfare – When an MLA inhumanly charged at the police horse Shaktimaan, all animal lovers came together provide him a retirement home by raising over Rs. 2 lakh.

LGBTQ – Over Rs. 2 lakh was raised for Quest2016, a National Academic Seminar that brought front the least represented facets of queer lives.

Community Development – School children decided to beautify railway stations in Mumbai by raising over Rs. 6 lakh.

Welcome 2017! Here’s to another year filled with stories of change and empowerment.

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How Ketto Elves Celebrated Christmas


When you’re constantly around people who are doing wonderful things for the society and helping them do it effectively, you’re left with a want to do something wonderful yourself.

This Christmas, everybody at Ketto decided to act on this want and do something for those who love the idea of celebrating Christmas the most – children!


We partnered with Miracle Foundation India, an NGO that brings life-changing care to the world’s children without parental care. We made a donation of Rs. 100,000 to the organisation so they can make orphans feel loved and special with Christmas gifts.

But we didn’t want to do it alone – to spread the joy of the festive season, we rolled out Ketto Elves, an online campaign that gave people a chance to become an elf and help our Ketto Santa deliver these gifts.

At the end of which we made a donation of Rs. 100 on behalf of the user who participated in the activity, thus enabling them to become a #KettoElf for an underprivileged child without parents!


In less than 2 weeks, the activity saw over 1,000 entries with people sending in warm Christmas wishes for orphans.

kettoelf_annkatrin kettoelf_ayushi kettoelf_dipika kettoelf_pranav kettoelf_sukanya

On Christmas eve, Santa took rounds in all 23 homes under Miracle Foundation India’s care, and gave more than 1000 orphans special Christmas gifts. Santa’s gift list included water bottles, folders, pencil pouches, stationery kits, drawing books, piggy banks, and more depending on the requirement of that home.

Here are pictures of the kids from some homes. If their smiles don’t make you happy, we don’t know what does!

kettoelf_img1 kettoelf_img2 kettoelf_img3 kettoelf_img4 kettoelf_img5

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Carbon Footprints Of The Dead


We can’t ignore the alarming warnings of global warming and climate change anymore.

Welcome to decade zero – either you act now or you lose your only chance – total annihilation.

With our careless behaviour, we’re writing our own extinction. Quoting Stephen Hawking, “Humanity has only 1,000 years left on Earth.” To make sure we even have a tomorrow, we need to take bold and dramatic steps today. It’s important to realise the importance of changing the way we work, travel, eat, pray and even die.

Sounds ridiculous? Well, funeral pyres are said be the second largest contributors to global warming.

According to researchers from Nevada’s Desert Research Institute and the Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University in Chhattisgarh, South East India, the impact is “huge” – 23 per cent of particles from human burnt fossil fuels in the atmosphere are a major source of carcinogenic volatile organic compounds. Their dark particles settle on snow and glaciers causing them to warm and melt. Let’s not forget how millions of trees are chopped off to gather firewood for the disposal of the bodies.

Here are stories of people who identified this grave issue and looked at cremation differently:

Mokshda Green Cremation System is an organization that offers Indians a cleaner, more energy-efficient option at crematoriums. This NGO realises how convincing Indians to change their traditional way of burning bodies dramatically is a difficult task so they’ve designed two methods that align with our belief systems.

They rest the wood on a large metal tray large that can hold a human body with an exhaust hood hanging overhead. Burning a body this way uses a third as much wood as the traditional method. It takes two hours instead of three days.The Mokshada way allows concentrating of the fire in the metal tray. This leads to the pyre becoming hotter at a faster pace with less amount of fuel and it releases much less smoke into the air.


Another such brilliant alternative was thought of by N. Nithyanandam who began the Kasi Pasumai Yatra as an initiative to end the dependence on wood for cremation rituals in Banaras. Instead of using firewood, he suggested the use of coconut shells collected from garbage heaps These coconut shells are then powdered using a machine and used for cremation rites. With an average of 380 bodies being cremated every day, around 280 tons of wood is used. Switching to powdered coconut shells saves 300 kgs of wood for one body. Kudos to Mr. Nithyanandam for controlling pollution to such an extent.


Now let’s talk about the concept of electric cremation. It’s not new – it was commissioned in January 1989 as a part of the Ganga Action Plan. Despite of having numerous advantages over traditional burning like being promoted by the government, being extremely economical, saving wood and emitting gas emissions, it is used only by certain sections of the society.


If you have a bright idea that could save us from this doom that we’re heading towards, let’s talk about bringing it to life before it’s too late?

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2 Ways To Help People Affected By Cyclone Vardah Right Now!

cyclone vardah

On Monday, the destructive cyclone Vardah hit the coast of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and claimed the lives of 10 people. The cyclone struck land with a massive wind speed of 120 and 130 kmph, bringing with it heavy rain, uprooting trees, electricity poles, hoardings and damaging buildings all through the day. More than 10,000 people have been evacuated from near the sea. The Met office has forecast heavy rain in parts of Tamil Nadu and also in Karnataka where the cyclone has reached today.

While the The National Disaster Response Force or NDRF, Army, Navy and The Air Force do their best to help the situation, here are ways YOU can help the people affected by the cyclone:

Help Rapid Response Distribute Food Packets:

After assessing the report by the team present on ground, Rapid Response has decided to distribute 10,000 hygienically packed food packets to the cyclone victims in Chennai. The Food packet contains Veg-rice or Chapati-sabji and costs Rs. 40 per packet.

That means, by making a donation of Rs. 1000 you’ll be helping 25 cyclone victims. Donate now!

Rapid Response has been one of the most resourceful organisations when it comes to providing disaster relief and rehabilitation services across India. They’ve helped victims from Assam, Chennai and Bihar in the past by raising funds on Ketto.

Circulate These Helpline Numbers:

The internet has always been of huge help during such difficult times. Let’s do it again – here are the numbers you need to circulate to help the people affected by this cyclone. Share them on Facebook, Twitter and even on WhatsApp.

Andhra Pradesh Control Room:
0866 – 2488000

Tamil Nadu Control Room:
044 – 28593990

Chennai Corporation Helplines:
044 – 25619206
044 – 25619511
044 – 25384965
044 – 25383694
044 – 25367823
044 – 25387570

If you want to raise funds for someone’s medical expenses, or to provide monetary support to an organisation, get in touch with us. Call us on (+91) 022 3357 8152 or write to or you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter.


Looking For Elves To Distribute Christmas Gifts…

Ho ho ho! Christmas is round the corner and I’ve got a long list of children to give gifts to – I’d like some help from you kind people. People at the North Pole asked me to share my request over the internet. So here it is!

Job Title
: Ketto elf

Description: You’re going to help me deliver gifts. It’s not going to cost you a rupee – because not you but Ketto is going to make a donation of Rs. 100 on your behalf.

Time-frame: Any time between December 8 – December 20 so all children can get their gifts on Christmas eve.

Duties: Just take the 4 fun and easy steps I’ve created for this process and give the activity some love by sharing it on Facebook so others can help me too!

Skills: The potential elf must possess a ‘good heart’ and ‘an internet connection’. That’s it!

Salary: The smile of an underprivileged child.

If you think you’re the right person, don’t wait – I need as many people as I can get!

Ketto Launches Quirky Merchandise To Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer


Asia’s most trusted and visited crowdfunding platform Ketto in collaboration with JumpingGoose, a design consultation and implementation agency has initiated a campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer.

There’s an interesting twist to this campaign – this time it’s spearheaded by men under the name MCBC. Before we get your eyebrows raised, MCBC is the abbreviated form of the words ‘Men Countering Breast Cancer’.

To bring it to life, Ketto and JumpingGosse have launched a range of casual and quirky T-shirts for men with the letters MCBC written in bold colours and designs. These T-shirts are exclusively available on the online shopping destination Amazon. The idea is to generate awareness around breast cancer and encourage women to get checked early. A portion of the proceeds will go to Tata Memorial Trust Mumbai for treating underprivileged women that have breast cancer.

Breast cancer has been rising steadily and both the incidence as well as deaths due to breast cancer are now more than cervical cancer in India. The MCBC campaign aims at gaining support from men who want to help women in India beat breast cancer.

So if you’re one and want to show support, go grab your MCBC T-shirt now!