5 Practical Things You Should Do If You’re Battling Depression Right Now

If you’ve been making constant rounds to your boss’ cabin for ‘the talk’ because of missing deadlines, if you’ve started smoking too much knowing exactly how horrible it is for your body, if you’re spending most of your time alone in your room scrolling meaninglessly through your Facebook feed, you may be a victim of depression.

India is among the most depressed countries in the world. At a rate of 36%, as recorded by World Health Organization, it has the highest rate of depressed people recorded anywhere across the globe. It also has the highest suicide rate in the world too. It’s time we change the way we look at mental health.

If you feel you’re depressed, here’s what you can do to overcome it:

1. Talk to your loved ones
Communication, trust us, can resolve or reduce the intensity in most of the cases. Your loved ones – be it friends or family are your biggest support system. Instead of talking to your own self, confide in them. If you’re around someone who asks you to ‘snap out of it’, discuss it with someone else who has an open mind and a broader perspective. Talking things out is the healthiest solution to this problem!

When Deepika Padukone decided to open up about her battle with depression, she also managed to shun all the unnecessary embarrassment when it comes to talking about depression or mental health. Her biggest support was her family!

If you’d rather talk to someone who doesn’t know you well, you can call up the suicide prevention helpline Samaritan. Before you get alarmed, the helpline is also for people who are disturbed, distressed and depressed, not just people who are suicidal. So, don’t shut yourself out, seek help!

2. Boost your self-image
“I look stupid in that dress.”, “I just cannot pull off that presentation.”
If you’re having such self-doubts that make you feel horrible about yourself, you need to stop your chain of thoughts right now!

Try affirmation.

Affirmations are positive declarations and self-scripts meant to mold the subconscious into a more positive form. Read more about it here. Incorporate them in your daily life. Look at yourself in the mirror and say them out loud. And most importantly, believe in them!

3. Take up a hobby
Depression feeds on monotony. Break-free! Engage yourself in an interesting, fun activity. Take up cycling, learn a dance form or a musical instrument, be a part of workshops that teach you carpentry, pottery or theatre. Or you could go for treks and discover more about yourself.

Surprise yourself by learning something you had never thought of. Learning something new is super healthy for your brain. Look up what you like and just go for it. Try out things to see what makes you tick.  

4. Take your fitness seriously
There’s a strong definitive link between your physical and psychological health. This means no curling up in your bed with your phone. Intense exercise provides greater benefit for the brain than regular moderate activity.

Watch your sleep cycle; get up to 8 hours sleep. A sleep deprived body is more prone to depression.
Chalk out a fitness routine for yourself or hire a personal trainer if you’re too lazy. Get yourself fit, up and running.

 5. Be generous to someone
Sometimes your mind longs for something meaningful. And nothing beats making a difference to someone’s life. Take charge of someone’s financial needs.

If you think your maid has the potential to start her own business, start a fundraiser campaign for her. If you think the stray dogs in your area need vaccination, raise funds for their welfare. If you think your friend who needs to get operated doesn’t have enough money for his medical bills, raise funds for him.
If you think there are many who are going through what you’re going through you could raise funds for the NGO that works towards battling depression and other mental disorders. We think providing financial help is the best way to help someone.

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