A Giant Step for Womankind

This small step for man equates to one giant step in the quest towards a better world for womankind. 

No number of posts will quench the need to talk about the issue of sexual harassment and abuse. Not until the issue is resolved, at least.

Women are constantly harassed in so many ways. We may be able to make a ruckus about it if it causes bodily harm. But what would you do if you were subject to – or if you saw someone being subjected to – a disgusting comment or stares that you know are not meant to be harmless?

This is a short but oh-so-impactful video that shows how one small step will go towards making a big difference. This one step, if made by all who generally turn a blind eye, could create a magnitude of change in the attitude towards women. This is something that needs to happen. Here’s to a better world.


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