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A Salute to Activists (Satyameva Jayate episode on road accidents, incident of errant cop suing young biker)

Satyameva Jayate

In remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi in his birth month, this blog post highlights the social awareness and activism that continues through to today. The seeds of change that were planted years ago continue to grow and bear fruit. And, we hope, always will!

Just as the father of the nation strove for a better future for our country, we have several individuals today who strive to bring about positive change in the world.

There are television shows like Satyameva Jayate (hosted by the amazing actor-activist Aamir Khan) that aims to spread awareness, wake the social conscience and spur people into positive action. Each eye-opening episode of Satyameva Jayate is followed by a call-to-action, allowing citizens to give to a social cause and be proactively involved in change.

A recent episode, for instance, dealt with road accidents – why they occur with such alarming frequency in India, what our government is accountable for with regard to road safety, and what citizens can do to help ensure their own safety.

Episodes of the show are archived on the Satyameva Jayate website and can be accessed at any time. There are some informative videos in addition to these, including one that demonstrates the procedure for CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), something that can come in handy should you ever witness a road accident and be in a position to help. Check it out! 

There were some handy tips shared, so in support of road safety for all, we are reproducing them here. Let’s all follow these simple, fundamental rules of road safety:

–          Don’t speed

–          Follow traffic signals

–          Don’t take extra passengers onto your bike

–          Wear your helmet – as the rider or passenger

–          Don’t drink and drive

–          Wear your seatbelt – as driver or passenger

–          Don’t use your mobile phone while driving

–          If you see someone injured, help them

Aamir Khan is using his fame to do good, to bring awareness and positive change. Kudos to his noble efforts! Another individual we salute is good Samaritan Arjun Ghai, an NRI who decided to do something when he came across a camera-phone video of a traffic policeman misusing his authority while confronting a young bike-rider. The incident occurred on September 15th, 2014 in Mumbai’s Vasai area. To sum it up, a young biker was flagged down by the errant cop for allegedly breaking traffic rules. On the young man’s refusal to pay the cop, the dialogue began to get heated, with the cop beginning to lose his temper with the young man. At this point, a bystander, Ramsagar Mishra, begins to record the incident on his camera phone. More information can be had at www.mumbaiheadlines.in, including a radio interview detailing the entire incident.

Arjun Ghai was so disturbed by what he saw, heard and read, that being a passive bystander was out of the question for him. He contacted Ketto with the aim of starting a campaign to raise funds for legal fees for the young biker as well as Ramsagar Mishra, both of whom are facing legal action.

Since Ketto can only help raise funds for NGOs, running a campaign to raise funds for an individual was not a possibility. However, Ketto is about helping individuals be the change. So we are happy to shed light on the incident in question via this blog post.

If you would like to help raise funds for this quest for justice and help the young biker and Ramsagar, who was brave enough to involve himself in the ruckus, Arjun requests you to call Ramsagar directly on +91982029552. You can also contact Arjun Ghai at arjunghai333@gmail.com.

There you have it. Though there are faults and fissures in our country and corruption festering in our legal system, there are enough socially-responsible citizens like Aamir Khan, Ramsagar Mishra and Arjun Ghai who are willing to fight it. We are, after all, a nation that was borne from a struggle for independence; a heartening fact in the month of Gandhi Jayanti.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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The Joy of Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti (Daan Utsav, CORP campaign ‘Food Box For Granny’, Swachh Bharat movement)

Swachh Bharat movement with Narendra Modi

How do you celebrate the birth anniversary of a leader who helped get India its independence? By paying it forward, of course! This is exactly what the people of our country did this October 2nd in honour of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary.

For starters, Gandhi Jayanti marked the beginning of the annual festival Daan Utsav, a week-long celebration of the spirit of giving. Previously known as the Joy of Giving Week, the festival is all about the happy-cheery feeling of giving, gratitude and feeling oh-so-good all around. There’s nothing that feels better than coming together to help do good and spread happiness! The success of Daan Utsav has shown without a shadow of doubt that there are thousands out there who want to help make our world a better place.

Team Ketto saw some awesome campaigns kicking off on Gandhi Jayanti in celebration of Daan Utsav. One of these is CORP (Community Outreach Programme)’s Food Box for Granny campaign. It runs till the end of October and is aiming to provide a whole lot of Tender Loving Care to 120 elderly women, along with yummy, hot meals.

Another feel-good event that kicked-off on October 2nd and is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy is the Swachh Bharat programme. This is a nationwide initiative to clean up the streets of India, spearheaded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The PM inaugurated the cleanliness drive at Rajghat, New Delhi, by sweeping up a street himself. He then ‘challenged’ a bunch of personalities like Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Ambani to join the movement and take it forward.

Similar to the ice-bucket challenge in some ways, this challenge involves one major difference – the ice-bucket challenge became more of an exhibitionist indulgence where the actual cause of raising awareness for a disease was often diluted. The Swachh Bharat challenge, on the other hand, is doing just what it should and is spreading awareness and cleaning up our streets!

For instance, Sachin Tendulkar replaced his cricket bat with a broom and marched to the street opposite the Bandra Reclamation Bus Depot in Mumbai with a team of his friends, to begin sweeping up the trash strewn about. He took a video of his effort and posted it on his Facebook account. Here is an excerpt of what he wrote about it:

“The footpath on the road opposite the Bandra Reclamation Bus Depot was not being used by pedestrians as it was dumped with litter and garbage and covered with wild growth. In fact, the footpath was being misused as a place to answer nature’s call!!”

“With a team of friends who volunteered with me, we started early in the morning to ensure minimal disruption to public and motorists.”

The PM also challenged several others to spread the ‘Swachh Bharat Hi Sach Bharat Hai’ word. Actor-activist Aamir Khan hopes to be part of this movement too.  With such socially-conscious do-gooders lending a hand, the Swachh Bharat movement is sure to gather speed and clear up our littered streets!

It’s heartwarming that Gandhi Jayanti has become a reason to usher in new initiatives to change our world for the better. Happy birthday to our nation’s forefather. And a Ketto salute too!

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Doing Good Is In Vogue! (Vogue India magazine’s #VogueEmpower movement)

Vogue India empower movement

Fashion magazine Vogue India is empowering women as part of their seventh anniversary celebration.

Fame is a powerful medium. Team Ketto knows this for a fact, thanks to co-founder Kunal Kapoor who uses his Bollywood celebrity to promote social good. (We believe he has an infinite resource of good karma because of this. Kudos to him!)

Fame isn’t the only powerful entity out there, though. Fashion is a powerhouse too. Think about it – fashion has been known to influence not just our choice of attire, but thought, opinion and lifestyle too. Keeping in mind that with great power comes great responsibility, Team Ketto is happy to share that fashion magazine Vogue India has chosen to use their superpowers for good. For social good. How very good!

Vogue India kicks in their seventh anniversary celebrations this October with a massive movement focusing on women’s empowerment. The aim of #VogueEmpower is to foster a spirit of agency and change. The fashion monthly’s multipronged approach towards effecting positive change is both haute and cool!

Vogue India editor Priya Tanna says, “The idea is to engage with Vogue’s circle of influencers and thought leaders to become our pledge-makers, our agents of change.” The magazine talks the talk in their latest issue, featuring incredible real-life stories and soul-stirring manifestos of inspirational women like journalist Barkha Dutt and social activist Kiran Bedi.

The magazine also walks the walk. They’ve enlisted 100 pledges from people like actor-activist Aamir Khan who has pledged to spread the word about #VogueEmpower via social media. The actor has also joined hands with Ketto via his socially conscious show Satyameva Jayate that raises social awareness and urges people to give to various social causes.  Aamir Khan was also part of the Tigi Foundation charity football fundraiser that raised funds for an animal shelter. In short, Ketto salutes Aamir Khan!

Another ambassador for #VogueEmpower is Anupama Sharma, who has pledged one lakh rupees each year towards the Ketto fundraiser for Khabar Lahariya, a rural women-run newspaper circulated in UP and Bihar. This all-women run newspaper is breaking journalistic ground with their fearless coverage of local rural news. The newspaper recently celebrated their twelfth anniversary by asking their supporters to fundraise for them. The campaigns have collectively raised nearly thirteen lakhs for the newspaper. Three cheers for the amazing spirit of goodness and change!

#VogueEmpower hasn’t stopped there. The fashion magazine has collaborated with brands to fuel the movement further. Gucci has devoted space on their website for #VogueEmpower supporters to donate and give back for a good cause. And the magazine has enlisted Louis Vuitton as an agent for change – the brand has joined hands with NGO DakshinaChitra that works to educate women.

Looks like it’s getting more and more fashionable to be a change-maker!

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Newsworthy! (Ketto in the media)

newsworthy post resized

The media is buzzing about the busy bees at Ketto!

Ketto has had some fascinating campaigns recently! There are several people raising funds for Khabar Lahariya, a rural-run, local-language, all-female newspaper that is making path-breaking strides in the field of news journalism. You’ve got to check out the images on all their pages! Stunning, if we say so ourselves!

It’s also marathon season, with the 2014 Airtel Hyderabad Marathon just around the corner (24th August). Several marathoners have chosen to start campaigns and raise funds for their favourite charities, and we support them all the way!

Bollywood joined the crowdfunding bandwagon in a big way this month! Celebrities like Aamir Khan, Imran Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan and several others came together to ‘Bend it Like Bollywood’ at a charity football game organized by Tigi Foundation, an NGO for the welfare of animals, founded by psychoanalyst Nuzhat Khan. The campaign had some exciting rewards to offer its supporters, and we’re thrilled fans of Bollywood took advantage of them!

With so much happening at Ketto, it isn’t surprising that the media wanted the scoop on our latest news and campaigns. Do check out the interesting interview of Ketto Co-Founder Kunal Kapoor, reported by The Hindu.