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All you need to know about Ketto’s new offering ‘Experience’

While our country adapts to the concept of crowdfunding india in full boom, Ketto makes it even cooler with the launch of a new section called ‘Experience’. As the reward-based crowdfunding platform – Ketto – blossoms on the public stage for getting a variety of causes funded, its new section aims at strengthening the funder base by offering exciting gifts in exchange of donations to the causes.

So, what exactly an ‘Experience’ is?

Basically, a campaigner’s chance to reward his/her backers with one-of-a-kind experiences, including – limited edition passes/tickets, autographed articles or copies of the creative work being produced.

Ketto’s Exclusive Experiences

Since its inception, Ketto has tried to make online crowdfunding an exciting ride for its campaigners as well as backers. As much as the cause of a campaign matters, the exhilarating experience counts equally. Experience is just another way to multiply the goodness – in an action, for an action.

To give you a fairer idea, let’s have a walk back Ketto’s memory lanes:

  • The chance to promote ‘Bang Bang’ with Hritik Roshan for a day around Mumbai by donating INR 75,000 to a campaign by TIGI Foundation.
  • The chance to hang out with Aamir Khan on the sets of his last film ‘PK’ by donating INR 75,000 to an animal shelter welfare
  • The chance to work out with Imraan Khan or a spin in his Ferrari as a reward for donating INR 50,000 to TIGI Foundation

…and many others.

How can NGOs benefit from ‘Experience’?

As the revenue generated by nonprofit organsations is plugged back into projects and activities, costs offset. Marketing and selling their exclusive products as experiences could mean wider distribution of development material and diversification of revenue sources.

For the sustainable development of the society, an experience can be just another way of luring more backers to causes that need urgent attention. Celebrity gifts, mementos, gift vouchers, artwork or any other valuable product or service can be put as an experience on Ketto, best crowdfunding website.

Many NGOs already produce and sell products, such as publications, publicity materials, and locally made handicrafts through traditional means of marketing and distribution. If the same NGO puts these articles/offers as experiences on our website, there are chances the NGO can reach a wider audience.

How does it work?

A backer can bag the experience by following the three steps as mentioned:

  • Type in www.ketto.org/experiences in the address bar
  • Choose your favourite experience from the list
  • Donate to the cause and bag the experience

Start exploring

To anchor this open-ended relationship between campaigners and their backers, the coherence of NGO offerings to backers can draw a greater contribution to social improvement.

Wait no more. List down the experiences now!

PS: Don’t fret if you can’t differentiate between a reward and an Experience. Team Ketto is always there to help.

Your Crowdfunding ABCs

Here are the very basic basics of crowdfunding, deconstructed to its ABCs.

Here’s a quick question for you – have you ever posted a question on Facebook hoping to get information, advice, ideas, funds or any other kind of help from your friends? If your answer is ‘yes’ on any of these counts, you, my friend, have indulged in what the cool kids call ‘crowdsourcing’.

Although the term sounds technical and business-y, the concept is not. You’ve been doing the deed without really realising there’s an honest-to-goodness word that describes it to the letter. We’ve been turning to the ‘crowd’ to ‘source’ things for a long time.

Don’t believe it? What do you think Wikipedia does when it asks the online community to pitch in and write or edit information? Aha! There you go.

You may have noticed the examples being used all involve online platforms. That’s because they are the ideal base to source with. Think of it – a single platform that lets you instantaneously reach out to multiple people and get a speedy response. Perfect, no?!

When you’re reaching out specifically to source funds, the process is known as crowdfunding, which is what our website is all about. But of course, it’s not incorrect to call what we do crowdsourcing, so you’re welcome to alternate between the terms as you please.

Our online fundraising platform is where all the cool crowdsourcing campaigns are.

Why are the crowdsourcing campaigns cool?

Because they’re aiming to raise funds to do some amazing work in the field of social causes. And because they’re also aiming to fuel some incredible and ingenious creative projects.

Why is our website ideal to fundraise these incredible initiatives?
  • How shall we count the ways?! The many, many ways!
  • Well, firstly, starting a campaign on our platform is free.
  • There are no penalties for not being able to reach your fundraising goal.
  • We will guide your campaign creation and be with you every step of the way.
  • We provide you with a host of inexpensive marketing tips that are guaranteed to help you campaign successfully.
  • You receive updates, at each stage, right in your inbox.
  • We have an instant chatting interface on our website where you can reach us around the clock – 24/7.
  • We have a team of experienced professionals who are happy to help.
  • We offer your supporters several methods to contribute to your campaign.
How do you start a campaign?
  • It’s easy. Fill up the form on our website and submit it
  • We’ll make sure you’ve got all the bases covered and push it live
  • We’ll help and encourage you every step of the way
It’s as simple as that! Now you know your ABCs. Next time won’t you start a crowdsourcing campaign on our online fundraising platform with me?!

How To Have A Rocking 2015

Have a rocking 2015

Welcome to a brand new year! It’s a clean slate and a fresh start for us all! What better way to inaugurate the New Year than by doing something good, something creative, something special…and spreading happiness with it? Here are some ideas to get your New Year to a rocking start:

  • Start a campaign for a social cause. Raising awareness about a cause that needs it is an incredibly worthy cause. You will be educating everyone you reach out to about the issue at hand. Knowledge is power, and giving people this power only enhances the quality of our lives. For instance, I didn’t know childhood eye cancer could be cured with timely intervention, but after reading this campaign, now I’m knowledgeable and will spread the information wherever I see it being required.
  • Start a campaign for a creative pursuit. This is the year you could really let yourself be free and grow. Work towards your creative/entrepreneurial goal and let it come to life. Start working on your project and when you’re ready to ask for support, start preparing your campaign. There are several advantages to crowdfunding your project. Get started and experience them for yourself!
  • Crowdfunding is a wonderful way to let people know what you’re all about. Whether you’re campaigning for a social cause or a personal/creative one, when you reach out to your social network and tell them all about it, you’re baring your soul to them. There is nothing more true and touching. Open your heart and show the world who you really are. It’s all good!
  • Don’t hesitate to contact that old friend you lost touch with years ago. This is a great way to get back in touch with old friends. And an amazing way to make new ones too! So reach out to your social network and tell them all about your campaign. We hope it revives old friendships and starts some new ones!
  • Getting your close friends and family more involved in your campaign is the perfect way to strengthen and renew your bond with them. Working towards a common goal, meeting over meals and discussing campaign strategies and brainstorming ideas for rewards can be a lot of fun! Have at it!
  • This could be the ideal way to let that special someone discover the real you. Contact them and introduce your campaign and/or project to them. It can’t not have a positive impact on their view of you! And it definitely can’t hurt! Good luck!

The New Year is a blank canvas. Paint some vibrant colours onto it in 2015! The future is yours for the taking!

Start a campaign for a social cause or creative project today!

10 Reasons Crowdfunding Is Perfect For You

This New Year, do something different. Do something awesome…

It’s that time of the year again. As the curtain begins to drop on 2014, the New Year is getting ready to take centre stage.

These last few days are all about nostalgic looks back, the hope of an even better year ahead, the vow to do better, to be kinder and other noble New Year’s resolutions.

If you’re stuck on what to resolve for the New Year, let Ketto come to your rescue. Remember that hobby you haven’t been able to make enough time for? The song, book, film, app or other genius idea that’s been on the backburner? Well, it’s time to let that creative fancy take flight in 2015!

Vow to crowdfund your creative project this New Year!

  1. You can make your hobby your career this year! You can now crowdfund for any creative cause under the sun.
  2. You don’t need a huge budget. Whatever stage your project is in, get the financial support you need to complete it!
  3. You don’t need a marketing budget. When you reach out to people while introducing your project, it indirectly markets it right there!
  4. You don’t need a PR team. All you need is social media. Flex your email, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp muscles!
  5. Reach a wider audience in seconds! Ask your friends and family to share your campaign link with their networks.
  6. Get instant validation. You’ll know you’re on the right path when people back your project!
  7. Get expert advice and feedback. Ask your network to send you their thoughts.  Get opinions and gauge what needs to be done to better your work.
  8. Get a pre-launch makeover. Use the feedback you get to smoothen any chinks you have before you launch your project.
  9. Backers will fund your creative project without any strings attached. Creative control remains with you.
  10. You can build a strong, loyal fan base by interacting with your supporters through social media.

Sounds good? Get started on your New Year’s Resolution today!