Another earthquake strikes Nepal: Here’s how you can help 

Nothing is better than a humane approach to changing lives and many out there are proving exactly this! Scouring for help, assisting the needy, organising relief campaigns and collecting funds – many responsible individuals out there have been working consistently to
help Nepal quake victims. Here’s how you can get involved and change lives

While we were still reeling under the impact of a major earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on Richter scale that shook Nepal recently and claimed more than 10,000 lives (official figures vary between 8,000 to 10,000, as cited by different media sources), nature’s fury has struck again on the already ravaged country. A second seismic quake of 7.3 magnitude struck again and reminded activists, citizens and the international community of the vulnerability faced by Nepal. 

One of the youngest countries to leave monarchy and still on the brink of forming a constitution, Nepal had been intent on solving its economic woes, security issues and political set-up. But, with majority of its resources gone due to earthquake, and a government unable to organise major relief measures, Nepal is in dire state. Nepalese people have been living in tents with no access to clean water or sanitation and international communities have been flowing in aid to help those in distress. Without basic means of livelihood for survival, citizens of Nepal need a lot of your support, to deal with the calamity and start rebuilding measures. 

The major areas that would need help on an immediate basis would be housing (Nepal needs tents for basic shelter), sanitation (food, clothing, medicines), aid (rebuilding houses from scratch, public utilities and hospitals / schools) etc. Besides these, women face numerous issues during a calamity, so, separate campaigns are being run with focus on pregnant women and those in distress by helping them with counsel, medical help and sanitation tools. Also, education has taken a hit as citizens of Nepal try sifting through the calamity and gathering their kith and kin.

Ketto, crowdfunding india, with its initiatives to crowdfund resources and seek voluntary funding to help people in Nepal had some campaigns running which has managed to garner strong traction and a collection of INR 85,32,132. Here, individuals are bringing in different aspects of relief measures and briefly mentioning the target groups that need these resources in urgency. 


Please check out the campaigns below:

1. Fight disaster caused in Nepal by Bouncy Mehta and Rohan Shreshta:

The campaign is providing on-ground help and relief measures to earthquake victims in Lamjung and Gorkha. The message of the campaign reads as follows:

To help these stranded villagers in Lamjung and Gorkha, we need funds. Your smallest of a contribution can save a life. Please support us and contribute as much as you can. We need to show solidarity at this time. Let’s stand by them now.

Check the campaign here:

2. Donate funds to help Nepal Earthquake victims by InstaBollywood team: 

This team is working towards providing dry food rations, clean drinking water, emergency shelters and hygiene kits to people in Nepal. 

Check the campaign here:

3. Come together to rehabilitate Nepal by Rajat Dhariwal 

When Rajat saw the disaster in Nepal, he researched and personally contacted NGO’s in Nepal. Armed with tents, he has been running the campaign to collect funds and working on-site to co-ordinate relief activities. 

Check the campaign statement: Whatever you have saved money for – this is more important. When else would you get a chance to actually save thousands of lives? The funds are needed immediately – time is as critical as money.

Check the campaign here:

For a list of all the campaigns, check:

From education to basic sanitation, from housing to medical assistance, Nepal is a ravaged country and needs help and assistance. It doesn’t matter if you can only donate a miniscule amount or in kind. It is the thought that counts. Kindly share this and do the needful for our neighbouring country and our brothers and sisters.

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