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Crowdfunding For Movies – The Dawn Of A New Era


With an increasing number of amateur and novice filmmakers breaking through into the world of production, the field is becoming more and more competitive with every passing second. As a result of this rapid growth, it is harder for directors to make it in the industry as professionals. With so much talent to choose from, big production companies are spoilt for choice in terms of which directors and producers to hire.

So where does that leave aspiring filmmakers?

They’re left with no option but to self-fund their productions in order to establish themselves. This way, they’ll have the best chance of being picked up by a larger production company and making it to the big leagues. But these days, money is scarce, and directors are suffering financially along with everyone else.

So where do they turn to gather a budget? To the ever-growing art of crowdfunding. If they don’t have the means to bring their story to life, crowdfunding is the next logical step.

How does Ketto come into the picture?

Ketto is a crowdfunding platform where these aspiring filmmakers can set up their own crowdfunding page to fund their creative projects, be it a film, documentary or a play. Actively becoming one of the popular methods of getting funds, crowdfunding is a great option for up-and-coming directors and filmmakers; a great place to generate some funds.

Here are projects of filmmakers that were funded on Ketto:

fighting on ice

Fighting on Ice – Campaigner Mithun Bajaj wanted to create a documentary that highlights the passions and struggles of the Indian Ice Hockey team and association. Through his piece, he wanted to showcase how they are playing their tournaments without any support or help from the government and how they are playing in tournaments with passable equipment and little to no funding, hoping for a day when ice hockey will be treated as a real sport in India. Through his fundraiser page on Ketto, not only did he raise Rs.4,85,945 thorough 19 supporters, he also raised awareness about this very little known sport in our country.


Who Am I: After they visited the Pakistani Hindu refugees camps in Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, a start up film production house called P2P Productions wanted to become the global voice of their condition. They wanted to create a documentary to highlight the plight of these refugees, who fled religious persecution in Pakistan, only to struggle for basic amenities while living in camps. With interesting rewards like personalised merchandise, a chance to get featured in their exclusive promotional video, accreditation as associate producers & co-producers, their crowdfunding page on Ketto got support from 260 supporters, helping them raise a whopping amount Rs. 9,79,485.


Khamma Gir Ne: This is a documentary which shows how man and beast have learned to co-exist in Gujarat. Shot in Gir sanctuary and the Gir National Park, the documentary captures the challenges, emotions and unrest in Gir amid the long-time process of conservation and preservation of the last sanctuary of the Asiatic Lion. Via their crowdfunding page on Ketto, the documentary team was able to raise Rs.1, 55,210 through their 54 supporters.


Another project Rewire raised funds for a social documentary that sought to create awareness about mental illness, especially in the context of the Indian society. The project was able to raise Rs. 83,900 via 16 supporters. Boojh documents the journey of Satish, a double amputee, who seeks to ride across the country on his bike, covering a distance of 50,000 kms in order to enter the Guinness and Limca book of world records. The film-makers were able to raise Rs. 68,300 via 17 supporters through their crowdfunding page on Ketto.

Hundreds of directors and producers are adapting to new trends in the industry and are giving crowdfunding a go and they certainly aren’t let down by the results. A lot of them are prospering and producing quality movies from the funds that they raise. All of these documentaries have received substantial donations and have ended up with a much bigger budget than they would have had trying to fund production through their income. It’s no wonder that crowdfunding in the filmmaking industry is becoming popular; the directors are getting some spectacular results!

So there you have it, if you’re a director or producer who is looking to raise funds to produce your movie, then look no further – crowdfunding is here to take your creative piece to the masses!

Start a fundraiser or share your idea on or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.


Taking Charge of Our Future And The Future of Our Planet


Crowdfunding for environmental projects provides us all with an active way to save the world.

A World and Climate in Flux


Climate change isn’t a hoax, its as real as our existence. we can see it but just choose to ignore it. The clock is ticking and we need to do something before it gets too late. The data is indisputable and piling up daily. Earth is the only planet we have, and it is under attack. Human-made global warming and climate change are jeopardizing the very lives of generations to come. The battlefield is our environment, and the battle is now. The green crowd has stepped forward as this generation’s warrior elite.

A Call to Action


No one person can save our planet, but all people coming together as a global community can lead to our world’s salvation. But how do we sign-up to make that crucial difference? How do we become a part of the greater good? We need a vehicle to drive our collaboration, to pool our resources together so we can work towards saving our world.
Crowdfunding for conservation solutions that are workable and necessary is a way in which we can all make a significant contribution towards saving Earth.

Here are examples of fundraisers started for environmental causes:

The Yellow Bag is an initiative that seeks to replace hazardous plastic bags with eco-friendly, cotton bags. The initiative also conducts student and community-based seminars and awareness programs about the hazards of using plastic bags.


Based out of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, the Yellow Bag provides employment to 25 women from rural or underprivileged backgrounds by engaging them to stitch cloth bags that can be used again and again, unlike plastic bags that are often dumped after just one use. Through their crowdfunding page on Ketto, they were able to raise Rs.63,601 via 27 supporters to further their cause.

• India’s First Private Sanctuary- SAI Sanctuary located in the Western Ghats in South India is India’s first private sanctuary that started with an initial purchase of 55 acres in 1991 and has now grown to more than 300 acres in land area.


An important ‘hot spot’ of biodiversity, this sanctuary has been called Noah’s ark by an Oxford University scientist and is home to a wide variety of Indian flora and fauna. Through her crowdfunding page, campaigner Pamela Malhotra wanted to raise funds to help them set up camera traps to guard the animals from poachers and to also check on their progress. She successfully raised Rs.1, 07,373 on Ketto.

• Mr. Yogi Arvind started a fundraiser to raise funds so he can plant 10 million Ayurvedic trees in the drought-hit regions of Marathwada and other parts of India. Yogi Arvind has been on a mission to plant more medicinal trees and plants along with raising awareness about the benefits of Ayurvedic remedies.

10 million

He and his team have already conducted initial experiments concerning soil patterns, water management and suitable varieties of plants. They have already planted around 3000 trees and now plan to expand their project on a larger scale by setting up a nursery. Their crowdfunding page raised Rs. 79,511 via 20 supporters.

Mission Antarctica was set up to support Arjun Menon, a travel and lifestyle photographer, on his expedition to Antarctica under the guidance of Robert Swan, an environmentalist who has dedicated his life to the preservation and conservation of the fragile ecosystem of Antarctica.


Arjun Menon was selected to be a part of the ‘Leadership on edge’ program, which sought to inspire a new generation of leaders who would campaign for sustainability. Mission Antarctica raised Rs. 3, 68,770 via 88 supporters to fund his expedition to the icy landscape of Antarctica.

A Bright Future

Silhouette group of happy children playing on meadow sunset

Through green crowdfunding, we can play a significant role in ensuring a positive future for the world and its inhabitants. We can pool our resources together and become a part of something that is bigger than each one of us; we do something for the greater good that can give our children and countless future generations a world that is rich in resources for their survival.

Our future is in our hands, start a fundraiser for the cause you want to make a difference to.


Love Hiking? These People Crowdfunded Their Way To The Everest!

Asia, Nepal, Himalayas, Sagarmatha National Park, Solu Khumbu Everest Region, climbers walking below Nuptse making their way to camp 2 on Mt Everest

The thrill of hiking over long trails, soaking in the scenic beauty, is something which can leave you spell-bound. Not only does it help you to relax, but it also boosts your health and stamina. However, often the perks of hiking are weighed down by the cost it entails. Right from the right shoes to comfortable hiking apparel, to backpacks to lodging/camping, hiking can be a costly affair.

However, thanks to crowdfunding, cost factor can be taken care of. There have been umpteen success stories of hikers who shared the passion of hiking but had disabilities or lacked funds for hiking and managed to achieve their hiking goals through crowdfunding.

Maharashtra’s Pride, Aparna Prabhudesai!


Aparna, a facilitator and an entrepreneur from Pune, is a multi-faceted woman. Along with her professional work, she also manages to pursue her hobby of participating in marathons and mountain climbing. Owing to some unfortunate incident in 2012, Aparna was left disabled. However, her unflinching strength and courage did not let the disability overpower her spirit. She took up a mountaineering course, participated in multiple treks and went twice to the Everest Base Camp. Her undeterred efforts led people to donate for her cause and she finally became the first woman from Maharashtra, India to successfully summit the Mount Everest! We feel proud to have been a part of this inspiring journey.

Mission Mount Everest

345Another individual from Maharashtra, Nihar, also summited the Mount Everest supported by Ketto. He undertook a three month long expedition starting from Kathmandu, Nepal to the Summit of Mount Everest. With the media coverage that this expedition would garner, he aimed to involve the local communities in developing ways to fight hunger and curb malnutrition in economically backward communities.

His fundraiser committed to donate ₹1 per feet of climb towards this cause. He successfully climbed the summit in March, 2015 and managed to raise ₹65,400 with 14 supporters.

Climbing World Cup: Climb Your Way To Health And Fitness!



There are still not many people like Aparna and Nihar who are so passionate about mountain climbing. Chakram Hikers, a Maharashtra based firm, has been continuously striving in this direction. It organises hiking and trekking tours with intent to bring people closer to nature. The firm has been consistently instilling the spirit of adventure among masses along with spreading awareness about environment preservation. Chakram Hikers raised ₹ 52,000 with Ketto for the IFSC Climbing World Cup, which was scheduled at Navi Mumbai in May, 2016.

Crowdfunding: Hiking The New Way


Besides people like Aparna for climbing Everest, Ketto has been helping many to achieve their hiking goals. Be it Vijayshekhar Nerva, who completed 4 Deserts Gobi March race in June 2015 by raising ₹1,39,740 or Mohit Kapoor, who raised ₹86,500 for a ride across 9 countries, we’re always here to help you!

So if you plan to go for a hike but lack support, you can stay assured that we’re here to give wings to your dreams. Happy hiking!

How Leftover Food Can Reach Hungry Mouths


Many of us, who eat out regularly, are aware of the daily problem of massive food wastage in restaurants. Typically, restaurants over prepare certain items that are on the specials menu and other popular dishes so that their customers are well-taken care of. However, these joints are always in a fix as to what to do with the leftover.

Luckily, there are many people coming up with new ways to assist restaurants and grocery stores in dealing with their extra or leftover food. The use of modern day technology has made it easy to connect and coordinate, making excess food from one corner accessible to the needy at another corner.

Of course, making food available for the needy, on a wider scale needs funding as it costs the restaurants and the food stores a substantial amount to box the food and make it viable for transport. Thus, it is not affordable for an individual to do this on a regular basis, and as a result many such programs come to a halt.

Here are examples of how crowdfunding has turned out to be an innovative way to overcome this issue.

Feeding India
One such endeavour has been made by a not-for-profit social enterprise, ‘Feeding India’, which seeks a resolution to two main problems of hunger and food wastage. As a part of its Magic Truck initiative, the organization collects the leftover food from corporate offices and restaurants and uses it to provide meals to the poor.

feeding india

The Magic Truck provides meals consisting of one dal, 1 vegetable along with chappatis, rice and some dessert to the poor. Through their crowdfunding page on Ketto, they raised ₹2,14,014 ($3,331.09) through 104 supporters by which they provide nutritious meals to 1000 people, twice a day.

Janta Meals
Another chain of food outlets working in this direction is Janta Meals. It is located in slum areas with an aim to provide hygienically prepared wholesome food at affordable rates. The service involves community-based franchises that cater to urban migrant labourers including cycle rickshaw drivers, sweepers, mechanics, vegetable sellers etc.

janta meals

Janta Meals also promote entrepreneurship as these individual franchises are operated by micro-entrepreneurs, who are given an initial loan to help setup their food outlet. They are also provided with subsidized food that they then sell to the customers. Currently, there are 23 such outlets in Gurgaon, serving meals to around 4,500 people every day. They have raised ₹2,10,200 ($3,271.72) with the support of 51 supporters via their crowdfunding page on Ketto.

Food For The Needy
There is yet another organisation in the name of Uday Foundation which works to feed the needy. This Foundation provides food to underprivileged patients and their families or caretakers at government hospitals who cannot afford both medical bills and food. It also provides good, nutritious food to children from poor families who come to Delhi for longer treatment.


Uday Foundation so far managed to raise ₹1,71,853 ($2,698.09) with the help of 64 supporters via their crowdfunding page on Ketto for this noble cause.


Besides the structured organisations, some individuals as well use crowdfunding as a platform for their big and small fundraisers in the direction of food distribution. Samay Bansal from Ludhiana raised ₹62,076 through Ketto to provide free food and rose milk, popularly known as “chabeel”, to passersby in the scorching weather.

To sum it up, everyday millions of pounds of restaurant food goes to waste and many people are doing their bit to change it. Go ahead and donate to support NGOs and individuals who are ensuring people don’t go to their beds hungry.

Reasons Your NGO Should Try Crowdfunding in 2017

crowdfunding (1)

In the last few years, crowdfunding has helped several NGOs and non-profits create meaningful impact. It involves raising small amounts of money from a large number of interested using the internet. Online crowdfunding has replaced most traditional means of raising funds like door-to-door appeals and telephone calls. It’s convenient, cost efficient and easy.

Here are 5 reasons why your NGO should give crowdfunding a try:

Raise funds, raise awareness

Many NGOs today are fighting battles which are significant yet obscure. If your NGO is facing a similar crisis, crowdfunding is the solution for you. This will allow your NGO to reach out to masses, build awareness and at the same time attract donations.


For instance, Yuwa, an NGO raised funds to stop the heinous crimes of human trafficking and child marriage. This NGO has been fighting these evils through education and sports in Jharkhand since 2009. The girls supported by this NGO have been earning accolades in academics and sports, changing the perception and outlook of their communities. Due to crowdfunding the cause got a lot of support and most importantly visibility.

Find Your Supporters

Everybody has causes which are close to their hearts, issues they feel strongly about and movements they want to be a part of. And online crowdfunding is the best way to reach these potential donors.


For instance, a Mumbai based NGO called Save our Strays had temporarily stopped their operations due to lack of funds. The NGO started a fundraiser and reached out to animal lovers through crowdfunding so they can start attending to animal rescue calls again – over 90 animal lovers contributed to raise Rs. 2,77,774 for the NGO.

Get Corporate Support

With the recent CSR guidelines mandating certain companies to dedicate 2% of their profits to CSR, many enterprises are constantly on the lookout for initiatives which can make a difference and are worth their contributions. This provides corporates with a chance to build their social brand gives NGOs a voice and easy access to funds!


Umeed was launched by Jasmeet Singh Gandhi, for Udbhav School, run by the IIMAAA charitable trust. He, along with a few others, cycled 1,000 km from Mumbai to Telangana to raise funds and awareness for the school. Later, RBL bank decided to match every donation with an equal amount from their CSR funds. A total of Rs.14, 42,466 was raised for Udbhav School due to RBL’s CSR promotion.

Gain Supporters’ Trust

Many people want to support good causes but get paranoid about donating money, fearing fraud. Online crowdfunding allows campaigners to reach out to their donors keeping them abreast with how the funds are being used and to what extent has the target been achieved.


An example of this is the fundraiser launched by Bandipur Reserve Foundation, an NGO raising funds to help the Forest Guards fight the fire which had broken out in Bandipur Tiger Reserve. The donations are being directed towards taking care of the basic food and medicine requirements of around 600 guards and locals who are working tirelessly to contain the forest fire. What makes this process even more transparent is that every person who contributes to this fundraiser will get a certificate in their name, along with their donation being fully tax exempt. This instills trust in the donor who is then willing to make more generous donations and also encourage their friends and family to do the same.

It’s Fun!

Crowdfunding is all about raising funds, building awareness… and having fun! For instance, Bal Asha an NGO dedicated towards collaborating with the local governments to reunite abandoned children with their biological parents, raised Rs. 1, 63,625 from 53 supports using crowdfunding.


Their volunteer Pratik took on the challenge of participating in a half marathon for the cause… wearing a tutu! As intended his non-traditional running attire grabbed eyeballs and funds poured into be used by Bal Asha to nurture the children in their ward such as food, healthcare, physical therapy, etc.

Thus crowdfunding helps your NGO build its brand equity, raise awareness and most importantly raise funds. The donors can contribute using a variety of secure payment options, as per their comfort, and are assured of their contributions reaching their cause.

If you’d like to discuss the plans you have this year, you can write to or get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Crowdfunding Do’s And Don’ts


We all need money, don’t we? You may need it to support someone or help yourself. For instance, at this very moment on Ketto, a mother is looking for help to fund her son’s Cerebral Palsy treatment and an NGO is crowdfunding to build a rehabilitation centre for acid-attack victims under their care.

Crowdfunding gives you a chance to finance initiatives, which have been proposed by either an individual or NGOs. Nonprofits and different individuals can use Ketto to voice their monetary need without hesitation to several people quickly and simultaneously. They can fund their causes by garnering support and belief of individuals and corporates, collectively.

But there are certain crowdfunding do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind while presenting your fundraiser – here you go!

1. Tell your story

For people to support your cause, they need to be invested in your story. Without knowing the reason behind your fundraiser and how important it is to you, people may not feel inclined to contribute to your fundraiser! So, don’t hesitate to share. You can read the steps to creating the perfect fundraiser page here.

2. Form a team

Instead of doing this all by yourself, make it fun by roping in your close friends and family members. Give them the responsibility of raising a small amount of your goal and keep exchanging updates on the progress of the fundraiser.

3. Make a plan!

You need to prepare a plan that includes the messaging and promotion of your cause using different platforms. Posting on social media, organizing an event surrounding the fundraiser, updates, interactions, maybe rewards, taxes, press release, etc. need to be properly planned keeping the timeline of the fundraiser in mind.

4. Communicate

Do not neglect any of your well wishers or supporters. Keep them abreast of the latest happenings with regards to the fundraiser. And don’t forget to thank people who are taking a few minutes out of their busy lives to listen to your story.

1. Think creating a fundraiser is enough

In fact, that is just the first step! The steps following the launch of the fundraiser are critical for its success. There, you will have to reach out, generate interest, and get supporters for your cause.

2. Expect funds to come in immediately

It is erroneous to think that you would achieve your financial goal the moment you post an appeal or immediately after the first contribution comes in. The only way to get more support is to spread the word in your network of friends and family using Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, e-mail and even calls.

3. Hide the progress of the fundraiser

You need to be completely transparent to your followers. You need to be upfront about the reason for the fundraiser and where and how the funds would be used. Keep them updated on the latest happenings of your fundraiser.

4. Ask for more than you need

People are not ignorant. Asking for more funds than you require for your cause could create a negative image about you and your fundraiser and could hamper the credibility of the fundraiser.

If you have questions during the course of your fundraiser, you can always get in touch with the Ketto fundraiser manager assigned to you at the start of your fundraiser. Let’s get started, shall we?

Ways To Help The Voiceless Animals


Of late, social media has been inundated with shocking incidents of various atrocities committed against animals. There have been inhumane cases of stray dogs being thrown off rooftops and battered without provocation. When such events transpire, they leave animal lovers completely heart-broken and with a want to help.

Being the most evolved and intelligent among the creations, the onus to help these voiceless creatures lies on us. We at Ketto, are here to help you out in your noble endeavours.

Little acts of kindness

A couple of hours under the scorching summer sun leaves one dehydrated. It would be unwise to think that the birds and stray animals would feel any different. Keeping a bowl of water on the front porch or in the balcony would go a long way in helping animals in need. Feed the surplus food to the starving animals in your neighbourhood instead of discarding it as trash. Not only will it reduce the quantity of waste, but more importantly, it will satisfy the hunger of someone in need. You can even help an NGO/animal shelter that you support with their activities they carry out on weekends or in your free time.


Adopt don’t shop

Every stray dog deserves a caring and loving home to live in. Instead of buying a foreign breed, adopt a homeless stray, especially the ones that are in dire need of care. Trust us, giving a stray dog a way better life is one of the best feelings in the world.


Raise funds for an animal

Experience the satisfaction of saving an animal’s life by starting a fundraiser for animal rights and welfare. You can raise funds for an ailing animal, an animal that has met with an accident, for feeding stray animals in your area or even to support an NGO that you like. Your contributions will help improve veterinary care for animals that are carrying offspring, are wounded or have been afflicted by some disease.

If you need our support to help any animal in need, just go here & get in touch with us.

Save this link so you know where to find us when you come across an animal that needs help.


Medical Expenses Don’t Have To Kill You: Asking For Help With Dignity


High treatment cost diseases like cancer don’t come with warnings. Imagine your loved one getting diagnosed with a disease like that when your bank balance is unprepared for the sudden blow. Even with mediclaim or health insurance, medical expenses in India can be horrifyingly large. Only 20% of the population choose to get their health insured. Hospital expenses for medical conditions can be very overwhelming both emotionally and financially. But there is hope – crowdfunding.

Let’s tell you why.

So, what is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a process of raising funds through the combined endeavour of family, friends, relatives and people you know. That means when you’re experiencing a funding gap due to an unexpected diagnosis of a disease, instead of letting the financial crisis dip into your lifelong savings – you can turn to small contributions from your well-wishers and pay for your treatment. At times, people hesitate from asking for help because they think it’s embarrassing. But you need to know that there are many people out there who would be willing to help you out with a small or even a generous contribution – don’t hold back. Depending on the kindness of acquaintances and strangers can be difficult but it can do wonders to your cause. So if you need help, just ask for it!

As a crowdfunding platform, we try to help campaigners raise funds safely, and prevent fraud so the possibility of people supporting your cause increases. Many people feel more secure if you work through such platforms rather than asking directly for money.

Crowdfunding Medical Expenses in India

Over 10,000 campaigners have successfully raised funds by using medical crowdfunding. For instance, Nitesh needed help with his cancer treatment – he turned to the crowd and raised over Rs. 16 lakh in one day! Medical bills were becoming a huge problem for Mangcha a waiter in Bangalore when his college friend raised over Rs. 6 lakh for his surgery! Read more such stories here.

Starting a fundraiser is as easy as narrating your story to your friends in person, just create your fundraiser page, share your story and explain what you need money for, add supporting bills to make your fundraiser more transparent. With just their cab fare that day, their contribution can raise your amount enough to pay your bills.
So, ask for help because you’ll be surprised to see how many people are willing to help you out.

To get started, start a medical fundraiser or you can write to or get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Crowdfunding: Funding Corporate Social Responsibility In India

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is no longer looked at as charity work; big brands are now making sure that the money they invest in a social cause is not just making a difference but also giving their brand a positive image in the industry.

Brands strategise to contribute towards creating a meaningful impact on the pressing problems of the society at a local, national or even global level.

Many corporates are now opting for innovative strategies for their CSR activities – crowdfunding being one of them since it connects you to various causes like providing education to a girl child, helping farmers and families affected by drought to prevent more farmer suicides, for martyrs’ families, welfare of animals etc.

Let’s start with understanding how it works.

Crowdfunding a CSR project is not just used to raise funds but also to create awareness about the cause and to build an audience for it. For this, corporates need to begin by creating a web page on their own website or seek help from a crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding platforms like Ketto already have social causes in the field of health, education, and much such more that you can join in or you can choose to create a fundraiser of your own. You need to fill out a form that seeks basic details about your cause, including details like what you’re raising funds for, how much do you want the goal amount to be, what image would you use to represent the cause etc. People need to know why you chose to support this cause.

The next step is to take the cause to the world by spreading the word about it using as many platforms as you can. Ketto has features that will help you spread the word about your CSR initiative on all social media channels. If your cause is strong and appeals to people, you just need to wait and see the love and support of the masses pour in as donations for your social cause!

Here are some inspiring CSR initiatives on Ketto:
RBL Bank


The fundraiser ‘Umeed’ was initiated by Jasmeet Singh Gandhi, a cycling enthusiast from Mumbai, for Udbhav School, run by the IIMAAA charitable trust.

He and his group of similar minded people cycled 1,000 km from Mumbai to Telangana, to raise funds and awareness for the school. Where does RBL come in the picture? They matched every donation to the cause by giving an equal amount themselves!

The combined efforts of the campaigner and RBL’s CSR promotion raised a total of Rs.14,42,466 for Udbhav School!

Cactus Communication


Cactus Communications, a global organisation, focused on scientific research has been running a social initiative to provide drinkable water to the people of Latur. They decided to split their organisation into teams and raise funds for the drought-stricken regions in Latur. Their multiple CSR efforts have raised a total of Rs.6,00, 072 till date that have gone to the NGO Action Aid, that is working tirelessly to provide water and dry rations to the families in Latur.

Social_responsibilities_soldier initiated a CSR project for the widows of URI martyrs under the banner of Shaadi Cares. Their aim was to empower the wives of those 18 jawans who had lost their lives defending our Nation because they were also the sole bread earners of their respective families. They wanted to support these women move forward with a strong backing! They were successful in raising Rs.18,88,060 for these women.

Social enterprise funding doesn’t just give corporates social branding; it provides the social cause with a much bigger stage to voice their mission and ask for help! Crowdfunding these campaigns also allows more people to feel more connected to the brand because they know where and how the funds will be used.

Therefore, using such platforms to fund a cause that is close to your brand values is an ideal choice for corporates!

If you’re looking to crowdfund your CSR initiative, start a fundraiser and if you need our assistance, you can write to or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.


Creative Ideas That Got Successfully Funded on Ketto


Creative thinking inspires ideas and ideas inspire change.

Ideas and imagination form the basis for any kind of innovative enterprise. To turn an idea into reality – you need to invest time and energy but most importantly you need support and funds to bring it alive. We have partnered with some promising creative ideas in the past and have seen them bloom into successful businesses over time.

Here are three of the best examples of such a fruitful partnership in recent times:

Mixtale: Drink it! Mix it!

Mixtale, an initiative by the Mexers Food and Beverage LLP, a startup from Mumbai had an interesting take on the way we went about drinking mocktails. Siddh Desai from Mumbai brought out this idea of ready-to-drink mocktails that people could purchase and carry around with them just as any other cold drinks or fruit juices available in the markets. To think of something so out of the box and unconventional showed some potential, but a long journey towards setting up a startup awaited them.


These non-alcoholic, caffeine-free had a certain potential that just couldn’t be denied. In fact, these products are the first to come in this line of sales. Even here, the core team decided to opt for an unconventional, yet interesting idea of crowdfunding this project of theirs.

Using crowdfunding, Mexers Food and Beverage LLP got support from their friends, colleagues, teammates, contacts and people who loved the idea of the product. They have now successfully launched their line of products names “Mixtale” after raising Rs. 2,57,700 from 168 supporters on Ketto. We wish all the best to their team and believe in their future successes as well.

Ek Punjab Ye Bhi

The Horshruba Repertory is a theatre company that aims towards bringing alive challenging and invigorating literary texts on stage. The new collection of stories by the Horshruba Repertory consists of those which talk about another Punjab, the villages of Pakistan and bring them to life in the most vibrant yet sociologically different settings through theatre, drama, and art projects.


This set of stories under the name of “Ek Punjab Ye Bhi” includes contemporary tales from Western Punjab bringing out the works of Premchand, Chugthai, and Manto. Yet what makes them more interesting are the contemporary twists and plots added to them in a way the present generation can understand.

Through crowdfunding on Ketto, the company could reach out to a larger and more informed audience of art and theatre lovers. Crowdfunding through Ketto helped them gather capital for not only costumes and advertising, but also the promotion of their company and covered their director’s fee as well as rent for rehearsal space.


Safer is a company that campaigns for its jewelry that keeps women safe. Founders focused on the insecurity and vulnerability of women in general in a country like India and worked towards creating a better solution. Pressing your SAFER jewelry twice sends alerts to your friends and families so that they are aware of your situation or distress. The product came in 3 different styles for you to choose from.

The initiative has been successfully funded through crowdfunding, gaining a total of Rs. 5,16,670 for resources and campaigning.

So if you’re bursting at the seams with powerful creative ideas, bring them on, start a fundraiser and let’s bring your idea to life!