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Meet Children Who Got Saved By The Internet


The internet is a beautiful, beautiful place. The humans of the internet never cease to surprise us with the things they do – be it trolling a naive celebrity for being ‘politically incorrect’ or uniting a bunch of lost kids with their mother by tweeting about it. There’s one more magic that the internet pulls off and we of all get to witness it every now and then – it’s saving lives!

We’re going to take you through 3 such wonderful stories when the internet felt empathy, sat up straight and did its bit to change a child’s life completely.

When the internet rescued Sagar from his terrible condition

Sagar Dorji, a four-year-old boy from Lakhimpur in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, developed a form of blood cancer in August 2016. This rare condition made his eyes swell and bleed. Sagar’s picture on his Ketto fundraiser had the power to evoke an emotion like no other. We’re sure you’re going to feel immense empathy once you see the tragic condition that he was experiencing then. It’s no wonder that over hundred people from India as well as internationally came together to raise Rs. 3,41,554 to get him out of his misery.


It’s been 5 month since his campaigner Sanjay Pandey ended the fundraiser on Ketto. The funds were used to fly Sagar to Bangalore so he can start chemotherapy, it was also used for the food and accommodation of his parents while he got his treatment done. It’s moments like these that make us do what we do. The swelling in Sagar’s eyes has reduced and the bleeding has stopped! Let’s pause and look at the beauty of this – 137 kind people sent their love and wishes from their own homes and helped in creating something magical.


When the internet fixed what a merciless acid attacker did

The internet was horrified when a 2-year-old boy Aditya was found in a dumpster after his neighbour threw acid on his face to avenge his mother’s refusal to his sexual demands. Aditya’s mother was harassed for a year when they decided to move out and live away from their violent demands. However, the neighbour began to obsess over Aditya’s mother and lamented his loss to his friends. One of his friends was angry to see him upset and as revenge against Aditya’s mother’s refusal – kidnapped Aditya, attacked him with acid and left him to die in the dumpster.


In less than 24 hours, more than 600 people came forward to support ‘Make Love Not Scars’ fundraiser and raised Rs. 11,77,450. As per the update – Aditya has now been discharged from the private hospital he was in and is being shifted to another hospital because this one didn’t have an isolation ward that Aditya requires in order to avoid a further worse infection. He is slowly return to the playful baby he is. A hospital that we wish not to name right now has pledged their support and the funds collected for Aditya will shortly be utilised once the reconstructive phase starts! We’re super pleased to see Aditya getting better.


When the internet alleviated what can’t be fixed

Sayali and Siddhant were diagnosed with a tragic condition called ‘Lamellar Ichthyosis’ that is estimated to occur in one out of 600,000 births. Their condition gives them scales all over their body and dried skin that keeps peeling off. Even though their condition can’t be cured completely, both siblings have to apply medicated oil at least three times a day as well as medicated soaps, shampoos, lotions, and creams to keep their skin in tolerable condition which their parents can’t afford. Sarika is a home-maker and Santosh is working in a factory with a mere salary of Rs. 8,500 per month.


Enter, humans of the internet – through a fundraiser started by Gaurav Malhotra Rs. 1,94,552 was raised for their condition. Siddhant and Sayali always pray and wait eagerly for the months from November to February because they perspire less and their itching is reduced during these months. But thanks to Gaurav and 139 kind supporters, Siddhant and Sayali are going to have a much relieved summer this year because the funds raised on Ketto are going to be used to buy their medications for the next 7 months.


So all you wonderful people on the internet, you should know you have a big heart. Keep showing your love and pulling off miracles for the ones who can’t afford to even dream of them.

Read similar stories over here and if you feel like pulling off a miracle, head over to help by donating or starting a fundraiser for someone in need.

How Ketto Elves Celebrated Christmas

When you’re constantly around people who are doing wonderful things for the society and helping them do it effectively, you’re left with a want to do something wonderful yourself.

This Christmas, everybody at Ketto decided to act on this want and do something for those who love the idea of celebrating Christmas the most – children!

We partnered with Miracle Foundation India, an NGO that brings life-changing care to the world’s children without parental care. We made a donation of Rs. 100,000 to the organisation so they can make orphans feel loved and special with Christmas gifts.

But we didn’t want to do it alone – to spread the joy of the festive season, we rolled out Ketto Elves, an online campaign that gave people a chance to become an elf and help our Ketto Santa deliver these gifts.

At the end of which we made a donation of Rs. 100 on behalf of the user who participated in the activity, thus enabling them to become a #KettoElf for an underprivileged child without parents!

In less than 2 weeks, the activity saw over 1,000 entries with people sending in warm Christmas wishes for orphans.

kettoelf_annkatrin kettoelf_ayushi kettoelf_dipika kettoelf_pranav kettoelf_sukanya

On Christmas eve, Santa took rounds in all 23 homes under Miracle Foundation India’s care, and gave more than 1000 orphans special Christmas gifts. Santa’s gift list included water bottles, folders, pencil pouches, stationery kits, drawing books, piggy banks, and more depending on the requirement of that home.

Here are pictures of the kids from some homes. If their smiles don’t make you happy, we don’t know what does!

kettoelf_img1 kettoelf_img2 kettoelf_img3 kettoelf_img4 kettoelf_img5

If you loved what this activity led to, give us a shout out on social media by sharing this story.

Carbon Footprints Of The Dead

We can’t ignore the alarming warnings of global warming and climate change anymore.

Welcome to decade zero – either you act now or you lose your only chance – total annihilation.

With our careless behaviour, we’re writing our own extinction. Quoting Stephen Hawking, “Humanity has only 1,000 years left on Earth.” To make sure we even have a tomorrow, we need to take bold and dramatic steps today. It’s important to realise the importance of changing the way we work, travel, eat, pray and even die.

Sounds ridiculous? Well, funeral pyres are said be the second largest contributors to global warming.

According to researchers from Nevada’s Desert Research Institute and the Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University in Chhattisgarh, South East India, the impact is “huge” – 23 per cent of particles from human burnt fossil fuels in the atmosphere are a major source of carcinogenic volatile organic compounds. Their dark particles settle on snow and glaciers causing them to warm and melt. Let’s not forget how millions of trees are chopped off to gather firewood for the disposal of the bodies.

Here are stories of people who identified this grave issue and looked at cremation differently:

Mokshda Green Cremation System is an organization that offers Indians a cleaner, more energy-efficient option at crematoriums. This NGO realises how convincing Indians to change their traditional way of burning bodies dramatically is a difficult task so they’ve designed two methods that align with our belief systems.

They rest the wood on a large metal tray large that can hold a human body with an exhaust hood hanging overhead. Burning a body this way uses a third as much wood as the traditional method. It takes two hours instead of three days.The Mokshada way allows concentrating of the fire in the metal tray. This leads to the pyre becoming hotter at a faster pace with less amount of fuel and it releases much less smoke into the air.


Another such brilliant alternative was thought of by N. Nithyanandam who began the Kasi Pasumai Yatra as an initiative to end the dependence on wood for cremation rituals in Banaras. Instead of using firewood, he suggested the use of coconut shells collected from garbage heaps These coconut shells are then powdered using a machine and used for cremation rites. With an average of 380 bodies being cremated every day, around 280 tons of wood is used. Switching to powdered coconut shells saves 300 kgs of wood for one body. Kudos to Mr. Nithyanandam for controlling pollution to such an extent.


Now let’s talk about the concept of electric cremation. It’s not new – it was commissioned in January 1989 as a part of the Ganga Action Plan. Despite of having numerous advantages over traditional burning like being promoted by the government, being extremely economical, saving wood and emitting gas emissions, it is used only by certain sections of the society.


If you have a bright idea that could save us from this doom that we’re heading towards, let’s talk about bringing it to life before it’s too late?

Write to us at or you can get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.

2 Ways To Help People Affected By Cyclone Vardah Right Now!

cyclone vardah

On Monday, the destructive cyclone Vardah hit the coast of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and claimed the lives of 10 people. The cyclone struck land with a massive wind speed of 120 and 130 kmph, bringing with it heavy rain, uprooting trees, electricity poles, hoardings and damaging buildings all through the day. More than 10,000 people have been evacuated from near the sea. The Met office has forecast heavy rain in parts of Tamil Nadu and also in Karnataka where the cyclone has reached today.

While the The National Disaster Response Force or NDRF, Army, Navy and The Air Force do their best to help the situation, here are ways YOU can help the people affected by the cyclone:

Help Rapid Response Distribute Food Packets:

After assessing the report by the team present on ground, Rapid Response has decided to distribute 10,000 hygienically packed food packets to the cyclone victims in Chennai. The Food packet contains Veg-rice or Chapati-sabji and costs Rs. 40 per packet.

That means, by making a donation of Rs. 1000 you’ll be helping 25 cyclone victims. Donate now!

Rapid Response has been one of the most resourceful organisations when it comes to providing disaster relief and rehabilitation services across India. They’ve helped victims from Assam, Chennai and Bihar in the past by raising funds on Ketto.

Circulate These Helpline Numbers:

The internet has always been of huge help during such difficult times. Let’s do it again – here are the numbers you need to circulate to help the people affected by this cyclone. Share them on Facebook, Twitter and even on WhatsApp.

Andhra Pradesh Control Room:
0866 – 2488000

Tamil Nadu Control Room:
044 – 28593990

Chennai Corporation Helplines:
044 – 25619206
044 – 25619511
044 – 25384965
044 – 25383694
044 – 25367823
044 – 25387570

If you want to raise funds for someone’s medical expenses, or to provide monetary support to an organisation, get in touch with us. Call us on (+91) 022 3357 8152 or write to or you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

How Helping Stray Dogs Becomes Way Easier With Crowdfunding

“If only I had the time and money to take care of every stray dog that I come across!”

This is the story of every animal lover who comes across a stray dog that’s injured or sick or sometimes when they read articles that talk about overpopulation of strays creating a nuisance in the society. They need to repeatedly tell themselves that they can’t take on such responsibilities all the time.

Well, single-handedly, probably not every-time but you can surely consider crowdfunding! Here are 3 examples of when you can gather support from fellow animal lovers like yourself and help stray dogs:

When a stray dog is run over by a car

Stray animals often meet with road accidents. If you spot a dog who has managed to survive the impact after an accident, take them to the nearest veterinary clinic right away. Now we understand how the charges at the veterinary clinic after an accident can be pretty high – that’s when you turn to online crowdfunding! Set up a fundraiser on Ketto and explain what exactly you need money for. To understand this better, here’s Nischint’s fundraiser page, he’s a Viacom18 employee who managed to raise Rs. 1,45,201 for their resident dog ChamCham after she met with a horrible accident. He managed to raise so much with help from 79 animal lovers and now Chamcham has more than enough money to cover expenses of her surgery and post-op. Isn’t that beautiful?

When you want to feed strays in your neighbourhood

You probably carry treats for the stray dogs that come in your way but how long can you keep banking on this, right? How about going for something sustainable? Set up a fundraiser page and raise funds for a 6-month or yearlong supply of food for these strays. Create a plan of how many dogs you want to support, what you’re going to buy for them and how much do you want to raise. Let animal lovers in your area pitch in and help you make it happen!

When you want to sterilise dogs

According to studies, it is calculated that a fertile dog can produce two litters of 6 to 10 pups each in a year; that means that the female and her offspring can, theoretically, produce 67,000 unwanted dogs over a span of six years! Since all these strays don’t have pet parents, they don’t receive the right amount of care, nutrition or even love. You can partner with an NGO or animal shelter that takes care of sterilisation of dogs and raise funds for it. Vrinda, for example, partnered with World For All and took the responsibility of sterilising dogs. Her fundraiser raised Rs. 53,623 with support from 47 animal lovers.

Not just these, there are various causes you can raise funds for – in case you want to conduct adoption events, or if you want to put address tags on stray dogs in case they get lost, or if you want to support an NGO or animal shelter that does amazing work. Why do it alone, when you can take support from people who share the same feeling as you? Isn’t crowdfunding a beautiful way to make sure no stray dog is left unattended due to lack of funds?

If you agree with us and need help to get started, get in touch with us at And if you already have a cause in mind, you can start a fundraiser right away!

2 Ways To Help Kanpur Accident Victims

kanpur train accident

On November 20, early morning at around 3 am when most passengers were sleeping, the fourteen coaches of Indore-Patna Express smashed up against each other and met with what’s being called the worst railway accident in recent years. So far the death toll has climbed up to 146 people with 200 people suffering from injuries. The despair of families frantically looking for their loved ones at the wrecked site is indescribable – our hearts and prayers go out to the families of these victims.

While the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams try to recover bodies and rescue those that are trapped, here’s something YOU can do to help the tragic situation:

Share Helpline Numbers

The internet has always been of huge help during such difficult times. Let’s do it again – here are the numbers you need to circulate to help the people affected by this accident. Railways have made these available for anyone who needs assistance. Share these numbers on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp so we can reach as many people as we can.

  • Indore – 07411072
  • Ujjain – 07342560906
  • Ratlam – 074121072
  • Orai – 051621072
  • Jhansi – 05101072
  • Pokhraya – 05113270239

Additional numbers:

  • PNBE : 0612 – 2202290 | 0612 – 2202291 | 0612 – 2202292
  • RLY : 025 – 83288
  • MGS : 05412 – 251258

Provide Monetary Help To Survivors

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced ex-gratia of Rs. 2 lakh each for the kin of deceased and Rs. 50,000 for seriously injured in the accident from the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, there are many anxious survivors and their families who are going to need help to afford their unexpected medical expenses and treatment care. 

Let’s give them all the support they need – if you want to help, get in touch with us so we can help you make it happen.

You can call us on (+91) 022 3357 8152 or write to or you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

4 Social Causes That You Can Support & Do Your Bit For The Community

Someone has rightly said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – nothing comes close to the beautiful feeling of having given back to the community. At this very moment, there are thousands of little girls and boys who are counting on you and hoping to receive your support to lead a better life. While some resourceful NGOs have taken up the responsibility of supporting them – they can’t do it without your help.

Here’s your chance to give back to your community – we’ve made a list of powerful causes that you can make a huge difference to by donating to their fundraisers on Ketto.

1. Help girls combat child marriage & human trafficking

Yuwa uses girls’ team sports as a platform for social development in rural India. It operates in Jharkhand – one of the poorest, least literate, and most lawless regions of India. Here, girls are rarely given a chance to choose their own future. A large number fall prey to human trafficking while the others begin training for domestic work including hard physical labour. After having their childhoods abruptly taken away girls are usually married off to an older man at the age of 15.

Yuwa is breaking this cycle by facilitating daily football and running a school. Help them give this basic childhood to every girl child by making a donation here.

2. Help 500 children overcome poverty

Magic Bus works with some of the world’s poorest children and young people, taking them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods. They equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to grow up and move out of poverty. Children on the Magic Bus programme complete school, and go on to enroll in vocational institute or colleges. They successfully fend off destabilizers such as child marriage and child labour and become first-generation salary earners.

To help children get a trained mentor, regular sessions in a year and long-term support to overcome obstacles, donate to their fundraiser here.

3. Help children who can’t battle cancer alone

CanKids…KidsCan is a grass root level organization and is the only not for profit organization in India that works on all aspects to enable best standards of treatment care and support services for children with cancer and their families from moment of diagnosis through treatment and after – into survivorship on one hand and palliative care, terminal and bereavement support on the other.

2 of their supporters are doing a week long trek in the Annapurna Mountains of Nepal. With this trek, their goal is to raise Rs. 4, 00,000 as this is the average cost of treatment for one child. Help them relieve a child from the financial burden of cancer by making a donation here.

4. Help children with special needs become independent

Umang Charitable Trust was founded with the belief that financial constraints should not prevent any child with special needs from receiving therapy. They work to provide remedial services to children with learning disabilities and autism, irrespective of their religion, caste or financial background. They also provide a range of clinical services from paediatric assessment to therapies for differently abled children who are in need of a specific treatment.

To be able to rehabilitate maximum economically disadvantaged children with special needs, they need funds. Support their fundraiser so they can help these little angels become independent by donating here.

Every child deserves a shot a better life and with the smallest amount of donation you can gift it to them. So go ahead, make a donation and give back to the community.

How Crowdfunding Is One Of The Most Effective Ways To Volunteer

For some of us, the want to help or volunteer secures a permanent place in the corner of our minds. It’s always coexisting with other thoughts like, ‘Will I get too much traffic on the road at this time?’, ‘I hope my boss likes the presentation I created’, ‘I have to talk to my finance guy to sort my taxes’, ‘I’ve been wanting to go for these cleanliness drives since ages, let me set a reminder!’. If you’ve had thoughts similar to the last one but have been not been able to do so, there’s something that can help you turn these thoughts into actions – crowdfunding!

Let us tell you a few stories that will help you understand how crowdfunding platform has become one of the most effective ways of volunteering:

Volunteer By Contributing:

We believe that every contribution has a beautiful story of humanity. Let us paint a picture for you – you don’t just read someone’s story but also feel for it and reach your card to make a contribution, that means from a completely different place you just went out of your way to send your well wishes in the form of the contribution, so the person can get close to what he/she wants. What you just did in a matter of 3 minutes is an unadulterated, selfless and kind act.

To give you an example, Make Love Not Scars started a fundraiser on Ketto to help an acid attack victim from Zimbabwe after a cup of fuming liquid was splashed on her face. She had 42% critical burn injuries but she also had bright chances of regaining vision in one of her eyes – so to save her from going blind, a total of 366 people supported her fundraiser by raising Rs. 6,54,766. Now, that’s something! Who would have thought that this woman from Zimbabwe would get help during the most difficult part of her life from a bunch of people in India along with her loved ones?

Not just in time of need, people have also volunteered for causes that they believe in and want to be a part of by contributing to their fundraisers on Ketto. For the recent railway beautification projects in Mumbai during DaanUtsav – Lilavatibai Podar High School- ISC started a fundraiser to beautify the Andheri station and managed to raise Rs. 6,99,912 by support from 2070 people, primarily students – an activity taken up by masses and powered by them!

It’s brilliant how crowdfunding powered by technology is enabling you to volunteer and make a difference to causes without physically being there!

Volunteer By Starting A Fundraiser:

You may have too many good thoughts in a day and to turn these thoughts and ideas into reality, you need funds – that is the reality we all have to face. If you feel like helping someone with their financial needs, instead of giving a small or a generous amount yourself, start a fundraiser and give others a chance to contribute as well – you’d be surprised to see how many people are willing to help, just like you. You won’t just be giving others a chance to help, you’ll also be creating a greater impact because of other people’s involvement.

Recently we put up a tragic story of siblings with a rare condition that made their skin like that of a snake. When we were trying to get help for these children, one of our ex-campaigners came forward and started a fundraiser for him on Ketto. Along with raising Rs. 1,85,902 so far, his initiative was also covered in The Times Of India. So not only did he raise a huge amount with support from 124 people, he also shared their story with a lot more people.

So many beautiful things came out of this fundraiser, had he helped these siblings alone – all this wouldn’t have happened.

Volunteer By Sharing:

Our social media profiles often highlight our interests and opinions about things that matter to us. There are so many people who ask for help every day on Ketto for raising funds for various reasons – health, education, women empowerment, animal welfare, children – share any of the causes that mean the most to you to help it get more support. By simply sharing the fundraiser, you’ll be giving the cause a voice and possibly donations from potential supporters. And you’ll probably also be motivating other people to help the cause.

So the next time you feel like volunteering but struggle to find time or the commitment to physically go out to help – turn to these three impactful ways and make it happen!

How You Can Create The Perfect Fundraiser Page

The fundraiser page you create on a crowdfunding platform is the face of your cause and your story. Making people feel motivated enough to make a contribution can be pretty challenging – that’s why putting the right information on your fundraiser page is a crucial aspect that you need to focus on. We’ve put together a few examples to give you some tips on how you can set up the perfect fundraiser page:

Introduce Yourself:

Just like any other event, your fundraiser page should start with a quick introduction of yourself. Your supporters ought to know who you are. Before you start talking about your cause, give people a chance to know you a little better. Explain who you are, what you do, what your interests are in about 2-3 lines or more – just like you’d introduce yourself to a friend.


Tell People What Motivated You:

What’s your story? Is there a particular incident that made you start a fundraiser, and why is this cause important to you? Your potential supporters would love to understand why this cause means so much to you. Think of all the information you’d need to make a contribution yourself and write your story accordingly.


Explain Where The Money Is Going:

Every supporter who makes a contribution would want to understand how exactly is the money being utilised – it’s only fair. As a campaigner, be transparent and give a proper break-up of where how much money is going. To make the content on your page more authentic, you can even attach an image of your bill/receipts (particularly in case of a health/medical fundraiser).


Define How People Can Help You:

Now that you’ve mentioned where the money is going – tell people how you want them to help you. Don’t keep it open-ended – break it down for them by asking them to either contribute or share on Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp to spread the word among their friends using the features on your Ketto fundraiser page.


Use Powerful Images/Videos:

This makes for one of the most important aspects of a perfect fundraiser page – its visual appeal. Ketto allows you to upload multimedia content, i.e. images and videos – explore this feature as much as you can. The leaderboard image on your fundraiser page is the window to your story – so make it as impactful as you can. Upload a high resolution, clear image – we don’t mean you need an expensive gadget for these pictures – your smartphone images will work pretty well. Just make sure the picture is clear and adheres to the dimensions mentioned on the page.



Put Updates On Your Page Regularly:

Ketto allows you to post an update on your fundraiser page to let your supporters know about the progress of your fundraiser – on doing that a notification is sent to all your supporters. It’s a great way to keep your supporters connected with the your fundraiser and expressing your gratitude for their support and contribution.


Respond To Supporters:

Responding to queries/concerns/encouraging words posted by supporters shows that you value their contribution/interest in your fundraiser. There have been instances when people actually donated twice looking at the campaigner’s dedication. Responding also increases the chances of getting more shares.


Now that you’ve understood all the tips to create the perfect fundraiser page, get started! And in case you want to understand any of this better, you can always get in touch with the fundraiser manager assigned to you at the start of your fundraiser on Ketto.


This Diwali, Let There Be Light – But Of A Different Kind

We’re a generation of change – right from the way we see traveling, body-shaming, feminism, protest to even Bollywood – everything is way different from how we perceived it a decade ago. Our transitory generation can safely say, ‘It’s the end of the world as we knew it’.

What if we also changed the way we look at festivals? What if we made a few changes in the traditional ‘rule-book’, implemented them and handed it over to our children so it ends up becoming an annual tradition? How about adopting a habit of adopting a cause every Diwali?

We’re talking about a real deal here – that means, every time you decorate your house, make festive food, you also think of the cause your family can make a difference to that year.

We all love to be at home to celebrate festivals so it’s a perfect time to take up a cause together and make a difference to it collectively. Just adopt any cause – we don’t mean something that will put an end to global warming (nothing like it, if you can do that though), we mean ideas that will celebrate change in the smallest way possible.

In case you’d like thought starters, here are some ideas that you can start with this year:

Invite your maid’s family over for dinner and eat with them at the dinner table for a change. It can even be your watchman, garbage picker, laundry person – anyone you feel like knowing a little better. This can be truly enlightening. Nithya one of our ex-campaigners shared the idea of this beautiful tradition with us – he even raised funds for his maids’ kids, read his beautiful story here.

Instead of putting up long updates about how animals and birds get tortured by the smoke and noise during Diwali and boiling our blood over insensitive people not realising it, here’s a thought – you probably can’t control all people who burst crackers, but what you can do is put address tags on stray dogs and cats who live in your area. Why? Strays tend to run to a noise-free place and realise they are completely lost and disoriented after Diwali. This can help dog lovers like you bring them back to where they belong once the madness is over.

You know that lane outside your building that you’ve written multiple complaints about and have been waiting for the authorities to look into – how about doing it yourself? Maybe this Diwali you can go beyond just cleaning your own house. Pick up the broom, put on a mask, gather your family and maybe your society members and clean up that lane! We think it’ll make for a beautiful story and a brighter Diwali!

Every time you’ve seen a person in need, you’ve probably reached your wallet and given them what you can but if you had to go for a sustainable solution. You can raise funds for that needy person – the old man who sells toys, the underprivileged kid who learns with the books she finds in the trash, the old woman who is all alone after her son died – anyone who you think could use some monetary help – start a fundraiser for them on Ketto and we’ll guide you at every step. If you want to read stories of regular people changing lives by starting a fundraiser, go here.

Every child should have something to look forward this Diwali, right? How about taking rounds of your area and giving away chocolates/sweets/ice creams to children on the street. We’re sure your deed is going to light up their Diwali and their smiles are going to light up yours.

This way, by celebrating every festival, we’ll also be celebrating change. Won’t festivals become truly beautiful if we celebrate them this way? So how do you want to begin this tradition this Diwali?