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My Daddy’s Strongest!

These amazing fathers would do anything (and we mean anything) to save their little ones. Read on about their amazing journey.

This man who walked 4 km everyday for his daughter’s treatment:

In a tragic incident in Jharkhand, a daily wage laborer’s nine-year-old daughter was brutally raped by a local driver. She managed to escape the incident with her life, but by no means unharmed. The incident left her intestines badly ruptured, mandating her to get a colectomy, removing all parts of her colon. Now, this little girl must carry a colostomy bag for life.

Due to no transportation facilities in their village, this girl’s father would walk 4 km everyday to the nearest hospital to dress his daughter’s wounds and provide her with proper treatment, keeping his job, and consequently his income, on hold. We managed to raise over 2 lakh on Ketto for this father daughter duo, providing the child adequate treatment and the father enough support. Check out the campaign here.

This man who was prepared to sell a kidney to cure his kid:

A hardware store employee, Srinivasulu, raised multiple loans to treat his only child, three-year-old Shrivardhan, who was struck by a severe case of dengue shock and his life was in danger as he had been hospitalized at a very late stage. Despite having raised loans to pay for his treatment, Srinivasulu was still short of funds, and was seriously considering selling a kidney.

Lucky for him, he didn’t have to, and support came in the form of Dr. Suchitra Ranjit and Sonali Ranjit, who managed to raise over 4.4 lakh on Ketto for little Srivardhan. Check out this campaign here.

Apart from the fact that they were both funded on Ketto, what do these stories have in common? Both these men were at a complete loss of funds, and hope. Our country is riddled with such cases, where many are unaware of the array of options they have. If you happen to come across someone who needs support, be it for medical expenses, shelter or any other cause, do introduce them to Ketto or start a campaign for them! Together we can make big differences by doing a little bit.

Doctors that took that extra step!

The year 2015 saw two very trying cases of young kids battling life threatening illnesses. However, both, with the help of their wonderful doctors and Ketto, have gotten the support they need to get treated.

One-year-old Maria Shujath was one such child to be touched by her doctor’s goodness. Maria was, and still is, suffering from Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) and was diagnosed with it when she was a 10-month-old infant. HLH is a disorder of the immune system, causing red blood cells to be destroyed by white blood cells in a process of autoimmunity, causing severe anemia and other complications. HLH is a very rare disease, and virtually only one in ten million people would ever develop it. Maria was unfortunately one in those ten million, and developed this disease way too early in her life.


Maria’s doctor, Dr. Priyanka Vaddepally, started a campaign for her on Ketto to raise funds for her extensive treatment. With the help of 269 backers, Priyanka managed to raise Rs. 4,64,060 for the little baby. Dr. Priyanka informs us that she has been discharged from the hospital but is still undergoing weekly sessions of chemotherapy, which will last for two months. After this period, the doctors will take a call on whether she needs to go ahead with bone marrow transplant or not. Because she is so tiny, a bone marrow transplant might be hazardous to her delicate life.

Although Maria still has a way to go before she is completely cured of her illness, she is responding well to her treatment and we have hope for a bright future for this adorable little one.

A similar story was that of little three-year-old Srivardhan, who was diagnosed with a severe case of dengue shock. Young Srivardhan was in critical condition and every morning was a guessing game on whether he would make it through the day or not. His father, a worker at a hardware store in Nellore, was at his wits end, and was prepared to sell a kidney.


Thankfully, this family didn’t need to resort to such drastic measures. Srivardhan’s angel came in the form of Dr. Suchitra Ranjit, who started a campaign for him on Ketto and managed to raise Rs. 4,42,827 with the help of 144 backers. Thanks to Dr. Suchitra, and all the backers on Ketto, Srivardhan has almost completely recovered.

A huge thank you to Dr. Priyanka and Dr. Suchitra for giving these kids a chance at life. Through Ketto, we want to spread the message that crowdfunding is a realistic way to raise an unrealistic amount in the case of medical emergencies. If you, or someone you know are suffering from an illness and in need of funds, you can quickly, easily and safely start a campaign on

If you want to understand this better, call +91- 9930141527.

Monthly Roundup: Trending Campaigns on Ketto in November

November brought us some promising and heart-warming stories in the campaigning space. Here are the top picks of stories that were trending in the month of November.

PS. Some are still trending way into December!


Voted the World’s #1 DJ in 2013, Hardwell, along with Anna Agency, set up the United We Are Foundation, a charity project which is “a globally ambitious endeavor to educate young children in different communities around the world” according to Anna Knaup, CEO, Anna Agency.

December 13 will see Hardwell returning to Mumbai, in an event that will potentially break the record of the world’s biggest guest list! Hardwell himself will receive no appearance fee for this show, and instead the proceeds will be handed to the United We Are Foundation and the Magic Bus Foundation, an NGO preoccupied with the welfare and education of underprivileged kids. These efforts will not only see Hardwell become the ambassador of a charity project that will provide education for children in India, but will also help the success and resultant spread of this initiative to countries around the world. Buy your passes and be part of the worlds biggest guest list!

Let Reyhaneh Jabbari’s voice be heard:

FATS TheArts Collaborative, a theatre collaborative, wishes to tell the story of Reyhaneh Jabbari, through a play devised by Founder Faezeh Jalali, entitled 07/07/07. On the fateful day of July 7, 2007, 19-year-old Reyhaneh Jabbari was put in jail after defending herself against a man who tried to rape her. Reyhaneh’s self- defense resulted in her attacker’s death and she was convicted for premeditated murder. After a seven-year trial, which she spent in prison and faced ruthless torture, she was hung last year, despite over-arching international uproar condemning the sentence. She wrote letters of some of her brutal experiences during her last year in prison, which 07/07/07 is based on.


Unfortunately, such stories of gender-based violence, and consequent injustice, are not as rare as we would like. Although this is the story of one woman, it resonates with a thousand others, especially those living in developing, patriarchal cultures and lower socio-economic situations. Reyhaneh’s is an important story to tell and FATS TheArts Collaborative has been quite successful in their campaign, meeting over half of their goal amount of Rs. 7 lakhs! If you believe that the arts, such as theatre, are important components of driving social change and eradicating ignorance and feel Reyhaneh’s story must be voiced, you can do your bit here.

Pioneering sex education:

It is no surprise that India is a pretty gender-biased place. It is also no surprise that here sex and sexuality is a very hush-hush topic. It is also absolutely no surprise that 80 per cent of women in India have no idea why they menstruate. Wait a minute, that is very surprising (and not to mention disturbing)!

These are exactly the kind of gaps that Iesha is trying to bridge, through pioneering a very effective, easy-to-use, fun and digitized curriculum on sexuality and gender education. Iesha’s philosophy is simply that if children have the right information at the right time, this will enable them to make the right, informed choice.


India, due to the taboo surrounding the topic of sex, menstruation and puberty, has been lacking in giving its children the right education—not only to understand better their own bodies, but how to treat one another, especially in relations concerning the opposite sex. Iesha, through its web-based sex education course, is aiming to communicate such knowledge to India’s younger generation in hopes of creating more gender-equal and gender-sensitive generations in the future. Iesha met such enthusiastic support on it’s campaign and, astonishingly, 80 per cent of their funds came in 24 hours. What’s more, they also went a little over their target! Needless to say, the future of sex-ed in India is in safe hands.

The Elephants of Mandya:

In a country where we value the life of animals associated with Hinduism (read beef-ban), the humble elephant is completely neglected! For years, in India and the world, these majestic, intelligent creatures are used for human entertainment and human consumption. This was exactly the case of five female elephants who belonged to the Gemini Circus, namely Rupa, Laxmi, Chaya, Kumari and late Chanchal (who passed away due to gross negligence). The Gemini Circus lost its elephant performance certificate and the five elephants, instead of being taken care off or set free, were left to languish in a building in the Mandya district of Karnataka in sub-human conditions. They were tied up, making natural movement impossible and were dangerously underweight.


Vasudev Murthy, an Honorary Animal Welfare Officer of the Animal Welfare Board of India based out of Bangalore, along with Humane Society International – India, decided to take a step for these animals. Their campaign helped raise funds to avail legal services to bring justice to these elephants by taking legal action against abuse, negligence and cruelty.

Helping Chennai by ‘flooding’ them with aid

Chennai in deep water

In December 2015, Chennai and some neighboring parts of Tamil Nadu were affected by some of the worst rainfall experienced in nearly a century. Chennai was officially declared a disaster area on December 2. The situation was so dire that The Hindu did not publish a print edition on this day; a first since its founding in 1878. With a death toll of 280 and thousands displaced, these floods were not caused simply by ‘heavy rainfall’, rather an impact of Mother Nature’s complete wrath!

@Press Trust of India

@Press Trust of India

Strength in numbers: Crowdfunding to the rescue!

We have all heard the old adage, ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. This is exactly the heart and spirit of crowdfunding initiatives. When struck by such natural calamities, the ‘crowd’ really does come together in faultless support! We saw this earlier in the year with Nepal’s earthquake tragedy, where Ketto raised over a crore in funds and we were unflinchingly confident that the Chennai floods would be met with the same support and backing. We were not disappointed.

The Superheroes

As Chennai sank, a plethora of do-gooders stepped forward to help it in its deteriorating plight. With more than 1500 backers (yes, you read correctly), Ketto has managed to raise over Rs. 1 crore in funds to help the displaced and dejected citizens of Chennai and other affected regions of Tamil Nadu. The News Minute, a compelling news website, is one such benefactor! With an amazing 489 backers, The News Minute has managed to raise above Rs. 24 lakhs, and are still open for donations for two more days here.

It was encouraging to see Bollywood’s enthusiastic participation for this cause as well. Shruti Haasan implored India and the world to help save her hometown, raising more than Rs. 2.7 lakhs. We also saw the participation of Varun Dhawan and our very own Kunal Kapoor, raising over Rs. 1.5 lakhs.

A lot more aid was received from initiatives by various other individuals and organizations. Goonj, an NGO, with 147 backers, managed to raise an impressive Rs. 5,94,204 in just three days. Rapid Response, an organization specializing in natural disaster relief have already raised over Rs. 8.5 lakhs of their goal amount of a seemingly ambitious Rs. 10,00,000. Entrepreneurs’ Organization managed to raise over Rs. 10 lakhs in three days! It is heartening to see the overwhelming support Chennai has received during this crisis.

Many of our Save Chennai campaigns are still open and you can provide your support here.

@Financial Express

@Financial Express

Our pledge

Ketto has been thriving to make crowdfunding an easy and effective way of supporting each other financially. It’s situations like the Nepal earthquake, Uttarakhand floods and Jammu and Kashmir floods that we realise how important it is to stand in unanimity. We are a nation, we are united, Ketto is just a medium to bring you all together.

We pledge to amass maximum support for your cause – be it disaster, social, technical, educational, personal. We are just a mail away. (

If nature has the power to destroy, we have the power to conserve. Together, let’s conserve humanity and kindness.