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Reasons Your NGO Should Try Crowdfunding in 2017

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In the last few years, crowdfunding has helped several NGOs and non-profits create meaningful impact. It involves raising small amounts of money from a large number of interested using the internet. Online crowdfunding has replaced most traditional means of raising funds like door-to-door appeals and telephone calls. It’s convenient, cost efficient and easy.

Here are 5 reasons why your NGO should give crowdfunding a try:

Raise funds, raise awareness

Many NGOs today are fighting battles which are significant yet obscure. If your NGO is facing a similar crisis, crowdfunding is the solution for you. This will allow your NGO to reach out to masses, build awareness and at the same time attract donations.


For instance, Yuwa, an NGO raised funds to stop the heinous crimes of human trafficking and child marriage. This NGO has been fighting these evils through education and sports in Jharkhand since 2009. The girls supported by this NGO have been earning accolades in academics and sports, changing the perception and outlook of their communities. Due to crowdfunding the cause got a lot of support and most importantly visibility.

Find Your Supporters

Everybody has causes which are close to their hearts, issues they feel strongly about and movements they want to be a part of. And online crowdfunding is the best way to reach these potential donors.


For instance, a Mumbai based NGO called Save our Strays had temporarily stopped their operations due to lack of funds. The NGO started a fundraiser and reached out to animal lovers through crowdfunding so they can start attending to animal rescue calls again – over 90 animal lovers contributed to raise Rs. 2,77,774 for the NGO.

Get Corporate Support

With the recent CSR guidelines mandating certain companies to dedicate 2% of their profits to CSR, many enterprises are constantly on the lookout for initiatives which can make a difference and are worth their contributions. This provides corporates with a chance to build their social brand gives NGOs a voice and easy access to funds!


Umeed was launched by Jasmeet Singh Gandhi, for Udbhav School, run by the IIMAAA charitable trust. He, along with a few others, cycled 1,000 km from Mumbai to Telangana to raise funds and awareness for the school. Later, RBL bank decided to match every donation with an equal amount from their CSR funds. A total of Rs.14, 42,466 was raised for Udbhav School due to RBL’s CSR promotion.

Gain Supporters’ Trust

Many people want to support good causes but get paranoid about donating money, fearing fraud. Online crowdfunding allows campaigners to reach out to their donors keeping them abreast with how the funds are being used and to what extent has the target been achieved.


An example of this is the fundraiser launched by Bandipur Reserve Foundation, an NGO raising funds to help the Forest Guards fight the fire which had broken out in Bandipur Tiger Reserve. The donations are being directed towards taking care of the basic food and medicine requirements of around 600 guards and locals who are working tirelessly to contain the forest fire. What makes this process even more transparent is that every person who contributes to this fundraiser will get a certificate in their name, along with their donation being fully tax exempt. This instills trust in the donor who is then willing to make more generous donations and also encourage their friends and family to do the same.

It’s Fun!

Crowdfunding is all about raising funds, building awareness… and having fun! For instance, Bal Asha an NGO dedicated towards collaborating with the local governments to reunite abandoned children with their biological parents, raised Rs. 1, 63,625 from 53 supports using crowdfunding.


Their volunteer Pratik took on the challenge of participating in a half marathon for the cause… wearing a tutu! As intended his non-traditional running attire grabbed eyeballs and funds poured into be used by Bal Asha to nurture the children in their ward such as food, healthcare, physical therapy, etc.

Thus crowdfunding helps your NGO build its brand equity, raise awareness and most importantly raise funds. The donors can contribute using a variety of secure payment options, as per their comfort, and are assured of their contributions reaching their cause.

If you’d like to discuss the plans you have this year, you can write to or get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Ways You Can Support The NGOs You Like


No matter what cause you believe in, all NGOs require help both in terms of funds and manpower. In order to support an NGO, one has to keep in mind the nature of work it does and the scale on which the aid is provided.

If you are wondering how to help an NGO you identify with, here are some simple ways:


The easiest way to make a difference to an organisation you support is to donate to their fundraiser. Ketto provides security to your donations as they go directly to the beneficiaries without any intermediate delays. In case you want to support NGOs that work towards the causes you strongly feel for, go here.



Sometimes lending services is all that is required to support NGOs. Volunteering your expertise and time can make the operational tasks of an NGO much easier. The services can be as simple as clerical work, picking up donations, helping to maintain their website, advertising their work on a social media platform, etc.

There is a way that every professional can help. Doctors are invaluable for health camps and blood donations, pro-bono legal services are an excellent way lawyers can be of service, even providing discounts wherever applicable can be of great help for the NGO.


Fundraising Aid

Funds are imperative for the functioning of NGOs. They can never have surplus funds. Starting an online fundraiser for an NGO as a supporter is one of the most effective ways of helping an NGO. An essential part to help NGOs is to seek help from people who would be willing to donate – starting from close family and relatives, friends on social media etc. This sort of crowdfunding is more efficient than relying on a sole donor.


Innovative fundraising techniques would be very helpful. Smart and eye-catching advertisements of the work the NGO does can generate the right sentiments that will make people want to donate. Writing to potential donors and seeking out companies and businesses that would be interested in upholding the cause can support an NGO to a great extent.

If possible, you can also help organize, or host a fundraising event. The event might even be something as simple as a dinner where the NGO publicizes its work. More elaborate events include organizing some sports competition or seeking the participation of a known celebrity face to become the mascot.

Spreading the word

NGOs work with a strong principle. Every NGO has a different area of concern. Championing the cause of your favourite NGO would help immensely. Spreading the word of their activities and events on Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp would generate more participation in all their events, which in turn will create a platform perfect for raising more funds. The more vocal you are, the more the efforts of the NGO will get highlighted to the public.


The aim is to bring the NGO in the eye of those people who wish to bring about a positive change to the society because that’s the underlying principle of every NGO.

Come, support the NGO you like by starting a fundraiser on Ketto.