Creative Ideas That Got Successfully Funded on Ketto

Creative thinking inspires ideas and ideas inspire change.

Ideas and imagination form the basis for any kind of innovative enterprise. To turn an idea into reality – you need to invest time and energy but most importantly you need support and funds to bring it alive. We have partnered with some promising creative ideas in the past and have seen them bloom into successful businesses over time.

Here are three of the best examples of such a fruitful partnership in recent times:

Mixtale: Drink it! Mix it!

Mixtale, an initiative by the Mexers Food and Beverage LLP, a startup from Mumbai had an interesting take on the way we went about drinking mocktails. Siddh Desai from Mumbai brought out this idea of ready-to-drink mocktails that people could purchase and carry around with them just as any other cold drinks or fruit juices available in the markets. To think of something so out of the box and unconventional showed some potential, but a long journey towards setting up a startup awaited them.


These non-alcoholic, caffeine-free had a certain potential that just couldn’t be denied. In fact, these products are the first to come in this line of sales. Even here, the core team decided to opt for an unconventional, yet interesting idea of crowdfunding this project of theirs.

Using crowdfunding platform, Mexers Food and Beverage LLP got support from their friends, colleagues, teammates, contacts and people who loved the idea of the product. They have now successfully launched their line of products names “Mixtale” after raising Rs. 2,57,700 from 168 supporters on Ketto. We wish all the best to their team and believe in their future successes as well.

Ek Punjab Ye Bhi

The Horshruba Repertory is a theatre company that aims towards bringing alive challenging and invigorating literary texts on stage. The new collection of stories by the Horshruba Repertory consists of those which talk about another Punjab, the villages of Pakistan and bring them to life in the most vibrant yet sociologically different settings through theatre, drama, and art projects.


This set of stories under the name of “Ek Punjab Ye Bhi” includes contemporary tales from Western Punjab bringing out the works of Premchand, Chugthai, and Manto. Yet what makes them more interesting are the contemporary twists and plots added to them in a way the present generation can understand.

Through crowdfunding on Ketto, the company could reach out to a larger and more informed audience of art and theatre lovers. Crowdfunding India through Ketto helped them gather capital for not only costumes and advertising, but also the promotion of their company and covered their director’s fee as well as rent for rehearsal space.


Safer is a company that campaigns for its jewelry that keeps women safe. Founders focused on the insecurity and vulnerability of women in general in a country like India and worked towards creating a better solution. Pressing your SAFER jewelry twice sends alerts to your friends and families so that they are aware of your situation or distress. The product came in 3 different styles for you to choose from.

The initiative has been successfully funded through crowdfunding, gaining a total of Rs. 5,16,670 for resources and campaigning.

So if you’re bursting at the seams with powerful creative ideas, bring them on, start a fundraiser and let’s bring your idea to life!

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