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Ketto targets $100m by crowdfunding; gets $700k investment led by Calcutta Angels & The Chennai Angels

July 16, 2015, Mumbai

Mumbai based crowdfunding platform for social, personal and creative projects – Ketto has raised $700k in funding led by Pradyumna Dalmia, deal champion of Calcutta Angels and Sudhir Rao, deal champion of The Chennai Angels and co-founder of IndusAge Partners.

The other investors in the round include – Singapore Angel Network, Anupam Mittal, Indian Internet Fund, Letsventure, Chennai Angels, Calcutta Angels, Intellecap Impact Investment Network (I3N), Ah Ventures, and Project Guerrilla.

With the infused funds, the startup plans to double its technology and business development team with an aim to reach $100m in volumes by crowdfunding.

Ketto also plans to expand operations in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, among other South-East Asian countries.

Founded in October, 2012 by Varun Sheth, Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor and Zaheer Adenwala, Ketto is Asia’s largest crowdfunding platform for social, personal and creative projects, according to crowdsurfer.com.


The company has witnessed a growth of 3000% year-on-year basis in terms of volumes, and in the past few months, has been Crowdfunding India close to a crore monthly.

In the last 12 months, multiple celebrities & corporates have backed various projects by raising funds on Ketto. The list includes names like – Hritik Roshan, Amitabh Bachchan, Anuskha Sharma, Myntra, StarSports, among others.

Recently, Ketto has created first-of-its-kind partnership with Lakme Fashion Week – to provide a platform to the seven Gen Next designers to garner funds to launch their label at the upcoming showcase in August, 2015 in Mumbai.

With global crowdfunding market estimated to reach $96bn by 2025, and Asia being the key growth driver, Ketto is uniquely positioned to amass maximum support for a project of any kind – be it disaster, social, technology, creative or personal.


10 Things To Expect When You’re Expecting…To Crowdfund (for Creative Projects)

Ten things to expect when crowdfunding

So you’ve decided to start a crowdfunding campaign for your creative project. Awesome! Here is everything you need to know – to do and not to do – to have a successful one.

Behind The Scenes
  1. Start talking about your project on Twitter, Facebook and any other social media you use. Make people aware of your project before you launch your crowdfunding campaign. It will help when you begin reaching out to people for support.
  2. Your campaign’s goal amount should not be the entire amount you want to raise. First, get support from close friends and family. What you can’t raise with their support is the amount you will campaign for.
  3. To get support from your primary circle (close friends and family), make direct pleas. Meet them personally if possible or call them up on the phone. Tell them what your project is all about and ask them to support it.
  4. Your campaign page is mainly to pitch to relative strangers – friends of friends etc. Include all the basic information – what, where, when, why, who. Also talk about what you plan to use the funds for. Be clear and authentic with your campaign.
  5. A video helps. It doesn’t need to be long. 30 seconds is perfect. And be in your video. It helps authenticate your campaign.
  6. Rewards are important for creative project campaigns. Give your supporters perks for helping you financially. Be creative with the rewards. Give people exclusive experiences, i.e. things they can’t buy elsewhere. Like including their name in the credits of a film or album, giving them a chance to be an extra in a film, making them a caricature/portrait…you get the picture!
  1. Reach out to your secondary circle directly via social media. Tell them you’ve already raised a portion of your goal and need their help with the remainder. (Again, face-to-face meetings and phone calls are the most effective.)
  2. Keep reaching out via social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email etc. Include your campaign page link everywhere and ask everyone to share the link with their network. Tell them it’s crucial to your campaign’s success that they do this!
  3. Thank each supporter within 24 hours of their having contributed to your campaign. It is gratifying to be thanked and will lead to good will for future campaigns if not repeated support for the current one.
It’s A Wrap
  1. When your campaign ends, don’t end communication. Keep updating your supporters on your project’s progress. And arrange for their rewards promptly. This is important for their support through your project and for future projects.

Keep these tips in mind to have a successful campaign!


10 Reasons Crowdfunding Is Perfect For You

This New Year, do something different. Do something awesome…

It’s that time of the year again. As the curtain begins to drop on 2014, the New Year is getting ready to take centre stage.

These last few days are all about nostalgic looks back, the hope of an even better year ahead, the vow to do better, to be kinder and other noble New Year’s resolutions.

If you’re stuck on what to resolve for the New Year, let Ketto come to your rescue. Remember that hobby you haven’t been able to make enough time for? The song, book, film, app or other genius idea that’s been on the backburner? Well, it’s time to let that creative fancy take flight in 2015!

Vow to crowdfund your creative project this New Year!

  1. You can make your hobby your career this year! You can now crowdfund for any creative cause under the sun.
  2. You don’t need a huge budget. Whatever stage your project is in, get the financial support you need to complete it!
  3. You don’t need a marketing budget. When you reach out to people while introducing your project, it indirectly markets it right there!
  4. You don’t need a PR team. All you need is social media. Flex your email, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp muscles!
  5. Reach a wider audience in seconds! Ask your friends and family to share your campaign link with their networks.
  6. Get instant validation. You’ll know you’re on the right path when people back your project!
  7. Get expert advice and feedback. Ask your network to send you their thoughts.  Get opinions and gauge what needs to be done to better your work.
  8. Get a pre-launch makeover. Use the feedback you get to smoothen any chinks you have before you launch your project.
  9. Backers will fund your creative project without any strings attached. Creative control remains with you.
  10. You can build a strong, loyal fan base by interacting with your supporters through social media.

Sounds good? Get started on your New Year’s Resolution today!