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Ketto targets $100m by crowdfunding; gets $700k investment led by Calcutta Angels & The Chennai Angels

July 16, 2015, Mumbai

Mumbai based crowdfunding platform for social, personal and creative projects – Ketto has raised $700k in funding led by Pradyumna Dalmia, deal champion of Calcutta Angels and Sudhir Rao, deal champion of The Chennai Angels and co-founder of IndusAge Partners.

The other investors in the round include – Singapore Angel Network, Anupam Mittal, Indian Internet Fund, Letsventure, Chennai Angels, Calcutta Angels, Intellecap Impact Investment Network (I3N), Ah Ventures, and Project Guerrilla.

With the infused funds, the startup plans to double its technology and business development team with an aim to reach $100m in volumes by crowdfunding.

Ketto also plans to expand operations in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, among other South-East Asian countries.

Founded in October, 2012 by Varun Sheth, Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor and Zaheer Adenwala, Ketto is Asia’s largest crowdfunding platform for social, personal and creative projects, according to crowdsurfer.com.


The company has witnessed a growth of 3000% year-on-year basis in terms of volumes, and in the past few months, has been Crowdfunding India close to a crore monthly.

In the last 12 months, multiple celebrities & corporates have backed various projects by raising funds on Ketto. The list includes names like – Hritik Roshan, Amitabh Bachchan, Anuskha Sharma, Myntra, StarSports, among others.

Recently, Ketto has created first-of-its-kind partnership with Lakme Fashion Week – to provide a platform to the seven Gen Next designers to garner funds to launch their label at the upcoming showcase in August, 2015 in Mumbai.

With global crowdfunding market estimated to reach $96bn by 2025, and Asia being the key growth driver, Ketto is uniquely positioned to amass maximum support for a project of any kind – be it disaster, social, technology, creative or personal.


5 Reasons why you must start a Crowdfunding Campaign for an entrepreneurial venture

Dreaming doesn’t cost a penny. True. But, to bring those dreams to life, you need capital.

Usually we have an idea, a product, or a service to provide to the masses, but no capital to bring them to life. I suggest, before the idea rots, try your hands on crowdfunding on India’s biggest crowdfunding platform – Ketto. It helps entrepreneurs understand how to prepare and present their proposals in a manner that attract their target audience and angel investors.

21st century advances have made life a lot easier. It’s time you fire up the enthusiasm within, and raise funds for your own venture online on our crowdfunding platform. Apart from simply raising funds for your venture, crowdfunding online has a lot more to offer in exchange.

Here are five reasons that make crowdsourcing advantageous:

For entrepreneurs:

1. Feedback before launch

Along with raising funds, Ketto gives you a chance to test your product, so that even if your offering falls flat on face in the online space, you will be able to fix the problem areas before launching it in the market. On the other hand, if your product gains attention, you know you’re on the right track! A pretty safe attempt, right?

2. Upfront cash to bootstrap your business

Paucity of capital draws entrepreneurs to alternative funding methods, out of which crowdfunding proves to be the most effective one. Fundraising for a start-up can exponentially increase productivity by providing upfront cash to bootstrap a start-up business.

3. An already-established customer base before launch

If you are in the testing phase of your venture, a reward-based crowdfunding campaign – where you give away your product as a reward to the backers – can create a customer base for your product before it is out in market.

For customers:

4. Experience the exclusive service/product unavailable in the market

A backer gets a first-hand experience of using an exclusive product/service they would love to use, even before it’s launched in the market, making it even cooler for the customer! They get perks in forms of rewards and experiences in exchange of money.

5. Early bird prices

In the initial phase of testing a product or service, a backer can bag spiffy gadgets and exclusive offers at a reduced price. Once it’s available to the market after a successful crowdfunding campaign, its price is sure to skyrocket! Isn’t it better to grab them before?

Choose success as a choice

Whether you have a fledging business or a start-up facing significant challenges in accessing capital from traditional sources, fundraising can be your saviour.

Ketto empowers you with the power to be successful. Start an entrepreneurial fundraising campaign on our website and take your venture to new heights. Because… Success is never an accident. It’s a choice.

Your Crowdfunding ABCs

Here are the very basic basics of crowdfunding, deconstructed to its ABCs.

Here’s a quick question for you – have you ever posted a question on Facebook hoping to get information, advice, ideas, funds or any other kind of help from your friends? If your answer is ‘yes’ on any of these counts, you, my friend, have indulged in what the cool kids call ‘crowdsourcing’.

Although the term sounds technical and business-y, the concept is not. You’ve been doing the deed without really realising there’s an honest-to-goodness word that describes it to the letter. We’ve been turning to the ‘crowd’ to ‘source’ things for a long time.

Don’t believe it? What do you think Wikipedia does when it asks the online community to pitch in and write or edit information? Aha! There you go.

You may have noticed the examples being used all involve online platforms. That’s because they are the ideal base to source with. Think of it – a single platform that lets you instantaneously reach out to multiple people and get a speedy response. Perfect, no?!

When you’re reaching out specifically to source funds, the process is known as crowdfunding, which is what our website is all about. But of course, it’s not incorrect to call what we do crowdsourcing, so you’re welcome to alternate between the terms as you please.

Our online fundraising platform is where all the cool crowdsourcing campaigns are.

Why are the crowdsourcing campaigns cool?

Because they’re aiming to raise funds to do some amazing work in the field of social causes. And because they’re also aiming to fuel some incredible and ingenious creative projects.

Why is our website ideal to fundraise these incredible initiatives?
  • How shall we count the ways?! The many, many ways!
  • Well, firstly, starting a campaign on our platform is free.
  • There are no penalties for not being able to reach your fundraising goal.
  • We will guide your campaign creation and be with you every step of the way.
  • We provide you with a host of inexpensive marketing tips that are guaranteed to help you campaign successfully.
  • You receive updates, at each stage, right in your inbox.
  • We have an instant chatting interface on our website where you can reach us around the clock – 24/7.
  • We have a team of experienced professionals who are happy to help.
  • We offer your supporters several methods to contribute to your campaign.
How do you start a campaign?
  • It’s easy. Fill up the form on our website and submit it
  • We’ll make sure you’ve got all the bases covered and push it live
  • We’ll help and encourage you every step of the way
It’s as simple as that! Now you know your ABCs. Next time won’t you start a crowdsourcing campaign on our online fundraising platform with me?!