Curbing Austerity

2. Curbing AusterityThe language of social change is now shifting its angle. Gone are the days when there was a particular type of influential line to follow. With rigid ideals and notions that are imposed by the government, the public expenditure reduces and thus suffers the common man. Coming to the addressable of these issues, the perception in carrying forward such messages is changing.

Recently, Russell Brand addressed the crowd with his customary rockstar zeal. He addressed the crowd at the People’s Assembly with over 50,000 families turning up for this event. He stated, “It’s time to take back our common unity. Happiness will come when we connect with one another.” People now realise that they aren’t economic commodities anymore. They too have a right to happiness, equality, health and opportunity.

Brand gave his speech a positive spin rather than sticking to the old format where hatred against the government was reinstated. Usually when protests take place, they are based on anger, hopelessness and dismissals. But now, with the shift in social thinking, new protests are taking place with profound love for the world rather than anger of what’s already left. However, this shift can take over worldwide only when every individual realises that he/she can believe in a more beautiful world from deep within.

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