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The year 2015 saw two very trying cases of young kids battling life threatening illnesses. However, both, with the help of their wonderful doctors and Ketto, have gotten the support they need to get treated.

One-year-old Maria Shujath was one such child to be touched by her doctor’s goodness. Maria was, and still is, suffering from Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) and was diagnosed with it when she was a 10-month-old infant. HLH is a disorder of the immune system, causing red blood cells to be destroyed by white blood cells in a process of autoimmunity, causing severe anemia and other complications. HLH is a very rare disease, and virtually only one in ten million people would ever develop it. Maria was unfortunately one in those ten million, and developed this disease way too early in her life.


Maria’s doctor, Dr. Priyanka Vaddepally, started a campaign for her on Ketto to raise funds for her extensive treatment. With the help of 269 backers, Priyanka managed to raise Rs. 4,64,060 for the little baby. Dr. Priyanka informs us that she has been discharged from the hospital but is still undergoing weekly sessions of chemotherapy, which will last for two months. After this period, the doctors will take a call on whether she needs to go ahead with bone marrow transplant or not. Because she is so tiny, a bone marrow transplant might be hazardous to her delicate life.

Although Maria still has a way to go before she is completely cured of her illness, she is responding well to her treatment and we have hope for a bright future for this adorable little one.

A similar story was that of little three-year-old Srivardhan, who was diagnosed with a severe case of dengue shock. Young Srivardhan was in critical condition and every morning was a guessing game on whether he would make it through the day or not. His father, a worker at a hardware store in Nellore, was at his wits end, and was prepared to sell a kidney.


Thankfully, this family didn’t need to resort to such drastic measures. Srivardhan’s angel came in the form of Dr. Suchitra Ranjit, who started a campaign for him on Ketto and managed to raise Rs. 4,42,827 with the help of 144 backers. Thanks to Dr. Suchitra, and all the backers on Ketto, Srivardhan has almost completely recovered.

A huge thank you to Dr. Priyanka and Dr. Suchitra for giving these kids a chance at life. Through Ketto, we want to spread the message that crowdfunding is a realistic way to raise an unrealistic amount in the case of medical emergencies. If you, or someone you know are suffering from an illness and in need of funds, you can quickly, easily and safely start a campaign on

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