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How Crowdsourcing is changing the content and narrative by supporting brilliant films and theatre!

Because, many of the so-called brilliant stories with a solid premise never make it to the heap of scripts reaching producers. While, other key issues such as women’s rights, LGBTQ issues or other sensitive topics barely make it to the mainstream art scenario, making it imperative for people to step in and crowdfund a project

Heard about LGBT-Themed short film called ‘Breathe’ asking in people to crowdfund their project?  The story of this film revolves around a father-son duo and the former’s paranoia towards his son’s effeminate traits. And now imagine, a mainstream producer actually investing in it. The chances are, almost negligible or somewhat miniscule because the story revolves around a niche target audience and a topic that has not yet broken into mainstream culture. Hence, crowdfunding steps in and gets the message of the premise out to people, asking them to contribute a little, if the idea resonates with them.

There are numerous themes, topics and ideas that need to be explored and narratives be told – These are the stories of our times and a brilliant idea needs capital for execution. We live in an era where mediocrity and contacts work better than a genuine concept or idea. Don’t believe us? Check out half the content Bollywood churns out, which would not even be worthy of reaching the trash. But billions are spent on these regressive films while good cinematic content usually gets lost in transition.

Even in theatre space, it is all about getting the financers on board and most of the investors prefer a commercial play with good return strategies than powerful scripts. But, crowdfunding online acts as an equalizer in the webspace, letting people decide on what gets made and what doesn’t.

Themes around internal state wars or across different countries in the world, life in transit camps, environmental hazards, women rights, human rights, LGBTQ rights, systematic failure of education system etc are some of the key topics that could use some crowdfunding as many projects never see the light due to low budget and no financers.

The most interesting aspect about crowdfunding india for films and theatre projects is the transparency that it offers. Every idea, project and concept comes under scrutiny from numerous quarters. People from all walks of life decide the validity of a concept and then make a call either to donate or move onto the next project. This definitely brings in validity to any project that reaches its crowdfunding targets.

For example, a feature length documentary called ‘Sirius’ was completely made on crowdfunded resources. The  movie revolves around an emergency room doctor turned UFO researcher trying to disclose secret information about energy and propulsion techniques. If you have sifted through Reddit or Tumblr, you will find more such innovative projects that are being made on crowd financing.

Usually, we tend to brush off projects, ideas or our dreams, when finances come into play. But, crowdfunding plateform ensures that every story that is worthwhile gets its salt of time in the public domain before reaching execution. A rather gratifying experience for those who believe in the power of making their vision come true, with a little help from others.

So, the next time you have a brilliant idea, a novel concept and lack funds, do give crowdfunding app a try. You may just be telling one of the most pertinent stories of our generation.

5 Reasons why you must start a Crowdfunding Campaign for an entrepreneurial venture

Dreaming doesn’t cost a penny. True. But, to bring those dreams to life, you need capital.

Usually we have an idea, a product, or a service to provide to the masses, but no capital to bring them to life. I suggest, before the idea rots, try your hands on crowdfunding on India’s biggest crowdfunding platform – Ketto. It helps entrepreneurs understand how to prepare and present their proposals in a manner that attract their target audience and angel investors.

21st century advances have made life a lot easier. It’s time you fire up the enthusiasm within, and raise funds for your own venture online on our crowdfunding platform. Apart from simply raising funds for your venture, crowdfunding online has a lot more to offer in exchange.

Here are five reasons that make crowdsourcing advantageous:

For entrepreneurs:

1. Feedback before launch

Along with raising funds, Ketto gives you a chance to test your product, so that even if your offering falls flat on face in the online space, you will be able to fix the problem areas before launching it in the market. On the other hand, if your product gains attention, you know you’re on the right track! A pretty safe attempt, right?

2. Upfront cash to bootstrap your business

Paucity of capital draws entrepreneurs to alternative funding methods, out of which crowdfunding proves to be the most effective one. Fundraising for a start-up can exponentially increase productivity by providing upfront cash to bootstrap a start-up business.

3. An already-established customer base before launch

If you are in the testing phase of your venture, a reward-based crowdfunding campaign – where you give away your product as a reward to the backers – can create a customer base for your product before it is out in market.

For customers:

4. Experience the exclusive service/product unavailable in the market

A backer gets a first-hand experience of using an exclusive product/service they would love to use, even before it’s launched in the market, making it even cooler for the customer! They get perks in forms of rewards and experiences in exchange of money.

5. Early bird prices

In the initial phase of testing a product or service, a backer can bag spiffy gadgets and exclusive offers at a reduced price. Once it’s available to the market after a successful crowdfunding campaign, its price is sure to skyrocket! Isn’t it better to grab them before?

Choose success as a choice

Whether you have a fledging business or a start-up facing significant challenges in accessing capital from traditional sources, fundraising can be your saviour.

Ketto empowers you with the power to be successful. Start an entrepreneurial fundraising campaign on our website and take your venture to new heights. Because… Success is never an accident. It’s a choice.

Race Against Time

Anirban 1

Meet Anirban Tarafdar, our Campaigner of the Week!

He’s challenged himself to complete a full marathon – the Hartford Full Marathon (in Hartford, Connecticut) in October 2014. That’s 26.2 miles of sheer determination and a whole lot of training going towards it. With his wife expecting to deliver their baby in July, this US-based marathoner has a tall order ahead of him. Currently juggling work and commuting with shared household duties, and making time for his family and fitness regime, Anirban Tarafdar is pushing his limits in a manner that has us awed.

Though he has been devoted to sports most of his life, etching out a regular timeslot for it has been a challenge. “Free time is hard to come by. Eleven years of working has made that apparent. Nowadays, whatever happens, I spend some time doing exercise unless my family needs me for something more important. I have programmed myself like that,” the 35-year-old shares. “I try to run 3-4 times a week and play tennis once a week. I use to play soccer on Friday late nights (11 p.m.) but had to stop because of my long runs over the weekend. I used to get hurt every now and then which hampered my running,” he explains.

Anirban’s association with marathons first began in 2005. “That’s when I first came to USA, to Tampa, Florida. I heard about a running group from a colleague and my interest was piqued. What inspired me was the human spirit to overcome the challenge of a long-distance run. During it, at some point the body gives up. Only those who continue to endure the pain and don’t quit reach the finish line. I think that is an amazing experience. I have run half marathons only but I am eager to experience the pain of 26 miles.” The marathoner has participated in 3 Half Marathons so far – two 10 kilometres and two 5 kilometres.

While following marathons, Anirban began to notice a trend – a lot of people would run to raise funds for a cause. “That gave me the idea. I had always wanted to do something for India. Since sport is my passion, I thought doing something for Indian sports would be perfect.”

“In the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, the Indian participants did not even have proper clothes for the opening ceremony march past. I heard the television commentator remark that there were only three participants from a country of billions. As an Indian, it felt quite insulting.”

During the 2012 Olympics, Anirban came across a Facebook post by Olympic Gold Quest and got to know about their work to support Indian sportspeople. “Apart from a handful of sports, most Indian athletes do not get the necessary recognition and facilities. This is why I donated to Shiva Keshavan’s campaign last year. And why I did my own campaign and did my best to raise more funds. I am thankful to my friends who felt the same and supported the cause of Indian sports.”

“India does have the talent. If proper facilities and opportunity are provided, India can bring more medals in a lot of disciplines. If China can win so many medals in the Olympic,s India should be able to do so too. India should concentrate on Olympic sports. For example, swimming: if we have one champion swimmer he/she may participate in 4-5 events which will bring 4-5 medals. India should concentrate on events of these kinds to increase the medal count.”

Here’s to a brighter future for Indian sports. Here’s wishing Anirban all the best for the 2014 Hartford Full Marathon. And here’s wishing the Tarafdars all the best for the stalk that will be visiting them soon with their little bundle of joy!

18 Months On: The Journey’s Just Begun

What started as a tiny idea at a TED conference has grown to become a revolutionary engine in two phenomenal years. Varun Sheth launched Ketto on August 15, 2012 and the crowdfunding engine has since become a vehicle of change for many Indians.

Simply speaking, crowdfunding is the practice of raising small sums of money from people online to fund a cause or an activity. While crowdfunding is an incredibly popular method of fundraising in the west, the concept is still new in India. We hope to educate and empower Indians to change the lives of millions in this fun and easy manner.

At the same time that Varun had his eureka moment with Ketto, actor and humanitarian Kunal Kapoor was looking for a way to make charity cool and accessible. They joined hands and positioned Ketto as the platform where those in need of funds could directly benefit from those inspired to donate.


Over these past two years, Ketto has brought together individuals, companies and non-governmental organizations to create a bridge through crowdfunding, connecting over 100 million young internet-savvy Indian professionals with more than 300 million people in India who don’t have access to basic social services such as education, health care and sanitation.


Although global crowdfunding reached $2.7 billion dollars in 2012, funds raised in Asia were only $33 million, a figure that founders Kunal, Varun and Zaheer believe is a mere drop in the ocean. There is so much more that India needs and that Indians can do.

With the belief that these numbers can multiply exponentially given the population and the number of people who want to effect social change, Ketto is working tirelessly with NGOs, corporations and individuals to ensure that more children go to school, more people have access to better sanitation and medical services and that more Indians get to represent our country internationally, among various other compelling causes.

Any person who wishes to donate can simply browse through over 100 causes listed on Ketto’s website and with the click of a button and as little as Rs 100, can help change a person’s life. If you are a NGO or a person looking to raise funds, all you need to do is upload information for your cause, set a goal and watch as your cause transforms into an online revolution.

With Varun’s expertise in finance and passion to work in the social landscape, Kunal’s popularity and goodwill, Ketto aims to set the wheels of social change in motion with one click of a button.

At Ketto we empower others to give back to society, in part by educating the burgeoning online population of India about the potential, reach and impact of crowdfunding, which we will do both on this blog and off. It was this same digitally-savvy and charitably-minded population that helped us send Shweta Katti, a young women who grew up in a red light area of Mumbai, to study at Bard college in New York, as well as to send Indian luge athlete Shiva Keshevan to Sochi to represent the nation at the 2014 Winter Olympics.



While there is a lot more that we are planning to achieve through the powerful tool that our crowdfunding website is, publications like Entrepreneur and YourStory have already begun spotlighting our work as innovative, inspiring and indicative of the Indian desire to give back. We look forward to sharing more of this coverage with you as we continue on our journey.

The stories on our blog will help bring our campaigns to life, highlight the emerging role of crowdfunding in India in the evolving social landscape, illuminate the great work of non-governmental organizations in India and abroad, discuss microphilanthropy and talk about social entrepreneurship, among many other things.

We would love to hear your ideas, comments and feedback on microphilathropy and crowdfunding. If you wish to start a fundraiser or believe that Ketto’s services can be leveraged to help an NGO or individual, please write to us on info@ketto.org or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s been an incredible two years for Ketto and the journey has just begun, we hope that you’ll join hands with us for a better and brighter future for India.