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Your Guide To Create Meaningful Impact & Win Free Tickets To The Global Citizen Festival India

Global Citizen India has partnered with Ketto to giveaway 1,000 free tickets for Global Citizen Festival India, headlined by Coldplay, JAY Z, and several Indian artists to people who raise funds for causes they support.

Ketto is truly honoured and excited to be a part of the world’s largest movement to end extreme poverty by 2030. Global Citizens can raise funds for any of the following causes – quality education, gender equality and water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH) and get a chance to experience the most anticipated Festival of the year.

Note: This is NOT an action journey. It’s a different way to win tickets.  The first 50 that successfully raise Rs. 50,000/- (1st Phase) for any cause they support will win 4 tickets each.

The fundraising activity is split into 5 phases with the following goal amounts:

1st Phase | Rs. 50,000 – the first 50 people get 4 x tickets
2nd Phase | Rs. 50,000 – the first 125 people get 2 x tickets
3rd Phase | Rs. 75,000 – the first 125 people get 2 x tickets
4th Phase | Rs. 90,000 – the first 125 people get 2 x tickets
5th Phase | Rs. 1,00,000 – the first 25 people get 2 x tickets

If you’re the fastest to successfully raise funds, you will win entry into the Global Citizen Festival India.

The first phase of tickets will be won by the first 50 people to raise Rs. 50,000. The second phase of tickets will be won by 125 people who are the fastest to raise Rs. 50,000. The third phase of tickets will be for 125 people who are first in raising Rs. 75,000. Tickets from the fourth phase will be won by 125 people who are the first to raise Rs. 90,000 and subsequently the last phase of tickets will be won by 25 people who are the first to raise Rs. 1,00,000. To understand this properly, read our FAQs.

How you can ace the fundraising challenge:

– Scroll down on your dashboard (under the ‘Manage Fundraiser‘ section), and you’ll find respective buttons to post on Facebook, Twitter & even send a message to multiple friends on Facebook. Spread the word to get your donations rolling. There’s no shame in asking – you’re doing this for a wonderful purpose!

– Draft a WhatsApp message with the fundraiser link and circulate it among all your groups – school, family, college, work, all! Spread the word and get your friends to donate to your cause. For once, you won’t find the notifications annoying.

– The ‘update’ feature on your Ketto fundraiser page is like your microphone. Every time you have an announcement to make or you feel you need more hands, just update your fundraiser page with the progress and the amount you need to hit your goal. As soon as you do that, an e-mail and an SMS will be sent to all your supporters encouraging them to give your fundraiser another voice. It’s the best way to let them know that all their donations are benefitting the cause they supported. What a beautiful way to get your loved ones to do good!

– If you feel like you need more guidance or advice, you can always get in touch with your Ketto fundraiser manager, who’s just a call/email/SMS away. You can also chat with them via the chat interface available on your fundraiser page.

– Keep checking the challenge updates to find out how many have already aced the fundraising challenge. Even if you miss out on winning the challenge, don’t worry: you have done your part for this powerful movement.

This fundraiser will give you the two most valued experiences of your life – having raised funds to contribute to the world’s largest movement and being a part of the first ever Global Citizen Festival India. Let’s do this, Global Citizen!

Let’s begin!

How social networking helps in crowdfunding

They call it social media culture, and, if you are thinking to join the crowdfunding community, you sure need to get acquainted with the social media culture and its inter-relation with online crowdfunding. The latter has been a part of our life, knowingly or unknowingly: one of the major reasons being its presence in the social networking space, including – Facebook, Twitter, Google, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many others – to fuel a campaign and reach out fast and far among the masses.

Did you know that there are approximately 243 million Indian internet users who connect like an extended family through social media? Today, as crowdfunding india gains momentum in the market – so much so that in 2014 crowdfunding raised $16.2 billion globally, and is all set to make it $34.4 billion in 2015 (according to 2015CF – Crowdfunding Industry Report) – arguably, the most important point to be made has to do with approval and buzz created from potential donors on social media platforms. It’s always better to choose the right platform and use them to the best of their potential. You ask how? We give you the answer:

Facebook – Promote your campaign page by sharing the url, photos, videos, and timely updates about the campaign on Facebook. Keep announcing the project/campaign status and thank your followers. This in turn helps you to get more likes, shares. Do not forget to promote the rewards. Facebook is the most browsed social site with a large base of 100 million users. You just need to use it wisely.

Twitter – Facebook should be linked with your Twitter account so that an update on Facebook gets automatically tweeted. A short and crisp message or news feed can make a big difference. India has 33 Million users. Tweets should be added as the campaign proceeds and you can always retweet your followers with a reward link. Pretty cool, eh?!

LinkedIn – Mostly used by professionals , LinkedIn has 26 million users. It is a great platform to market a campaign to raise funds. When you know your target community, it becomes even easier to choose the right social networking platform. Now, all you need to do is respond quickly and interact with every member who is linked with you through LinkedIn.

Google+ – Heard about Google ads? That’s right; Google+ helps you to build communities through Google ads, videos, and blog posts. They now have a new feature called +Post Ads where you can advertise through Google Display Network. India has second most users of Google+ after US and thus reaches a larger audience with its numerous sources and gives your campaign ample exposure.

Blogs – The real story behind a campaign needs a tad more explanation and emotion. Blogs tell a story but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while writing them. More than 10 million Indians use blog as a medium to convey a message. The right thing is to get the purpose of the campaign clearly backed by social proof. Connect with your readers through words at an emotional level.

Tip to remember: Do stay in touch with them: one thing Ketto always tries to maintain. Every person associated with Ketto is one of us. As we say, “We believe in the power of you.”

So, the next time you start a campaign, better follow the social networking regime diligently. After all, it is an insanely simple yet effective way for improving your funder base. It is sure to find you a very large audience indeed.

Crowdfunding: Musically yours

Crowdfunding has seen large numbers of takers in recent years and is gaining momentum in many fields, including music. The music industry has, for the past five years, been quick to assimilate this exciting form of financial assistance.

In recent times, crowdfunding has been one of the most promising means for new artists to garner money and produce their art. With internet being as democratic and far-reaching as it is, and large-scale and long-term investments being hard to come by, it is no wonder that this endeavour has become an important platform for new talent. 

The music industry has benefited greatly from this form of investment. Music creation is an arena in which many covet to find their niche and there is almost an inexhaustible pool of talent. Hence, music events and albums starting to be crowdfunded is a blessing in disguise for youth fettered only by the lack of resources. What’s better than people laying their trust on upcoming artists and agreeing to fund their production? As a goodwill response to this, artists are motivated to provide gifts to these ‘investors’ of good faith.

skyharbourProgressive metal band, Skyharbour

A really cool example is that of the progressive metal band, Skyharbour. The Indian indie band crowdfunded their 10-track album, ‘Guiding Lights’, with overwhelming success, reaching their required monetary target 125 days before the funding campaign was about to end. As gratitude, everyone who pledged got access to weekly interviews, studio footage, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the band’s video. Skyharbour also gave their supporters bonus tracks and Skype music lessons.

Another famous example of successful online crowdfunding is that of Vasudha Sharma, vocalist of the pop band Aasma, who crowdfunded her debut album, ‘Attuned Spirits’.

Even large scale events have been crowdfunded. The best example in this regard is Control Alt Delete. This crowdfunded musical fiesta will have its eighth edition in June. Its pay-what-you-want drive has sustained steady income and ensured that fans are not disappointed with the line up of artists and bands that the collaborators entertain them with.

This is where the role of a crowdfunding websites such as Ketto becomes crucial.  Crowdfunding websites india develop the campaign plan for clients, like music composers and artists, and list their requirements, update their daily collection, spell out the returns the crowd would get, among other things. This increases credibility and ensures a demand-supply coordination, apart from increasing transparency.

Crowdfunding is a good way to benefit from trust, goodwill and love for the art, which were kind of getting diluted in a world of commerce and quick-sells. Applied to various fields of art, it will bring out the best budding talent, and provide hearty motivation to even the most cash-strapped ideas.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with Ketto and make your dream a reality.

To know more, visit ketto.org/fundraising-music.php

Another earthquake strikes Nepal: Here’s how you can help 

Nothing is better than a humane approach to changing lives and many out there are proving exactly this! Scouring for help, assisting the needy, organising relief campaigns and collecting funds – many responsible individuals out there have been working consistently to
help Nepal quake victims. Here’s how you can get involved and change lives

While we were still reeling under the impact of a major earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on Richter scale that shook Nepal recently and claimed more than 10,000 lives (official figures vary between 8,000 to 10,000, as cited by different media sources), nature’s fury has struck again on the already ravaged country. A second seismic quake of 7.3 magnitude struck again and reminded activists, citizens and the international community of the vulnerability faced by Nepal. 

One of the youngest countries to leave monarchy and still on the brink of forming a constitution, Nepal had been intent on solving its economic woes, security issues and political set-up. But, with majority of its resources gone due to earthquake, and a government unable to organise major relief measures, Nepal is in dire state. Nepalese people have been living in tents with no access to clean water or sanitation and international communities have been flowing in aid to help those in distress. Without basic means of livelihood for survival, citizens of Nepal need a lot of your support, to deal with the calamity and start rebuilding measures. 

The major areas that would need help on an immediate basis would be housing (Nepal needs tents for basic shelter), sanitation (food, clothing, medicines), aid (rebuilding houses from scratch, public utilities and hospitals / schools) etc. Besides these, women face numerous issues during a calamity, so, separate campaigns are being run with focus on pregnant women and those in distress by helping them with counsel, medical help and sanitation tools. Also, education has taken a hit as citizens of Nepal try sifting through the calamity and gathering their kith and kin.

Ketto, crowdfunding india, with its initiatives to crowdfund resources and seek voluntary funding to help people in Nepal had some campaigns running which has managed to garner strong traction and a collection of INR 85,32,132. Here, individuals are bringing in different aspects of relief measures and briefly mentioning the target groups that need these resources in urgency. 


Please check out the campaigns below:

1. Fight disaster caused in Nepal by Bouncy Mehta and Rohan Shreshta:

The campaign is providing on-ground help and relief measures to earthquake victims in Lamjung and Gorkha. The message of the campaign reads as follows:

To help these stranded villagers in Lamjung and Gorkha, we need funds. Your smallest of a contribution can save a life. Please support us and contribute as much as you can. We need to show solidarity at this time. Let’s stand by them now.

Check the campaign here:http://helpnepal.ketto.org/bouncyandrohantonepal

2. Donate funds to help Nepal Earthquake victims by InstaBollywood team: 

This team is working towards providing dry food rations, clean drinking water, emergency shelters and hygiene kits to people in Nepal. 

Check the campaign here: http://helpnepal.ketto.org/donate2nepal

3. Come together to rehabilitate Nepal by Rajat Dhariwal 

When Rajat saw the disaster in Nepal, he researched and personally contacted NGO’s in Nepal. Armed with tents, he has been running the campaign to collect funds and working on-site to co-ordinate relief activities. 

Check the campaign statement: Whatever you have saved money for – this is more important. When else would you get a chance to actually save thousands of lives? The funds are needed immediately – time is as critical as money.

Check the campaign here: http://helpnepal.ketto.org/rehabilitatenepal

For a list of all the campaigns, check: http://helpnepal.ketto.org/

From education to basic sanitation, from housing to medical assistance, Nepal is a ravaged country and needs help and assistance. It doesn’t matter if you can only donate a miniscule amount or in kind. It is the thought that counts. Kindly share this and do the needful for our neighbouring country and our brothers and sisters.

5 Reasons why you must start a Crowdfunding Campaign for an entrepreneurial venture

Dreaming doesn’t cost a penny. True. But, to bring those dreams to life, you need capital.

Usually we have an idea, a product, or a service to provide to the masses, but no capital to bring them to life. I suggest, before the idea rots, try your hands on crowdfunding on India’s biggest crowdfunding platform – Ketto. It helps entrepreneurs understand how to prepare and present their proposals in a manner that attract their target audience and angel investors.

21st century advances have made life a lot easier. It’s time you fire up the enthusiasm within, and raise funds for your own venture online on our crowdfunding platform. Apart from simply raising funds for your venture, crowdfunding online has a lot more to offer in exchange.

Here are five reasons that make crowdsourcing advantageous:

For entrepreneurs:

1. Feedback before launch

Along with raising funds, Ketto gives you a chance to test your product, so that even if your offering falls flat on face in the online space, you will be able to fix the problem areas before launching it in the market. On the other hand, if your product gains attention, you know you’re on the right track! A pretty safe attempt, right?

2. Upfront cash to bootstrap your business

Paucity of capital draws entrepreneurs to alternative funding methods, out of which crowdfunding proves to be the most effective one. Fundraising for a start-up can exponentially increase productivity by providing upfront cash to bootstrap a start-up business.

3. An already-established customer base before launch

If you are in the testing phase of your venture, a reward-based crowdfunding campaign – where you give away your product as a reward to the backers – can create a customer base for your product before it is out in market.

For customers:

4. Experience the exclusive service/product unavailable in the market

A backer gets a first-hand experience of using an exclusive product/service they would love to use, even before it’s launched in the market, making it even cooler for the customer! They get perks in forms of rewards and experiences in exchange of money.

5. Early bird prices

In the initial phase of testing a product or service, a backer can bag spiffy gadgets and exclusive offers at a reduced price. Once it’s available to the market after a successful crowdfunding campaign, its price is sure to skyrocket! Isn’t it better to grab them before?

Choose success as a choice

Whether you have a fledging business or a start-up facing significant challenges in accessing capital from traditional sources, fundraising can be your saviour.

Ketto empowers you with the power to be successful. Start an entrepreneurial fundraising campaign on our website and take your venture to new heights. Because… Success is never an accident. It’s a choice.

Crowdfunding: An aberration in the landscape of fundraising for charitable causes?

At a time when India is making rapid strides to the moon and having other technological advancements, a fraction of the society is still underprivileged. While many a times, we see the government support them, it’s majorly the philanthropic institutions and charities that are trying to help the cause.

Did you know, in our country, there exist approximately 32 lakh NGOs striving to make our society a better living place for the less privileged? Since most of these non-profits exist in the remote areas of our country, their effort goes in vain. So, how can we get them in picture?

To make it a smoother ride for such non-profits, crowdsourcing, one of the oldest process of soliciting contributions from a large group of people from an online community, proves to be a boon. Of all the innovative advances in the online methods of raising funds, the most remarkable has to be the upsurge of online fundraising websites including India’s largest fundraising platform – Ketto.

Check out how charities can support their mission on Ketto – quickly and efficiently!

Ketto multiplies force

Crowd funding on Ketto multiplies the effort to help the needy by gathering a large number of people from varying sectors of society. One person cannot be the change. We, as human beings, need to have complete unanimity in order to bring a revolution. The largest fundraising platform in India does exactly that!

‘Cause crowdfunding on Ketto is cool, fast and efficient

With times changing, outlooks too have undergone a paradigm shift. Processes are no different. Today, when the youth is driven by  the fast and cool lifestyle, the concept of obtaining monetary support online for a cause has hit a home run. It is one of the coolest, and not to mention, the fastest way to gather funds for a cause.

While some organizations and people prefer doing it through live crowdfunding shows, Ketto provides you an online platform to reach a larger number of masses in seconds. Undoubtedly, making it the most resourceful manner of raising funds online.

Charitable causes demand attention

Look at it this way. While crowdfunding is not a cent percent success all the time, it does accomplish a major purpose of educating the masses about the nation’s social issues.

Even if a person doesn’t donate, a little bit of chatter around the subject is most likely to result into a greater support for a cause from his/her friends, family and the extended chain.

Wait no more, start a campaign!

Charities have been constantly working day-in and day-out to solve various problems pertaining in our society. We have an endless list of concerns to look after. It’s time you take the initiative.

A Beginner’s Guide to Crowdfunding

If you’ve been wondering about crowdfunding, wonder no more! Here are the fundamentals to guide you through the process!

Okay, so you want to know what this newfangled concept of crowd funding is all about. “Oh, these New Age people and their ideas!” you’ve often exclaimed in exasperation. Well, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. Let us demystify the concept for you.

If you have ever used your Facebook status to reach out to friends for help – for guidance, information, anything at all – you have been ‘crowdsourcing’ without knowing it.

Nope, we’re not throwing you a curveball. Although they sound technically complicated, the term is fairly simple to understand. Using a social networking platform to gather opinions or information etc. is basically ‘sourcing’ from a ‘crowd’. Using an online base to gather funds is ‘funding’ from a ‘crowd’.

If you think about the process, what Wikipedia does is basically sourcing from the crowd. The website sources editors through its online community to write and edit all their articles.

For sourcing or funding through crowds to be efficient, online platforms are a prerequisite. After all, where else can you reach out to a large number of people in a matter of seconds? You can spread the word easily and gather whatever you need!

And that is the simple process that our website works on to help you campaign for funds. Here are a few more things to know about using our website:

All about the coolness factor of our campaigns:

Our campaigns are super cool because they source funds for some amazing social causes. And because they also fundraise for some very cool creative projects.

About the coolness factor of our website:

  • There are a lot of reasons why we are the coolest place to crowdfunding for charitable, educational, social causes, creative projects and any other worthy cause.
  • Starting a campaign on out online fundraising platform is free and easy to do.
  • You don’t get penalized if you are not being able to raise your funding goal in totality.
  • You get feedback and guidance from us every step of the way.
  • This includes tips and ideas on how best to market your campaign, which does not require a big budget. In fact, all it requires is an internet connection and dedication from you.
  • We have an instant chatting interface on the website which you can use to contact us any time you want.
  • We have a team of experienced professionals who are happy to help you every step of the way.

How can you start?

It doesn’t get easier than this:

  • Fill up the form on our website and submit it
  • Start receiving our tips and guidance right in your inbox
  • Follow the suggestions and start fundraising!

Crowdsourcing – or crowdfunding – is as easy as 123! So start your crowdsourcing campaign on Ketto, India’s largest crowdfunding website in India!

Competition is Good for Everyone! (DCB Bank’s competition to fundraise for J&K disaster relief)

Campaign image for DCB Bank about Jammu Kashmir flood relief

Competition can not only be healthy, but can do good too. The kind of good that helps raise nearly 2 lakhs for the Jammu and Kashmir flood relief efforts. It all began when DCB Bank decided to incorporate some social goodness into their interview rounds for prospective employees. As part of The Top Recruit #TTR programme that is in its second season, DCB Bank joined hands with Ketto and asked their 37 student recruits to start online fundraising pages to raise funds towards J&K’s rehabilitation efforts. The task was to see who could successfully raise Rs 25,000 within the period of a week.

The results were incredible. Ketto was flooded with well-meaning campaigns, and good karma and healthy competition abounded. Within 72 hours, The Top Recruit campaigners raised a combined total of Rs 1,73,436 that Ketto has already disbursed to Care India. The NGO is on-site in Jammu & Kashmir, getting our fellow Indians the help they need, providing them the basics – shelter, clothing, food, water and sanitary products to begin with, offering extended services in psychological counselling and guidance in achieving normalcy once again, with assistance in rebuilding homes and livelihoods.

Making fundraising a competitive task has resulted in a win-win, with funds being raised for social good through some agile marketing acumen. Campaigners put in their best efforts, creating collages, videos and personalized content for their individual pages, enhancing their appeal and striking a chord with their social networks. Friends and acquaintances pitched in with contributions to help a good cause and to help their friend complete the task.

All in all, everyone involved gained in many ways through this exercise, especially in good karma!

Check out the campaigns!

Want to add to your good karma? Start a campaign! 

A Potato Sack To Prom

2. Prom Dress18-year-old Courtney Barich of British Columbia, Canada turned her mother’s advice into thousands of dollars in donations for the Saint Martin de Porres Orphanage in Manila. After finding her perfect prom dress (with the imperfect price tag of $700) at a local boutique, Barich said she felt selfish for how much it would cost.

So, she abandoned her idea of the perfect dress and created a website where she pledged to “give up the glitz and glam of a beautiful grad dress and wear a burlap dress instead” for the purpose of raising $10,000 in much-needed donations to help the Manila orphanage, which she’d be visiting on an upcoming school mission trip.

Not only did she manage to raise $7,500 towards her goal, but she also surprised everyone by showing up to the dance looking like this:

2. Courtney Barich

Designer Suman Faulkner of Lata Design volunteered two weeks of her time to design and create the burlap gown for Courtney and her cause. “I loved it. It was better than I thought it was going to turn out. The overwhelming support has been so great,” said Barich

Courtney is continuing her efforts to raise more money for the orphanage before she returns to Manila in September for more volunteer work. You can donate to the cause on her website here: http://www.courtneysburlapgrad.ca/index.php/home-3

For the Love of Joni


This is for Joni….

This is a story about a young girl named Joni Mai from Essex, England. She just turned 8 years old on June 18th, 2014. (Happy birthday, doodle bug!) Joni’s fighting her second battle with a rare bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma that affects approximately 30 people each year – mostly teenage boys. She is dealing with her cancer treatment with a strength and grace far beyond her single-digit years. And her family is doing all they can to help her through it all.

There’s a wonderful Facebook page called ‘For the Love of Joni’ that shares Joni’s progress regularly. There’s a website dedicated to her battle as well. They’ve had several fun events to help raise funds for Joni’s treatment  – a Christmas fete, a ladies’ night and an upcoming boxing match, to name a few. The one that caught our fancy was the ‘Jumping for Joni’ drive. This was a crowdfunding campaign that urged people to skydive to help raise funds for Joni’s treatment.

It’s a heart-warming story that’s building a community of supporters.  For the love of Joni, join in.

Join Joni’s Facebook community! 

Visit Joni’s website!