Giving is Rewarding (Nargis Fakhri’s birthday campaign, Sidharth’s birthday campaign, rewards)

Giving is rewarding

Ah, birthdays. They are a happy time. Your birthday is your special day, to celebrate however you want. And what could be more special than sharing your joy with others? Your happiness would double, triple, quadruple…. In short, it would just keep multiplying with each person you share your joy with! One way to do this is – you got it – starting a fundraising campaign for a good cause with your birthday as the theme!

Bollywood actor Nargis Fakhri did just that. She chose to start a campaign in readiness of her birthday (Which was on October 20th – Happy birthday, Nargis!! Ketto wishes you goodness and joy always!), and raised Rs. 2,35,855 for the Jammu and Kashmir relief efforts. The funds will go a long way in helping the people of J&K rebuild their lives. And Nargis and her fans/campaign supporters will have earned a crazy amount of good karma. Hoorays all round!

Ketto intern Sidharth VD chose to celebrate his birthday with a fundraising campaign too. He chose his favourite cause of children’s rights. He hoped to help eradicate child labour and encourage education amongst underprivileged children. Being a student, Sidharth knew he would mainly be reaching out to his friend network which consisted of fellow-students. So he decided on the reachable funding goal of Rs. 10,000 and added rewards to his campaign to make things more fun for all who chose to support him.

What are rewards, you ask? They are sort of like party favours or the back-presents of a campaign. Like a thank you for supporting your campaign. These thank yous need not be tangible gifts. They could also be experiences, which are far more explusive than anything you would get from a shop. The cool thing about rewards is that they can be as creative as you want.

For instance, Sidharth decided to have four levels of rewards – for those who gave 100, 500, 1000 and 5000. For Rs. 100, Sidharth gave a thank you shout-out on Facebook. For Rs. 500 he gave a shout-out and a hug. For Rs 1000, he offered a unique experience – a meal of Maggi cooked personally by him. And for Rs 5000, he promised his supporters a dance performance at their wedding. Doesn’t it all sound fun?!

Rewards are not just meant for campaigns with a birthday theme. Rewards can be offered with any campaign. It all depends on how you want to create and promote your campaign. As you can see from Sidharth’s campaign, the cause he fundraised for is serious, his campaign content is heartfelt and his rewards are light and fun. This is one of the tricks to a successful campaign – a dash of fun. That explains why Sidharth surpassed his goal and raised Rs. 13, 661 in support of CRY’s efforts to end child labour.

Infusing a grave cause with a lighter tone helps balance out a campaign. It makes things fun and interesting, and makes people want to be a part of it. Why wouldn’t you want to support a good cause and have fun while you’re at it?!

So whether you’re planning a fundraising campaign for your birthday, wedding, anniversary, for Diwali, Christmas, Children’s Day or just because a good cause needs to be supported, think about adding some rewards to it! You don’t need to have a celebrity-sized fan-following to gather support for your campaign. (Though it doesn’t hurt to have a fan base! Birthday lady Nargis Fakhri’s campaign is point in case! Kudos to the actor for using her fame for good.)

Celebrity or not though, you do need to share your campaign with your network – friends, family, colleagues…the whole shebang! And of course, rewards wouldn’t hurt!

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