Green Your Cup

2. Green Your CupSometimes, all it takes is a small act to conserve the environment. We aren’t always aware of the magnitude of the situation when it comes to environment conservation. It all boils down to little things. For example, did you know that your daily coffee uses a paper cup that cannot be recycled at all?

That means that all of us consuming our coffees-to-go are causing irreparable harm to the environment. The British inventor Martin Myerscough has come up with an alternative to facilitate the recycling process.

Most paper cups are made with cardboard and plastic, to keep the drink warm and the cup from getting soggy. But this also makes the cups almost un-recyclable. Myerscough’s invention will continue to use cardboard to keep the drink warm, but will attach the plastic layer at a later stage. This is what will allow for an easy recycling process.

This way, the plastic lining can be easily separated in a recycling plant. This process is much simpler, leading to the cups being used more than seven times. These simple steps make it easier not only for the purpose of recycling but also makes a difference to the environment. As the dump clears out faster, the damage done is far lesser.

The ‘Green Your Cup’ project will become available in 2015.

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