Happy Football! Happy Birthday!

Chile v Australia: Group B - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Today is a very special day. It’s Ketto co-founder Varun Sheth’s birthday. Yep, mark it on your calendars, people! It’s a happy day!

Since we’ve been hearing a lot of the FIFA theme song thanks to Varun, we thought it would be befitting to have today’s post revolve around the World Cup. So in his honour, we present today’s FIFA World Cup-themed post. (Drum roll, please! And we wouldn’t mind some balloons and streamers either!!)

The World Cup isn’t just causing football frenzy across the globe. It’s also highlighting the goodness in people. One such heart-warming story is that of Australian footballer Mark Bresciano who was photographed helping a young escort on crutches tie his shoe laces during the pre-game fanfare. The photograph has spread like wildfire and is a wonderful reminder of how the players, though aggressive on field, are not ungentle otherwise. Cheers to that!

Another story from the FIFA 2014 host country Brazil involves not what happened during the match between Japan and Ivory Coast, but what happened after. Japan lost the game 2-1, and Japanese fans went on to show the world what true sportsmanship is all about. Though it was a disappointing day for the Japanese contingent, they went on to comb through their section of the stands as they filed out, and cleared up the mess they had made during the game.

We applaud the goodness in people and hope football culture inculcates more of it!

PS: And happy birthday, Varun Sheth!


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