Help from home: 3 ways to help flood affected Assam (working title)

More than 18 out of 27 districts have been affected by theses devastating floods. At least 6 villages are completely submerged under water, with a displaced population of over 12 lakh and counting. As the situation in Assam deteriorates with every passing moment, there seems to be no visible light at the end of the tunnel anytime soon.

Assam Floods, lower Assam worst

On ground reality of the situation, (brought to you by Oxfam India)

Here are 3 effective ways in which you could be a rescue champion for the many lives disrupted and brought to a standstill by the life altering events along river Brahmaputra. Participate in any way you can, and add to undoing the ruinous act of nature. With high speed internet easily accessible to the ones who are capable of providing help, joining the movement just broke limitations set by geographical borders.

Circulate these emergency contact numbers

Here are a few important contacts that might help you get through or just provide required help at places. While spreading the word won’t undo what nature hath already chanced, it might help do some damage control. Spread the word as much as you can so that as many people as possible may benefit from these.

When you are stuck and don’t know who to call:

Contact David Kujur (+91-7399016122) of the Inter Agency Group who has taken up the role of a coordinator for the many agencies and organisations that are working in the flood affected areas of the state.

With the outbreak of floods, there has been reported impact on basic everyday needs of people, including bare necessities like food, clothing and shelter. Kaplianlal Thangluai (+91-8486355571) of IGSSS (Indo Global Social Service Society) has offered to help with all kinds of distress support in Lower Assam, where flood impact is the highest.

When you spot an astray animal of Kaziranga National Park:

Ever since heaven’s broke loose in the state, almost 60% of the Kaziranga national park’s rhinoceros and other animals have escaped the drowning forests, looking for higher ground. If you spot any animal or related dangerous activity, you may call range officer Jayanta Das (+91-9435052838), or the field director, Satyendra Singh (+91-9435102834).


One of India’s pioneering NGOs in grassroot social engagement- Oxfam India has taken up the helm by starting a fundraiser on Ketto to rescue victims who have lost everything that they had in the calamity. Their cause is based on extensive in-ground assessment of the situation, that they have been doing for the past 3 days. Join the movement here by donating (cause unclear, will update text once that is sorted). Help bring these distraught, innocent victims out of their situation.

Even if one person took upon her/himself to rescue just one person, a number of such thoughtful souls could add up to create a better, more resource driven rescue mechanism!

Share the love in kind

Apart from the above mentioned issues, a detailed needs assessment report by IGSSS cites food items like rice & dal, plastic sleeping mats, hygiene kit washing (buckets with lids, bath soaps, washing soaps, disinfection liquids, sanitary napkins), package drinking water, tarpaulin, mosquito nets and candles as urgent items that need to reach the affected families ASAP. You may share whatever you can by getting in touch with either of the NGO contacts mentioned above.

While it is not possible for each one of us to reach out and contribute physically, there are many other ways in which one can use internet for good, and help the citizenry in distress. After all, we are all for one, and one for all. That’s the beauty of the human race.

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