How Ketto Elves Celebrated Christmas

When you’re constantly around people who are doing wonderful things for the society and helping them do it effectively, you’re left with a want to do something wonderful yourself.

This Christmas, everybody at Ketto decided to act on this want and do something for those who love the idea of celebrating Christmas the most – children!


We partnered with Miracle Foundation India, an NGO that brings life-changing care to the world’s children without parental care. We made a donation of Rs. 100,000 to the organisation so they can make orphans feel loved and special with Christmas gifts.

But we didn’t want to do it alone – to spread the joy of the festive season, we rolled out Ketto Elves, an online campaign that gave people a chance to become an elf and help our Ketto Santa deliver these gifts.

At the end of which we made a donation of Rs. 100 on behalf of the user who participated in the activity, thus enabling them to become a #KettoElf for an underprivileged child without parents!


In less than 2 weeks, the activity saw over 1,000 entries with people sending in warm Christmas wishes for orphans.

kettoelf_annkatrin kettoelf_ayushi kettoelf_dipika kettoelf_pranav kettoelf_sukanya

On Christmas eve, Santa took rounds in all 23 homes under Miracle Foundation India’s care, and gave more than 1000 orphans special Christmas gifts. Santa’s gift list included water bottles, folders, pencil pouches, stationery kits, drawing books, piggy banks, and more depending on the requirement of that home.

Here are pictures of the kids from some homes. If their smiles don’t make you happy, we don’t know what does!

kettoelf_img1 kettoelf_img2 kettoelf_img3 kettoelf_img4 kettoelf_img5

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