How You Can Create The Perfect Fundraiser Page

The fundraiser page you create on a crowdfunding platform is the face of your cause and your story. Making people feel motivated enough to make a contribution can be pretty challenging – that’s why putting the right information on your fundraiser page is a crucial aspect that you need to focus on. We’ve put together a few examples to give you some tips on how you can set up the perfect fundraiser page:

Introduce Yourself:

Just like any other event, your fundraiser page should start with a quick introduction of yourself. Your supporters ought to know who you are. Before you start talking about your cause, give people a chance to know you a little better. Explain who you are, what you do, what your interests are in about 2-3 lines or more – just like you’d introduce yourself to a friend.


Tell People What Motivated You:

What’s your story? Is there a particular incident that made you start a fundraiser, and why is this cause important to you? Your potential supporters would love to understand why this cause means so much to you. Think of all the information you’d need to make a contribution yourself and write your story accordingly.


Explain Where The Money Is Going:

Every supporter who makes a contribution would want to understand how exactly is the money being utilised – it’s only fair. As a campaigner, be transparent and give a proper break-up of where how much money is going. To make the content on your page more authentic, you can even attach an image of your bill/receipts (particularly in case of a health/medical fundraiser).


Define How People Can Help You:

Now that you’ve mentioned where the money is going – tell people how you want them to help you. Don’t keep it open-ended – break it down for them by asking them to either contribute or share on Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp to spread the word among their friends using the features on your Ketto fundraiser page.


Use Powerful Images/Videos:

This makes for one of the most important aspects of a perfect fundraiser page – its visual appeal. Ketto allows you to upload multimedia content, i.e. images and videos – explore this feature as much as you can. The leaderboard image on your fundraiser page is the window to your story – so make it as impactful as you can. Upload a high resolution, clear image – we don’t mean you need an expensive gadget for these pictures – your smartphone images will work pretty well. Just make sure the picture is clear and adheres to the dimensions mentioned on the page.



Put Updates On Your Page Regularly:

Ketto allows you to post an update on your fundraiser page to let your supporters know about the progress of your fundraiser – on doing that a notification is sent to all your supporters. It’s a great way to keep your supporters connected with the your fundraiser and expressing your gratitude for their support and contribution.


Respond To Supporters:

Responding to queries/concerns/encouraging words posted by supporters shows that you value their contribution/interest in your fundraiser. There have been instances when people actually donated twice looking at the campaigner’s dedication. Responding also increases the chances of getting more shares.


Now that you’ve understood all the tips to create the perfect fundraiser page, get started! And in case you want to understand any of this better, you can always get in touch with the fundraiser manager assigned to you at the start of your fundraiser on Ketto.


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