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Tanisha Mehta, a cute little angel who is just 11- year-old is pursuing her schooling from Jamnabai Narsee .A dog lover. She owns a pet dog named Fudgey (Cocker Spaniel). She believes that they are the most faithful and the most lovable thing that has happened to her. She prefers whiling away time with her best friend fudgey than spending on other things. Her mom states “They are the partners in crime and most mischievous but in a way which makes them happy.” During her schooling, she was asked to write an essay about friends and that’s when she chooses to write on Fudgey who means the world to her.

This tiny little tot, thought of doing something for the one she treats her best friend on friendship day and make a little difference on these Animals. That’s when she started a small little campaign for these stray dogs. By helping 3 of these dogs being sterilized and achieving more than what her goals were. INR (4300 in which her goals were just 3600). Sterilizing helps to protect these dogs from a horrible and painful stray life.

A better world through kindness to animals is what she believed. And SOS was the right answer. Save our Strays is an animal welfare NGO that has been protecting the stray animals of Mumbai for over 10 years. They provide strays with many services like sterilization, vaccination, first aid, adoption, rescue services and providing food.

When a tiny tot at the age of 11 could save 3 strays. We could definitely do something more.

Do you wish to fundraise for SOS as well ? Do drop us an email on info@ketto.org or visit- www.ketto.org


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