Not Just A Sport Anymore

2All of us are brimming with passion. Some things that we are utterly passionate about can do us good. Sometimes, however, the things that we are passionate about can also do others good. Gurmangal Dass is an individual who turned his personal passion into a belief on a national scale.

He had a passion for sports. So after he was done with education, instead of opting for easy success and money, he chose the road less travelled. His main agenda was to revive sports across the state of Punjab, one village at a time. It seemed like an impossible task at first, but this gentleman was not about to quit easily.

It started off with the actual making of the football field with farmers traveling far distances to collect grass to make the field. Next came the part where youngsters were lured to take up this path and excel in the field of sports. What started as one man’s dream has now grown into a collective one. Today, there are over 40 students in the football academy and over 12 centres for coaching all over Punjab.

Heroes like Gurmangal Dass often go unnoticed. It is essential to acknowledge the presence and dedication of unsung heroes like him. It is people like these who, while they dream big, facilitate others in the pursuit of their own dreams too.

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