Purple Toenails For One Smile

3. Ralph KapostinsNail polish may not cure cancer, but they say laughter is the best medicine – and laughter is exactly what Valeria Brosdal got when her husband Ralph Kapostins took her for a pedicure to lift her spirits after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

While Valerie was getting her toes painted her favorite color, purple, Ralph decided he’d get his toenails painted too, to try to make his wife smile.

It worked, and Ralph was so encouraged by her reaction that he posted a picture of their purple toes online. He then asked others to share their photos of painted nails in support of Valerie, according to NBC.

What Ralph didn’t expect was the over 400 people who participated in extremely beautiful, and creative ways.

The project has since grown and is being aided by a friend, Susan Woolf, who started a “Purple Toes Campaign” through the Lung Cancer Foundation.

The campaign allows anyone to submit a photo of his or her purple-painted toes for a living mural.

Best of all? Valerie seems more than excited by it all. “I’ve got a huge grin on my face. Thank you!” She wrote on Facebook.

Sometimes something as simple as purple toenails can change a life.

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