Reinvention At Its Best

4The shaping of our mind occurs at an early age. It is the initial years of schooling that mould us – in fact, more than mould us. However, with the increase in information technology over the years, the charm and essence of traditional forms have lost its entities. For example – the art of storytelling.

Vikram Sridhar is a young, educated man with a passion and love for storytelling. He started teaching little children by narrating stories. These stories weren’t just from a novel or a fable, these were stories woven around wildlife conservation and the environment. Instead of just expanding the mind of the students about another world, Vikram takes an initiative in building the process of social conscience among children at an early age.

The reason he does this is because he says, ‘Children catch things very fast and if it is interesting, they will definitely remember it for a long time’. Going by this, he uses his stories to not just share knowledge but shape their thoughts and draw them into becoming socially aware and proactive individuals.

Weaving captivating stories could be anyone’s forte but to thread them into moral science lessons that can be enjoyed by the young minds is a genius idea. He believes that people need to connect more and break free from gadgets. To concentrate and preserve the environment, we need to do more than just reading (and subsequently forgetting)!

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