Save Our Kids, Save Our Future (Awareness Days for Some Children’s Issues)

Close-up image of 2 underprivileged children for Children's Day

Children are our future. Therefore, it follows that for us – the world – to have a better future, the world’s children need to have one too. And for that to happen, each child on our planet needs to be a healthy, educated, happy child. Here comes the hiccup.

Chronic malnutrition affects 165 million children across the globe (70% of these children are in Asia alone). What starving child could possibly be happy? And how could a malnourished child, battered with illnesses and stunted physical and cognitive development, ever be able to get a decent education?

The future of 165 million children is bleak. Therefore the future of our world is bleak. And unfortunately, this is not the only statistic that impedes our future. There are other issues that harm a child’s growth and quality of life as well. Poverty is a big factor. Disease is another. Physical and sexual abuse also traumatize a child and adversely affect their development.

There are so many factors to tackle, to ensure a safe, bright future for our planet’s children. No wonder we have several assigned days and months to observe these issues, to raise awareness and collectively work towards improving the lives of our children and therefore, our future.

For instance, World Orphan Day is observed in November to raise awareness about the 153 million (approximately) orphans in the world who have lost either one or both parents. Heart-wrenching statistic, isn’t it? Imagine the struggles of a parentless child.

Hold on. There is more coming. World Orphan AIDS Day (in May) observes the struggles of orphans who have lost their parent/s due to AIDS. According to statistics, 17.8 million children across the world are presently struggling through this circumstance.

With the emotional trauma of being orphaned and trying to survive parentless, it’s unsurprising that we have Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day (also in May) to try to ensure all children – be they orphaned or not – have the emotional support and guidance they need to help them navigate through the challenges of life.

Don’t think regular kids have anything much to be emotionally strained over? Did you know bullying is such a big factor in schools that there are movements like Anti-Bullying Day/Month (October) that aim to raise awareness of the several faces of bullying and how to put an end to it? Cyber bullying is the new-age avatar of bullying, a worrisome aspect that needs addressing. Other forms of bullying include physical bullying, emotional bullying and sexting. This last involves circulating nude photos or suggestive messages about a schoolmate.

Today, there are Pink, Blue and Purple Shirt Days to help raise awareness about the negative effects of bullying. It is unfortunate that many consider bullying a natural part of childhood, especially considering its disturbing by-product – suicide. The suicide rate among the youth is gradually climbing and needs to stop!

Want to do your bit to raise awareness in support of children? Support a campaign for children today! 

Want to do more? Start your own campaign and change the world for the better.

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