The Theme of Goodness (Advantages of having campaign themes)

Reaching your fundraising goal

Want to know what the latest trend is in online fundraising? Theme campaigns! That is, starting a campaign around a particular theme like a birthday, a marathon, a festival etc. For instance, Ketto has several marathoners who are fundraising their marathon/ biathlon/ triathlon etc. for a cause of their choice. At present, we have campaigners from the Hyderabad Marathon, Bengaluru Marathon, Pinkathon, Footsteps4Good, Zendurance, Hero MTB Himalaya, Dwarka Half Marathon, Goa Marathon and more, all campaigning for various causes and NGOs with their walks/ runs!

There are some who have chosen to start a campaign around a festival (Diwali, for example) or a personal event (like a birthday) as well.

Although you certainly don’t require a theme to start a campaign, it doesn’t hurt to have one. Having a theme operates like a motivational factor both for the campaigner and the supporters. It gives your campaign momentum and a more defined time-structure. It gives you a specific date and goal to work with. Not that it’s necessary, but if you are one of those who needs a regulated framework to work within, having a theme helps!

Motivation for the Campaigner

Exactly how does this happen? Okay, let’s suppose you are a marathoner. Participating in a marathon requires you to train for it. Your goal is to compete in the marathon and complete it in good time. This is your motivation. This in itself is great motivation. But then work or familial responsibilities might lead you astray. When that happens, you might just need an extra push to get you back on track. This is where having a social cause to work towards helps. You think of how much your fundraising effort would help those in need, whether it is children who are in desperate need of healthcare or education, or women who are in need of protection. You think of how integral you are to their lives, how YOU are the one who can make a difference to their lives and give them the kind of life every human being deserves. And ta-da, you’re right back on track again, training towards your larger goal.

So yes, having a larger goal for yourself (read: theme for your campaign) can come in handy.

Motivation for the Supporter

Having a theme is also advantageous for a campaign. It works like a timer, giving potential supporters a definite time limit within which to make an impact, to egg you on and drive the campaign towards its goal. In the case of a marathon, birthday or festival, the end date of the campaign works as a common goal to drive towards. Supporters want to see you through, not just to the larger goal of a good cause but to the smaller goal as well – of your successful training for and participation in the marathon, or of giving you a memorable birthday, or of doing something noble to enhance your festive celebration. Or whatever it may be!

So, although you don’t need to have a themed campaign, it can help to have one. Of course, you don’t need to wait for a marathon or a birthday to start campaigning a good cause. If you have the heart and will to effect social change, you will have all you need to run a successful campaign.

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