Ways To Help The Voiceless Animals

Of late, social media has been inundated with shocking incidents of various atrocities committed against animals. There have been inhumane cases of stray dogs being thrown off rooftops and battered without provocation. When such events transpire, they leave animal lovers completely heart-broken and with a want to help.

Being the most evolved and intelligent among the creations, the onus to help these voiceless creatures lies on us. We at Ketto, are here to help you out in your noble endeavours.

Little acts of kindness

A couple of hours under the scorching summer sun leaves one dehydrated. It would be unwise to think that the birds and stray animals would feel any different. Keeping a bowl of water on the front porch or in the balcony would go a long way in helping animals in need. Feed the surplus food to the starving animals in your neighbourhood instead of discarding it as trash. Not only will it reduce the quantity of waste, but more importantly, it will satisfy the hunger of someone in need. You can even help an NGO/animal shelter that you support with their activities they carry out on weekends or in your free time.


Adopt don’t shop

Every stray dog deserves a caring and loving home to live in. Instead of buying a foreign breed, adopt a homeless stray, especially the ones that are in dire need of care. Trust us, giving a stray dog a way better life is one of the best feelings in the world.


Raise funds for an animal

Experience the satisfaction of saving an animal’s life by starting a fundraiser for animal rights and welfare. You can raise funds for an ailing animal, an animal that has met with an accident, for feeding stray animals in your area or even to support an NGO that you like. Your contributions will help improve veterinary care for animals that are carrying offspring, are wounded or have been afflicted by some disease.

If you need our support to help any animal in need, just go here & get in touch with us.

Save this link so you know where to find us when you come across an animal that needs help.

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