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The Good of Doing Good (Health Benefits of Giving)

Health benefits of giving

Giving is good for you. It’s not just Ketto saying it. Scientists say it too. And this knowledgeable bunch comes armed with scientific proof. After loads of research and consistently proven studies, scientists confirm that leading an altruistic life is good for your health.

Giving brings happiness 

This is a simple truth we are all aware of. An act of kindness or generosity brings happiness to everyone involved – the giver and the receiver of the act. The receiver, for obvious reasons, is happy to be helped. But the giver stands to gain as well. That warm glow you feel when you do something charitable for someone isn’t just a vague, unquantifiable emotion. Your selfless act triggers a chemical reaction within your body. What happens on your voluntarily doing something good is that the pleasure centre of your brain gets triggered, releasing hormones called endorphins which make you feel happily ‘high’. Therefore, being charitable is so potent, it gives you a biological high. And here’s another fun fact – this ‘helper’s high’ is addictive. So it’s pretty much a given that if you start a fundraiser on Ketto, the feel-good factor of helping those in need will have you hooked. It’s not us saying it – it’s science!

Giving reduces stress

Being charitable helps keep the stress hormone cortisol in check. How so? The act of selfishness and any guilt or shame that comes along with the act, begins to create a state of stress. This in turn causes over-secretion of the hormone cortisol which is harmful to our bodies in high levels. Moral of the story – if you feel a twinge of guilt on thinking of not giving to a campaign, immediately click ‘Contribute’ and save yourself some unnecessary stress. And enjoy the high!

Giving increases your life-span

You read correctly. An act of charity can help you live longer. The scientific reasoning is straightforward. Stress is bad for your health. And being charitable staves off stress. In our fast-paced world, anything that helps reduces stress levels is a boon, especially since it equates to a longer, healthier life. Therefore, giving is a blessing for the giver and the receiver. From the research of scientists, folks! Charity is so good for you, it gives you a longer life!

Giving nurtures mental health

Giving not only results in physical health but mental health as well. Donating to charity, volunteering for a social cause, even little things like helping someone cross the street, make you feel good which increases your self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem is a good thing. Another aspect of this is the social connections you might make during your act of kindness. That is, the people with whom you foster relationships with – the campaigner you supported, the old-age home you volunteered at, etc. Fostering relationships through your life nurture your mental health. Therefore, once again, giving and volunteering has you gaining quite a lot!

Giving begets giving

When you do something good for someone, it sparks a chain reaction of goodness. Your act of generosity is the good kind of contagious. Your one act affects the greater good of our society and our world. So there you go, you truly can make a positive impact on the world.

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