5 Tips To Use Social Media To Run A Successful Fundraiser


Any crowdfunding project is incomplete without social media. It’s the best way to garner support for your crowdfunding project. It provides you with multiple platforms to reach a large number of people simultaneously! Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp help you reach all your friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbours and sometimes even strangers.

Once your cause reaches your own network, they can spread the word further amongst people they know, and so on, so the cause reaches a bigger group of people.

So once you start a fundraiser, follow these tips.

1. Choose The Right Platform

● Pick the platform you have maximum followers on, especially the people you are trying to reach.
● The channel should also allow you to be be interactive and most importantly, you should be comfortable using it!

2. Create a unique campaign hashtag

Identify keywords that relate to your cause and create attention grabbing promotion hashtag with it. Using the same hashtag for all your posts on the social media helps you keep all the posts and conversations organized under one topic head. This allows your followers to easily search for the cause and get current information regarding it!

3. Take advantage of social media marketing tools

The mostly paid and sometimes free re-marketing tools offered by the social media platforms help keep your crowdfunding project alive and running, eg. Google AdWords, Facebook comprehensive remarketing ads, etc. They help raise awareness for your cause, build connections, and aim towards quality intended target audience.

● A higher CTR or Click Through Rate and a better exposure for the crowdfunding ad.
● Re-marketing through mobile apps or websites.
● Different types of ad formats like video, image, and text.

Use the analysis reports provided by these platforms to adjust your social media strategy for better results. Craft content that appeals to your targeted demographic!

4. Spread your story

Connect with your audience on a personal front and share the backstory and your reasons for starting the crowdfunding project. For a cause based crowdfunding approach, there is no such thing as ‘Too Much Information’!

5. Be active, respond quickly, and keep the crowd engaged

Keep people interested by updating them about the fundraiser and interacting with them meaningfully.

To keep your supporters interested, add more emotional content. Share posts that are connected with your fundraiser (pictures, humour, news, and such). Share stories and experiences with your supporters. Share updates, backstage look, impact of your fundraiser, and more.

Social media has a wider reach and allows you to be creative about asking people to fund your cause. Ketto has all the social media features integrated for you to spread the word about your fundraiser. So what are you waiting for, get in touch and start a fundraiser for a cause that is close to your heart!

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