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The Truth About Child Marriage

India Kashmir NomadsIndia’s Child Marriage Restraint Act of 1929 states that a girl must be 18 and a boy 21 before they can marry. After 85 years of stating this restraint by the Constitution, little has changed. Recently, in a small village of Kishangarh a mass wedding ceremony took place. It seemed like a splendid occasion, except all of them were children.

Even the law in these circumstances could not hold any stand in such a matter and refused to intervene during the ceremony and condemn it. It is ironic that the same laws passed by an institution in matters of public welfare are the same crimes that the law cannot seem to abandon.

With over 5.6 million child marriages occurring in our country annually, the scenario is more devastating than one can imagine. When police forces fail to take charge of the situation simply because they are afraid to be beaten by the relatives of such families, trusting the credibility of the base of our lawful institution becomes questionable.

We keep forging ahead, with ideals and values in our mind. Thinking of a better India, but what good is a developed nation when the children of the nation are confined within four walls of a ceremony and responsibility choked down their throat?

The core value systems we follow since our roots need to be revised and formatted. Not just by law but by changing thought processes by every individual. The children should be picking their favourite toys, educating themselves and expanding their minds. However, unfortunately a major chunk of them are gripped into an institution they barely comprehend, sucking away their innocence.