Competition is Good for Everyone! (DCB Bank’s competition to fundraise for J&K disaster relief)

Campaign image for DCB Bank about Jammu Kashmir flood relief

Competition can not only be healthy, but can do good too. The kind of good that helps raise nearly 2 lakhs for the Jammu and Kashmir flood relief efforts. It all began when DCB Bank decided to incorporate some social goodness into their interview rounds for prospective employees. As part of The Top Recruit #TTR programme that is in its second season, DCB Bank joined hands with Ketto and asked their 37 student recruits to start online fundraising pages to raise funds towards J&K’s rehabilitation efforts. The task was to see who could successfully raise Rs 25,000 within the period of a week.

The results were incredible. Ketto was flooded with well-meaning campaigns, and good karma and healthy competition abounded. Within 72 hours, The Top Recruit campaigners raised a combined total of Rs 1,73,436 that Ketto has already disbursed to Care India. The NGO is on-site in Jammu & Kashmir, getting our fellow Indians the help they need, providing them the basics – shelter, clothing, food, water and sanitary products to begin with, offering extended services in psychological counselling and guidance in achieving normalcy once again, with assistance in rebuilding homes and livelihoods.

Making fundraising a competitive task has resulted in a win-win, with funds being raised for social good through some agile marketing acumen. Campaigners put in their best efforts, creating collages, videos and personalized content for their individual pages, enhancing their appeal and striking a chord with their social networks. Friends and acquaintances pitched in with contributions to help a good cause and to help their friend complete the task.

All in all, everyone involved gained in many ways through this exercise, especially in good karma!

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