Crowdfunding: Funding Corporate Social Responsibility In India

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is no longer looked at as charity work; big brands are now making sure that the money they invest in a social cause is not just making a difference but also giving their brand a positive image in the industry.

Brands strategise to contribute towards creating a meaningful impact on the pressing problems of the society at a local, national or even global level.

Many corporates are now opting for innovative strategies for their CSR activities – crowdfunding platform being one of them since it connects you to various causes like providing education to a girl child, helping farmers and families affected by drought to prevent more farmer suicides, for martyrs’ families, welfare of animals etc.

Let’s start with understanding how it works.

Crowdfunding India a CSR project is not just used to raise funds but also to create awareness about the cause and to build an audience for it. For this, corporates need to begin by creating a web page on their own website or seek help from a crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding platforms like Ketto already have social causes in the field of health, education, and much such more that you can join in or you can choose to create a fundraiser of your own. You need to fill out a form that seeks basic details about your cause, including details like what you’re raising funds for, how much do you want the goal amount to be, what image would you use to represent the cause etc. People need to know why you chose to support this cause.

The next step is to take the cause to the world by spreading the word about it using as many platforms as you can. Ketto has features that will help you spread the word about your CSR initiative on all social media channels. If your cause is strong and appeals to people, you just need to wait and see the love and support of the masses pour in as donations for your social cause!

Here are some inspiring CSR initiatives on Ketto:
RBL Bank


The fundraiserUmeed’ was initiated by Jasmeet Singh Gandhi, a cycling enthusiast from Mumbai, for Udbhav School, run by the IIMAAA charitable trust.

He and his group of similar minded people cycled 1,000 km from Mumbai to Telangana, to raise funds and awareness for the school. Where does RBL come in the picture? They matched every donation to the cause by giving an equal amount themselves!

The combined efforts of the campaigner and RBL’s CSR promotion raised a total of Rs.14,42,466 for Udbhav School!

Cactus Communication


Cactus Communications, a global organisation, focused on scientific research has been running a social initiative to provide drinkable water to the people of Latur. They decided to split their organisation into teams and raise funds for the drought-stricken regions in Latur. Their multiple CSR efforts have raised a total of Rs.6,00, 072 till date that have gone to the NGO Action Aid, that is working tirelessly to provide water and dry rations to the families in Latur.

Social_responsibilities_soldier initiated a CSR project for the widows of URI martyrs under the banner of Shaadi Cares. Their aim was to empower the wives of those 18 jawans who had lost their lives defending our Nation because they were also the sole bread earners of their respective families. They wanted to support these women move forward with a strong backing! They were successful in raising Rs.18,88,060 for these women.

Social enterprise funding doesn’t just give corporates social branding; it provides the social cause with a much bigger stage to voice their mission and ask for help! Crowdfunding Online these campaigns also allows more people to feel more connected to the brand because they know where and how the funds will be used.

Therefore, using such platforms to fund a cause that is close to your brand values is an ideal choice for corporates!

If you’re looking to crowdfund your CSR initiative, start a fundraiser and if you need our assistance, you can write to or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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