Education Is Empowerment

1. sex workersLiving in a society where almost everything is easily accessible, we tend to undermine the power of education. Most often, education is taken for granted. It is not something a country fancies, but is something we all need.

The Right to Education is one of our fundamental aspects in the Constitution and this term is bounced off easily and deliberately, without understanding its importance. The right to educate oneself should not be restrictive to any individual, irrespective of occupation or kind. However, sometimes in the constant categorization and division of people that takes place in our society, many are denied of such a right.

A brave act was enacted by a lady named Madam Bandaval residing in the city of Sangli. Apart from running her own brothel she took the initiative of starting the first school ‘For sex workers by sex workers’. At first the idea was made fun of by the neighbourhood by stating “What is the use of educating 40-50-year olds?” However, because of an increasing turnout, the school now runs successfully, educating the sex workers.

There are no teachers in this school. The sex workers learn and teach amongst themselves and broaden their horizons. Some of them even state that they no longer want to be a sex worker because they believe they now can find better jobs.

Sometimes, it isn’t about laying down big descriptive laws on paper. Sometimes it is about taking a single step that can culminate into a huge difference and a better life for a large number of people. ‘Madam’s school for sex workers’ takes that one single step.

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