Helping Chennai by ‘flooding’ them with aid

Chennai in deep water

In December 2015, Chennai and some neighboring parts of Tamil Nadu were affected by some of the worst rainfall experienced in nearly a century. Chennai was officially declared a disaster area on December 2. The situation was so dire that The Hindu did not publish a print edition on this day; a first since its founding in 1878. With a death toll of 280 and thousands displaced, these floods were not caused simply by ‘heavy rainfall’, rather an impact of Mother Nature’s complete wrath!

@Press Trust of India

@Press Trust of India

Strength in numbers: Crowdfunding to the rescue!

We have all heard the old adage, ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. This is exactly the heart and spirit of crowdfunding initiatives. When struck by such natural calamities, the ‘crowd’ really does come together in faultless support! We saw this earlier in the year with Nepal’s earthquake tragedy, where Ketto raised over a crore in funds and we were unflinchingly confident that the Chennai floods would be met with the same support and backing. We were not disappointed.

The Superheroes

As Chennai sank, a plethora of do-gooders stepped forward to help it in its deteriorating plight. With more than 1500 backers (yes, you read correctly), Ketto has managed to raise over Rs. 1 crore in funds to help the displaced and dejected citizens of Chennai and other affected regions of Tamil Nadu. The News Minute, a compelling news website, is one such benefactor! With an amazing 489 backers, The News Minute has managed to raise above Rs. 24 lakhs, and are still open for donations for two more days here.

It was encouraging to see Bollywood’s enthusiastic participation for this cause as well. Shruti Haasan implored India and the world to help save her hometown, raising more than Rs. 2.7 lakhs. We also saw the participation of Varun Dhawan and our very own Kunal Kapoor, raising over Rs. 1.5 lakhs.

A lot more aid was received from initiatives by various other individuals and organizations. Goonj, an NGO, with 147 backers, managed to raise an impressive Rs. 5,94,204 in just three days. Rapid Response, an organization specializing in natural disaster relief have already raised over Rs. 8.5 lakhs of their goal amount of a seemingly ambitious Rs. 10,00,000. Entrepreneurs’ Organization managed to raise over Rs. 10 lakhs in three days! It is heartening to see the overwhelming support Chennai has received during this crisis.

Many of our Save Chennai campaigns are still open and you can provide your support here.

@Financial Express

@Financial Express

Our pledge

Ketto has been thriving to make crowdfunding an easy and effective way of supporting each other financially. It’s situations like the Nepal earthquake, Uttarakhand floods and Jammu and Kashmir floods that we realise how important it is to stand in unanimity. We are a nation, we are united, Ketto is just a medium to bring you all together.

We pledge to amass maximum support for your cause – be it disaster, social, technical, educational, personal. We are just a mail away. (

If nature has the power to destroy, we have the power to conserve. Together, let’s conserve humanity and kindness.

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