How Crowdfunding Has Helped In Times of Natural Calamities

Natural calamities can strike anybody, anywhere, at the blink of an eye leaving behind heart-wrenching devastation. As citizens of the world, it is only us who can save ourselves at times like these.

Together We Can

Throughout the ages, people have stood up for one another to uplift, encourage, and build a better society together. In the past few years, exemplary feats have been achieved through crowdfunding post natural disasters in India. Humanity has seen the most fulfilling acts of kindness especially after the popularity of social media.

Here are a few examples of when people used crowdfunding platform to help people after a disaster created havoc.

When Nepal Needed Us


The Massive Earthquake of 7.8 (Richter Scale) hit the serene country of Nepal in April 2015 left nothing but hopelessness and destruction. When Nepal was shackled in shambles, her fellow neighbors and friends lent a helping hand to patch all her broken pieces together. Official records show that India sent away approximately 43 tons of disaster relief material to help the victims of the earthquake.

Thousands of people volunteered to donate relief material like ration, first aid necessities, clothing, food, tents, and so much more. Empathetic people quickly mobilized crowds through online fundraisers for natural disaster victims. No-one could have deciphered the impact that those little contributions could have brought to the devastated disaster-stricken country. But through crowdfunding on Ketto alone various relief campaigns collected over Rs. 1 crore!

Crowdfunding For Chennai


In November 2015, the devastation that the uninhibited rainfall brought to the Coromandel Coast was perhaps the worse in decades. Millions of fellowmen rose as saviors to the occasion to help the victims of the natural calamity. Word flies swiftly through the air. This was used as an advantageous technique to gather relief funds via social media, online networking sites, Facebook pages, etc. Through fundraisers on Ketto a whopping collection of Rs. 1,40,82,961 was made to help natural disaster victims! This amount was put to use by resourceful on-ground NGOs like Rapid Response, Goonj and Oxfam India.

Rehabilitating Assam


In July 2016, Assam floods affected a population of over 18 lakh. Rising water of the Brahmaputra had not just impacted the everyday needs of people, including bare necessities like food, clothing and shelter, it had also affected a large number of farm animals and poultry birds. People came together to heal the wounds and help the victims of the destruction. Crowdfunding through Ketto helped raise an amount of Rs. 14,59,886 to rehabilitate the victims of the floods in Assam.

You Can Be The Difference

Every little drop can create an entire ocean. All you need to do is start small but start as soon as the disaster strikes! Humane sentiment connects one another in such indefinable and powerful way that natural disasters can be combated, and countries can get rebuilt – such is the magnanimity of the crowd that empathizes and comes together for a greater cause. Such is the power of crowdfunding!

So the next time you feel helpless after a natural calamity creates havoc, start a fundraiser or you can write to or get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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