Ketto Awards 2019

What are Ketto Awards?

To bring about a sustainable change is not a simple task, but those who drive the change must be recognised. We, at Ketto, believe in the need to recognise and celebrate the work being done to initiate a lasting and positive change. This leads us to bring for the first time the Ketto Awards. The purpose of Ketto Awards is to answer the “why” and the “so what” about the work we engage in. Not just delivering high-quality evaluations, our mission is to elevate the effectiveness of development. We aim to learn, shape, and improve social impact in India.

Through Ketto Awards, we aim to honour prominent NGOs and individuals, often in partnership with the public and third sectors, in addressing social challenges and improving the communities in which they operate. It is our tribute to these organisations and individuals who have achieved a meaningful and sustainable social impact through their own endeavour, or through partnership, investment, and different pro-bono initiatives.

The Jury:-

The panel of judges has an important role to play in the inaugurating The Ketto Awards. After contemplating a lot on our panel, we chose three industry stalwarts to assure the quality and high standards that identify the Awards with. Owing to their diverse background in the developmental sector of the country and the world, we truly believe in their astute approach of selecting the winners. Below are the esteemed jury members.

Sheila Nair

Sheila is the Director of Resource Mobilization in the Cancer programme of Tata Trusts. Her portfolio includes identifying and drawing in resources, both financial and non-financial, to supplement the rollout of the plans of the Cancer Care program. Besides, she explores and designs unique investment models in the social sector for the specific plans of the programme, including donor management and fund deployment. Prior to this, she was the Director General of the Indian Cancer Society for over two years, a society focused on non-medical civil services in the cancer space including awareness, screening for early detection through peripheral camps, registry, survivorship, rehabilitation and a unique cancer cure fund in collaboration with banks. She also has over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry in India of which 22 years were in the Taj Group of Hotels.

Thomas Chandy

Thomas Chandy is the founder and CEO of Save the Children, India and under his leadership, the organisation grew to become one of the foremost child rights organisations in India. During this period, he led the organisation to make effective coalitions in the civil society space, as well as with the Government. He has been the driving force behind setting up of the early childhood development centre at the Jamia Milia University, the setting up of CFNS (Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security) and has supported many such initiatives. He was a member of the Save the Children Global steering the group and led on two global initiatives through the network leadership model. He was a panel speaker at the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) 25th-anniversary celebrations in New York as well as the UN-Habitat 111 at Quito, Ecuador. Thomas has served on various non-profit Boards. He is currently the Board President of Woodstock International School. He has also served on the National advisory council of Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram, the Government of India’s flagship programme addressing issues of developmental delays among children. Before transitioning into the non-profit sector, Thomas spent a number of years in the corporate sector in various leadership level positions, the last being the Coca-Cola company.

Yashwant Deshmukh

Yashwant Deshmukh is a communications professional with an eclectic range of experience as a journalist, pollster, evaluation expert, international observer and TV News anchor rolled into one. Over the last two decades, Yashwant has grown as a celebrated figure in the media and communication industry for his special emphasis on research, design & production. He started Team CVoter in 1993 when he was still studying in IIM-C. After receiving the UNI award for best research dissertation and for topping the 1993 batch across all streams; his company CVoter was hired by the premier news agency UNI to take care of online real-time election analysis. The journey continued, eventually making Team CVoter one of the largest media and stakeholder research agencies in Asia with expertise in Public opinion research and election studies. Today, over 120 members work for CVoter across their 24×7 offices in Washington DC, Dubai and New Delhi.

Winners Of Ketto Awards 2019

Category 1 :- Best Startup NGO of the Year

The Bridges of Sports Foundation is a non-profit startup founded in 2016 to build an inclusive sports ecosystem, with a focus on providing children from rural and tribal background an opportunity to learn, play and excel in sports. They have based their sports model around a community athletics league called PATANG (one of India’s first time based, community athletics league) and work with the most backward communities and give people an opportunity to train, a chance to excel and have a career in sports, irrespective of their background. They are also working on an open source platform to enable other NGO’s/organisations to implement and monitor sports programs. This model focuses specifically on nurturing grassroots and empowering isolated communities by utilizing sports as a social development tool. The year 2018 has seen a 43% increase in enrolments into their community athletics league. Till date, Bridges of Sports has 30 community coaches, 1800+ students, 40+ student recognition and work across 3 states with 10 partners.

Category 2:- Best Indian NGO

Started in October 2013, the Aditya Mehta Foundation (AMF) is a non-profit organization which aids people with disabilities to pursue sports while providing self-sustenance. They raise funds through their signature fundraising event (the Infinity Ride) and scout out talent among the disabled population in India. They then provide counseling, Funds, equipment for such individuals and train these athletes right from the grassroot level which helps them grow in their sport, compete and win at the International level. For some, the foundation even helps some find a suitable sport. The Aditya Mehta Foundation has helped Harish Varma, the only Para-Arm Wrestler who won 2 medals at the World Arm Wrestling Championship. They also supported disabled tennis player Subramanian Balachandar, who finished the Bangkok Cup 2018 with a silver medal in the doubles category and bronze in the singles. The Aditya Mehta Foundation conducted a national training camp for the specially abled in BSF Bangalore where they counselled and trained the specially abled from the armed forces in different sports and have supported more than 15 specially abled with artificial limbs and international sponsorships worth 50 lakhs. They plan to train at least 100 para athletes for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics as well as build 2 sports academies and open rehab centres for the specially abled.

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