Meet Children Who Got Saved By The Internet


The internet is a beautiful, beautiful place. The humans of the internet never cease to surprise us with the things they do – be it trolling a naive celebrity for being ‘politically incorrect’ or uniting a bunch of lost kids with their mother by tweeting about it. There’s one more magic that the internet pulls off and we of all get to witness it every now and then – it’s saving lives!

We’re going to take you through 3 such wonderful stories when the internet felt empathy, sat up straight and did its bit to change a child’s life completely.

When the internet rescued Sagar from his terrible condition

Sagar Dorji, a four-year-old boy from Lakhimpur in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, developed a form of blood cancer in August 2016. This rare condition made his eyes swell and bleed. Sagar’s picture on his Ketto fundraiser had the power to evoke an emotion like no other. We’re sure you’re going to feel immense empathy once you see the tragic condition that he was experiencing then. It’s no wonder that over hundred people from India as well as internationally came together to raise Rs. 3,41,554 to get him out of his misery.


It’s been 5 month since his campaigner Sanjay Pandey ended the fundraiser on Ketto. The funds were used to fly Sagar to Bangalore so he can start chemotherapy, it was also used for the food and accommodation of his parents while he got his treatment done. It’s moments like these that make us do what we do. The swelling in Sagar’s eyes has reduced and the bleeding has stopped! Let’s pause and look at the beauty of this – 137 kind people sent their love and wishes from their own homes and helped in creating something magical.


When the internet fixed what a merciless acid attacker did

The internet was horrified when a 2-year-old boy Aditya was found in a dumpster after his neighbour threw acid on his face to avenge his mother’s refusal to his sexual demands. Aditya’s mother was harassed for a year when they decided to move out and live away from their violent demands. However, the neighbour began to obsess over Aditya’s mother and lamented his loss to his friends. One of his friends was angry to see him upset and as revenge against Aditya’s mother’s refusal – kidnapped Aditya, attacked him with acid and left him to die in the dumpster.


In less than 24 hours, more than 600 people came forward to support ‘Make Love Not Scars’ fundraiser and raised Rs. 11,77,450. As per the update – Aditya has now been discharged from the private hospital he was in and is being shifted to another hospital because this one didn’t have an isolation ward that Aditya requires in order to avoid a further worse infection. He is slowly return to the playful baby he is. A hospital that we wish not to name right now has pledged their support and the funds collected for Aditya will shortly be utilised once the reconstructive phase starts! We’re super pleased to see Aditya getting better.


When the internet alleviated what can’t be fixed

Sayali and Siddhant were diagnosed with a tragic condition called ‘Lamellar Ichthyosis’ that is estimated to occur in one out of 600,000 births. Their condition gives them scales all over their body and dried skin that keeps peeling off. Even though their condition can’t be cured completely, both siblings have to apply medicated oil at least three times a day as well as medicated soaps, shampoos, lotions, and creams to keep their skin in tolerable condition which their parents can’t afford. Sarika is a home-maker and Santosh is working in a factory with a mere salary of Rs. 8,500 per month.


Enter, humans of the internet – through a fundraiser started by Gaurav Malhotra Rs. 1,94,552 was raised for their condition. Siddhant and Sayali always pray and wait eagerly for the months from November to February because they perspire less and their itching is reduced during these months. But thanks to Gaurav and 139 kind supporters, Siddhant and Sayali are going to have a much relieved summer this year because the funds raised on Ketto are going to be used to buy their medications for the next 7 months.


So all you wonderful people on the internet, you should know you have a big heart. Keep showing your love and pulling off miracles for the ones who can’t afford to even dream of them.

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