The Joy in Kindness (World Kindness Day)

World Kindness Day

In celebration of World Kindness Day (observed on November 13th) , Team Ketto thought of sharing the random acts of kindness that have been initiated, received or witnessed, that made them feel all fuzzy and happy inside.

So here goes:

“I had heard of this fellow, the ‘Placard Man’; he sounded like an urban legend, actually. A guy who stands at a traffic signal all day, smiling and holding a placard that says ‘Follow your religion, love everyone’. Then I saw his story covered in the papers. This guy, for no reason expect the goodness of his heart, wants to remind people of what really matters – brotherhood, kindness, love. It was just very refreshing to know. He expects no alms and has declined profitable offers because he’s content with the little that he has. A rare quality. What is rarer is being able to look beyond our own lives to help others. His small gesture brings smiles to all who go through the junction where he stands. That’s kindness for you!”
– Varun Sheth, Co-Founder & CEO

“There’s a lady in my building who feeds the stray dogs of the locality every evening, without fail. What an incredibly nice thing to do, when expenses are just going higher, and urban life is so fast-paced. Who bothers to give a thought to a stray animal while rushing to get from one place to the next? It just feels good to know there are still kind-hearted people around who do give a thought to these things.”
– Zaheer Adenwala, Co-Founder & CTO

“I had spent a few years in Glasgow, which is miles away from India – geographically and culturally, and I was touched at the kindness of the locals there. Considering all the horrific things we hear in the news, it’s good to know there are those who don’t fall into that category.”
– Pranav, NGO Relationship Manager

“I am often amazed at the daily kindnesses of my husband. Considering how cranky I can get at times, it’s a wonder he still wants to go out of his way to be kind to me! A man who voluntarily helps out in the kitchen is a big deal, so I appreciate his kindness there. There are times he’s ‘banished’ me from the kitchen so I can rest a while, which is a thoughtful gesture.  And there have been times that we have been in the heat of an argument and yet he has been kind through it. It’s so easy to be carelessly nasty and mean. For someone to rein that almost-primal instinct in and show kindness even through anger…. To me, that’s true kindness coming straight from the heart.”
 – Suchita Parikh-Mundul, Writer

“Our office boy is one of the kindest people I have come across. On one occasion when I left late from work, he went well out of his way and walked me to the station. I thought that was such a kind gesture! He could have been sullen and made a few cheap comments about having to stay at office later than usual. But no, instead, he was cheery and chivalrous. That’s goodness for you!”
– Eshita Munshi, Graphic Designer

“A friend of mine’s daughter had a health issue and needed to be hospitalized. The doctors needed to do several tests on her to figure out what the problem was and then treat and cure her. She had to be admitted for a minimum of 45 days. My friend didn’t have the money to pay for all this, so I thought I would help. I went around telling people about the situation and asking them to contribute to help my friend’s child. And the wonderful thing was that people genuinely helped. I managed to raise Rs. 23,000 towards the treatment costs. That is goodness in action!”
– Santoshkumar Pande, Sr. UI Developer

“A homeless person approached me once, asking for money. He told me about how he wanted to go back to his village to meet his ailing mother. I didn’t take his story seriously. How many times have people tried to give us sob stories to elicit money from us? But then he started to cry, and I began to doubt my disbelief. To this day, I don’t know if he was being truthful or just trying to feed a drug or alcohol addiction. But that day, I gave him the benefit of doubt and some money as a random act of kindness and I felt good about it.”
– Kuril Kanishthkumar, Sr. PHP Developer

“Two little street children came up to me once and asked me to buy them balloons. The balloon vendor was their father, but he needed to sell the balloons to make some money for his family, for his kids. It was so sad that their father had to sell balloons to other kids but couldn’t afford to give a couple to his own. That day, I bought them balloons and made them smile. For that moment, I gave them happiness and that makes me happy.”
– Shrusti Mavani, Jr. Content Writer

“I believe in kindness as a way of life. It’s the way you approach people – with kindness rather than judgement – that counts. I try to be kind through the day. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of everyday life. It’s easy to be short with someone because you’re under pressure or because you’re having a bad day. Kindness makes life sweeter.”
– Ruchi Vaidya, NGO Sales

Kindness certainly does make life sweeter. It’s also good for your health and doesn’t cost you anything. Can you think of a random act of kindness you’ve experienced or initiated? Share it with us in the comments below!

Can’t think of any? Why not start a campaign for a cause and initiate your own random act of kindness for the day?!


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