This Ganesh Chaturthi, Let’s Create Sustainable Festivities

The rain, the moss, a damp home, humid air, colder days, snakes and worms. That’s monsoon in India. On one of these nights, some of us dance our way to a water body, immersing the statue of a God. The immersion, it is believed, symbolises the end of all the bad things in our lives and marks a new beginning.

The lord of joy, happiness and success, we all look to Lord Ganesha before starting something new. In Hyderabad alone, more than 20,000 statues of the deity will be immersed in 10 lakes across the city this year. Around 300,000 to 400,000 deities are immersed in the waters of Mumbai alone, further deteriorating the already deplorable condition of our ecosystem. Adding to that are the firecrackers and loud speakers that we use to express our happiness.

Let’s all agree that the lord of good beginnings did not expect us to damage life in his name. Religious or not, there are some people in the country who think goodness can also come from the aftermath of immersed idols!

Let’s find out more about some interesting people who are celebrating Ganesha in the most unique ways:

Chocolate Ganesha For Kids

A baker by profession, Rintu lives her Ganesha celebrations by the ideal – “There has to be utilisation after immersion as well”. For the past three years now, she has been making edible Ganesha idols for her personal celebrations. She immerses her chocolate Ganesha in milk, post which she shares the flavoured milk with underprivileged children from various orphanages around the city of Mumbai.

With this video tutorial, she has made making chocolate Ganesha so easy that anyone can do it at home, and that too in just 5 minutes!

After bringing sweetness with her sugar and chocolate Ganesha, Rintu has also come up with the ‘Plant Ganesha’ this year. The idea is to make an idol around a plant in a pot. On the day of immersion, one just needs to pour water and the idol will turn into a lump of clay, that blends into the pot ecosystem. She is training people by taking workshops free of cost, so that anyone who cares isn’t left out.

Eco Friendly Gifting Ideas

Cleansing The System With Plantable Ganesha

Making festivities more sustainable is another organisation, called the (Desi Cows For Better India) DCBI Trust. They are making biodegradable idols of the lord. But that’s not their unique feature. What makes them special is the fact that every time you immerse an idol, either a waterbody is cleansed, or a tree is born!


Each idol doubles up as a plantable pod, and a waterbody cleanser. Made with 100% natural ingredients that release effective micro-organisms on dissolution, this Ganesha cleanses the lake/sea when immersed in water. There is a seed in the statue that gives rise to a plant when placed in soil. This year, they decided to do something more. They crowdfunded to sponsor eco-friendly Ganesha celebrations of underprivileged families by distributing these idols among them.

Let’s celebrate this wonderful festival with a spirit of ‘oneness with nature.’ If you too have an idea for positive change and need funds to bring it to life, get in touch with us, and we’ll help you craft a fundraiser to go ahead with it!

Soon the festivities will fizzle out. Let’s hope that each year, more and more people like these emerge, so that we can have more sustainable festivities.

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